Real Name: Sam Buchanan

Identity/Class: Human (Canadian), occult associate

Occupation: Former agent of Interpol

Group Membership: Darkhold Redeemers;
    the Nine (Blade, John Blaze, Frank Drake, Ghost Rider/Dan Ketch/Noble Kale, Louise Hastings, Hannibal King, Victoria Montesi, Morbius);
    Paranormal Law Enforcement Team (Michael Badilino, Rebecca Taylor, Uno)

Affiliations: Blood, Agatha Harkness, Vittorio Montesi, Punisher (Frank Castle), Sabretooth, Scarlet Witch;
DeGuzman (former superior)

Enemies: Big Game Posse, Chthon, Mike Clemson, Darkholders (DeGuzman), Diabolique, Dwarf, Fallen, General Mark Hamilton, Mr. Hayward, Lilith, Mercy, N'Garai demons, Paralyzer, Psiphon, Revengers, Spider-X, Reverend Styge, Switchblade, Morton Thurnton, Troids, Donald J. Walsh, War Machine, Zarathos, Zzzax,
the Lilin
(Bad Timing, Blackout, Bloodthirst, Carver, Creed, Dark Legion, Doc, Fang, Girth, Infinks, Meatmarket, Nakota, Outcast, Parasite, Pilgrim, Pixil, Short Circuit, Sister Nil, Skinner, Skitter, Spitfire),

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: Bucky-Boy (nickname from Sabretooth)

Base of Operations: Currently unknown; formerly Louise Hasting's mansion, New Hope, Connecticut;

First Appearance: (Seen in Prophecy) Ghost Rider III#28 (August, 1992), Darkhold#1 (October, 1992)

Powers: None. Sam is trained in various forms of armed and unarmed combat, and is a skilled marksman. He sometimes wore a bulletproof vest. He trained himself relentlessly in automated training sessions, utilizing live ammo against himself.

    Initially, Buchanan was single-mindedly resistant to believing in the existence of the occult. Despite witnessing and participating in numerous adventures involving magic, demons, etc., he continued to rationalize things as having some mundane explanation. Eventually, even he was forced to see the light, and accept the existence of the occult. But that doesn't mean he had to like it.
    Sam also was quite attracted to Victoria Montesi. Eventually, he learned that she just didn't swing his way, although he never quite accepted it.

    Buchanan later obtained a version of the Exorcist gun, derived from Frank Drake's weapon, Linda (named for Linda Blair). This weapon released blasts of energy that specifically attacked the structure of magical beings.

History: Sam Buchanan established a solid career as a Special Agent for Interpol, the International Police.

(Darkhold#3-4 (fb) - BTS) - At some unknown point in the past, Sam encountered Sabretooth (possibly as the government agent Creed). Sam apparently worked beside him in some mission in the Falklands. Sabretooth "compromised the team" and Sam did something that made Creed not very happy with him.

(Darkhold#1) - During the events of the storyline referred to as the "Rise of the Midnight Sons", the demon-queen Lilith and her children, the Lilin, were released from a long period of imprisonment. In the chaos that ensued, a number of groups and individuals gathered together to combat these demons. At the same time, the Dwarf and the Other began actively manipulating people to use pages from the Darkhold, in order to gain power for their lord, the Elder God Chthon.
Victoria Montesi, whose powers activated due to the increased Darkhold activity, became a target of the Darkholders, a cult worshipper the Darkhold and Chthon. At the request of the Vatican, who had ties to the Montesi family, Interpol assigned an agent to watch over and protect Vicki. Buchanan slew a band of ninja sent by the Darkholders to kill Victoria. Following her connection to the Darkhold, Vicki led Sam to the site of a recently accessed Darkhold Spell--the Chameleon Worms. Buchanan and Vicki were joined by occult investigator Louise Hastings, and then by John Blaze and the Ghost Rider/Dan Ketch in defeating the user of the spell, Donald Walsh. This battle culminated in a brief confrontation with the demonqueen Lilith and some of her Lilin. After learning that Vicki could track the Darkhold, Louise joined with she and Sam, to continue the investigations.

(Ghost Rider III#31) - Vicki, Sam, and Louise again encountered the Lilin, alongside the rest of the Midnight Sons.

