ZEBRA DADDY full body

Real Name:  Unknown

Identity/Class:  Human (possible human mutant - see comments)

Occupation:  Pimp

Group Membership:  None

Affiliations:  Diesel, Gutierrez, Jade, Tanya;
    formerly Felon

Enemies:  Cameron Palmer, Catiana, Felon, Kiden Nixon, Nick Nixon, X-23

Known Relatives:  None

Aliases:  Daddy

Base of Operations:  The Flatiron District of New York

First Appearance:  NYX#1 (November, 2003); (identified): NYX#3 (February, 2004)

Powers/Abilities:  Zebra Daddy had skills as a pimp and was sufficient in the use of firearms. He also had connections with many criminals in the New York area, including an small army of gun-wielding thugs that he could use whenever necessary. Many of his connections also provided him with information on anyone that he needed to know about. He may have possessed some sort of mutant regenerative abilities (see comments).

head shotHistory:  (NYX#1 (fb)) - Zebra Daddy gunned down police officer Nick Nixon in front of his daughter Kiden during a drive-by shooting.

 (NYX#3) - Years later, Zebra Daddy had become a pimp, sending women out to work the streets each night while he reaped the benefits in the Flatiron District of New York. After a night with one of her clients, X-23 returned to her pimp Zebra Daddy at a strip club. He soon noticed that she had scratch marks across her forearms after doing some cocaine. He then told one of her girls, Tanya, that she had a repeat customer and when she reminded him that the customer had once hurt her, Zebra Daddy knocked her to the ground and told her to never question him. He then hit her until she finally agreed to visit the customer a second time.

 (NYX#5 (fb)) - One of Zebra Daddy's girls, Tanya, phoned Zebra Daddy to tell him that his girl had killed one of her clients. Zebra Daddy asked where she was, to which Tanya replied that it happened at the Hotel Brasil. She also told Daddy that two other girls had arrived as well, prompting him to have her follow them. When the girls stopped at an apartment, Tanya phoned Zebra Daddy again to inform him.

 (NYX#5) - Zebra Daddy then ordered a group of his men to destroy the apartment, not realizing that X-23 had escaped the apartment with the two other girls, Kiden Nixon and Cameron Palmer. Angry that he had gotten all dressed up for nothing, Zebra Daddy punished Tanya by sticking a toothpick into her eye.

 (NYX#6) - Zebra Daddy decided to recruit the help of Felon, a mutant who had helped him in the past. He phoned Felon and told him that X-23 had gone missing. At first Felon declined, but Zebra Daddy offered him $5,000 towards getting him and his little brother out of District X. In order to seal the deal, Zebra Daddy gave Felon $2,500 up front and asked him to just find out where X-23 was. After learning more about the girls with X-23, Felon phoned Zebra Daddy and gave him the names of Kiden Nixon and Cameron Palmer.

 (NYX#7) - In order to gain revenge on X-23 for leaving him, Zebra Daddy ordered a group of his men to keep watch over Cameron Palmer's apartment to await the inevitable return of her, Kiden, and X-23. When the girls did arrive, with new recruit Tatiana Caban in tow, Zebra Daddy was phoned by one of his men, Diesel. Zebra Daddy soon arrived on the scene to find that Felon had switched sides to aid the girls. When he tried to coerce X-23 back into his control, she severed his hand and decapitated Diesel. A fight soon broke out between Zebra Daddy's men and Felon, Kiden, and Tatiana. During the scuffle, Zebra Daddy managed to grab a gun and gunned down X-23. Seeing X-23 being gunned down brought back Kiden's memories of her father's death and realizing that Zebra Daddy was the man who had gunned down her father all those years ago, she activated her mutant powers and froze time around herself. Instead of killing Zebra Daddy, Kiden opted to let him live and save Cameron Palmer, who had been thrown from her apartment. When she un-froze time, Zebra Daddy was killed instead by X-23, whose mutant healing abilities had saved her from death.

Comments: Created by Joe Quesada, Joshua Middleton, and Jean-Francois Beaulieu.

    One thing I noticed was that Zebra Daddy pointed the toothpick towards Tanya's right eye before the off-panel stabbing. When Felon found her outside a medical clinic, her left eye was bandaged. I suppose that Zebra Daddy decided to stab the toothpick into her left eye, despite threatening to stab the right eye. <shrugs>

    Another rather humorous thing that I noticed about NYX#7 was that after X-23 had severed Zebra Daddy's hand, he was "magically" able to hold a gun with one hand and pull the trigger with the other, despite NOT HAVING A HAND! Who knows? Perhaps he had some sort of mutant regenerative abilities himself?

Profile by Proto-Man


Zebra Daddy has no known connections to


Diesel was one of Zebra Daddy's hired guns. He was the head of the first group of men to keep watch over Cameron Palmer's apartment. When the girls eventually returned to the apartment, Diesel was the one who personally told Zebra Daddy of their arrival. When X-23 attacked Zebra Daddy, Diesel stared in disbelief until X-23 turned and decapitated him.



Gutierrez was another of Zebra Daddy's men and head of the second group of men keeping watch over Cameron Palmer's apartment. His group was stationed inside the apartment and aided in holding Cameron Palmer hostage when the girls eventually returned to the apartment.



Jade was one of Zebra Daddy's prostitutes. When Zebra Daddy told her to pay a repeat visit to one of her clients, she reminded him that it was the man who had hurt her in the past. Zebra Daddy angrily responded by knocking her to the ground and demanding that she never question him until she finally agreed to go.



Tanya was another of Zebra Daddy's prostitutes. She was present in the Hotel Brasil when X-23 was found by Kiden Nixon and Cameron Palmer. She phoned Zebra Daddy and told him that X-23 had killed a man, prompting Daddy to have her follow the three women. When they stopped at Cameron's apartment, Tanya told Zebra Daddy, who ordered a group of his men to destroy the place. He soon discovered that the apartment was empty and "punished" Tanya by sticking a toothpick into her eye. After she went to a doctor and got her eye bandaged up, Felon confronted her and asked what she knew about X-23. Tanya gave him the address to Cameron Palmer's apartment.

--NYX#5 (fb) (#5, #6,

images: (not counting ads)
NYX#3, p11, pan1 (Jade)
NYX#5, p1, pan2 (Tanya)
 p8, pan3 (Zebra Daddy, headshot)
NYX#7, p7, pan3 (Gutierrez)
 p15, pan1 (Diesel)
 p21, pan2 (Zebra Daddy, fullbody shot)

NYX#1 (November, 2003) - Joe Quesada (story), Joshua Middleton (art), Jean-Francois Beaulieu (art assist)
NYX#3 (February, 2004) - Joe Quesada (story), Joshua Middleton (art)
NYX#5 (September, 2004) - Joe Quesada (story), Robert Teranishi (pencils), Nelson, Chris Sotomayor (inks)
NYX#6 (September, 2005) - Joe Quesada (story), Robert Teranishi (pencils), Chris Sotomayor (inks)
NYX#7 (October, 2005) - Joe Quesada (story), Robert Teranishi (pencils), Nelson, Chris Sotomayor (inks)

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