(Darkhold#2) - The "Darkhold Redeemers" fought off some hitmen sent by the Darkholders and then encountered Mark Hamilton and Morton Thurnton, who were using a Darkhold "Spell of Finding."

(Darkhold#3-4) - Sam and the others were joined by Sabretooth in the town of Perfection, South Carolina, where Aurora Poule used a Darkhold Spell--summoning the N'Garai to slaughter the residents of the town.

(Darkhold#5) - Alongside the Punisher, Sam and the others battled the zombies of Rev. Styge, who was using a Darkhold spell of resurrection.

(Darkhold#6-7) - Louise and the others traveled to Hawaii, where they opposed the Darkhold "Memory Spell" of Mr. Haywood, which sought to repeat the events of the Pearl Harbor attack. They also encountered Dr. Strange, Agatha Harkness, and the Scarlet Witch, as well as Modred the Mystic, during this struggle.

(Darkhold#8-10) - Aboard an airplane, Sam and the others fought the effects of a Darkhold "Wish Spell". These events joined them with Jinx, Louise's grandson. Meanwhile, Sam, who had never believed in magic, thought all of their encounters had involved high-tech tricks. He also believed that the reason Victoria knew about the use of the Darkhold pages was because she was secretly in league with the Darkholders. Working with his superior in the CIA, DeGuzman, he ambushed Victoria and the others, knocked out Louise, and then turned Victoria in. However, DeGuzman was the leader of a sect of the Darkholders, and attempted to have Victoria killed. Buchanan realized his mistake before it was too late, and rescued Vicki. DeGuzman and his Darkholders, meanwhile, were slain by the demon-child Diabolique.

(Midnight Sons Unlimited#1/2) - Sam, Vicki, and Louise encountered Mercy, a criminal using another page of the Darkhold.

(Midnight Sons Unlimited#2/2) - Sam, Vicki, and Louise encountered Frank West who had utilized a Darkhold spell and became a victim of the Troids.

(Midnight Sons Unlimited#3) - Sam, Vicki, and Louise, alongside the rest of the Midnight Sons, encountered Spider X, Zzzax, and the Paralyzer.

(Darkhold#11, Spirits of Vengeance#13) - Blade used the Demogorge page of the Darkhold to gain great power in an effort to wipe out all forces of magic. Vicki was one of his first victims, and was killed by him in his new Switchblade persona.
Louise led the others to Dr. Strange's Sanctum Sanctorum where she sacrificed a portion of her own soul by using the Darkhold itself to put an end to the Demogorge spell. Blade was reverted back to his original form, and Vicki and all others slain by Switchblade were conveniently resurrected.

(Darkhold#12) - Sam tried futilely to bring Louise out of her depression--a result of using a page of the Darkhold.

(Morbius#13) - Sam was present as Victoria sensed the use of the Darkhold Page of Resurrection.

(Darkhold#13-14) - Jinx was nearly killed when he walked into one of Sam's lethal threat training sessions. Sam attempted to express his feelings to Vicki, but was devastated to learn that she was a lesbian. Sam correctly deduced the path of the Monstrosity, recognizing it as retracing Vicki's steps. He was nearly killed by the Monstrosity, but Jinx tried to save him and was wounded instead.
Later, Sam attempted to stop Jinx from becoming Modred's apprentice. The Dwarf confronted Sam, furious that he continued to resist the temptations to use the magic of the Darkhold pages for himself. Sam again encountered the Monstrosity and was again nearly killed by it, before Vicki turned her back on the "Healing" spell that had created it, and it vanished.

(Nightstalker#14) - Sam, Vicki, Louise, and Jinx were summoned to Cypress Hills Cemetery for a meeting of "the nine" to investigate the existence of Lilith.

(Ghost Rider III#44) - Sam and the others were present as Lilith and the Lilin broke through the portal back to Earth.

(Darkhold#15) - Sam and the rest of the Nine fought against the Lilin. After the battle, he noticed that Vicki was having signs like morning sickness--although that couldn't be, could it?

(Morbius#16) - Sam and Vicki met with the others at Dr. Strange's sanctum, and fought against the Lilin (and Lilith and Zarathos) that broke in.

(Dr. Strange III#60) - Sam felt the effects of magic himself when he tried to use Frank Drake's gun, Linda (aka the Exorcist), against one of the Lilin, Scatter. He again faced the Lilin, when Strange blew up his own sanctum.

(Spirits of Vengeance#17) - Sam and the others fled to the Nightclub via a portal created by Caretaker.

(Nightstalkers#15) - Sam was present, but unable to do anything, as the Fallen abducted Caretaker.

(Ghost Rider III#45) - Sam was in the backgrounds at the Nightclub, as the others discussed recruiting the Blood before the Fallen could do so.

(Darkhold#16) - Sam, Vicki, Jinx, and Modred traveled to the South American Jungle to recruit Truthsayer, but failed. The group split up, and Modred, lacking the ability to access the Nightclub, sent Sam and Vicki to the remains of Strange's sanctum.

(Marvel Comics Presents#145/4) - When Vicki learned she was carrying the child of Chthon, she tried to shoot herself in the head. Correctly suspecting a problem, Sam broke into the room, but was too late to stop her. Fortunately, she pulled the gun at the last second, receiving only a glancing blow. She told Sam the truth about the Malachi Prophecy and begged him to kill her. Sam wouldn't hear a word of the "Mullarkey Prophecies", but did know enough to fight off the N'Garai demons that attacked--trying to capture her to prevent her from killing herself and their unborn brethren. The two were nearly overwhelmed until being saved by Dr. Strange.

(Dr. Strange III#61) - Sam unwisely suspected that Strange was hurting Vicki when she felt a wave of pain form her demon-fetus, but his threats were disrupted by the arrival of Salomé, who attacked Strange.

(Spirits of Vengeance#18) - Sam accompanied the others in searching for Caretaker. They found him, but fell into a trap, where Zarathos attacked and seemingly killed Ghost Rider/Ketch.

(Midnight Sons Unlimited#4) - Finally realizing he was way, way over his head, Sam sat out the final battle against Zarathos and the Fallen. He had dinner with Stacy Dolan, and the two compared notes on their experiences as a normal person caught up in supernatural struggles.

(Marvel Comics Presents#153/3 (fb) - BTS) - Sam neither understood nor believed the truth when Victoria vanished, taken into the care of Dr. Strange to try to prevent her from giving birth to the spawn of Chthon. Instead, he blamed the occult and anyone involved with it for taking his would-be love away from him
Sometime after the apparent demise of the Nightstalkers, Sam obtained the Exorcist Gun.

(Marvel Comics Presents#153/3, [154/3], 155/3) - Knowing that they had captured the superhero Annex, Sam supplied the Big Game Posse with the Exorcist gun, intending for them to access Annex's technology to replicate the Exorcist and use it to exterminate Vengeance. They succeeded in replicating the gun, and they attacked Vengeance, but all except the leader were killed in the attack. Sam killed the leader (the group had previously nearly killed a police officer, Rebecca Taylor) and took back the Exorcist.

(Morbius#29) - Buchanan attended the seeming funeral of Morbius and was furious when it turned out to be a farce.

(Marvel Comics Presents#164-166) - Seeking to destroy Vengeance, Sam sunk into desperation, and released the being Psiphon against him. As Vengeance fought Psiphon, Buchanan peppered him with blasts from the Exorcist gun, further weakening him. Rebecca Taylor managed to convince Sam that he was becoming everything he had been fighting against, and he teamed up with Vengeance to defeat Psiphon.

(Marvel Comics Presents#167-169) - Now part of the Paranormal Law Enforcement Team, Buchanan fought alongside Badalino (Vengeance) and others against the gangs the Revengers and the War Machines. The battled escalated into a struggle between Vengeance and War Machine (Jim Rhodes), but Sam and Rebecca unmasked one of the Revengers, revealing them to be drug-addled pawns of another. The PLET took out the Revengers with a knockout gas cued to their metabolism, and Vengeance and War Machine went their separate ways.

(Marvel Comics Presents#174, 175/2) - After Vengeance seemingly went rogue, Sam confronted Doc Samson, attempting to force him at gunpoint to reveal everything he knew about Badalino/Vengeance, whom he had counciled. Together they figured out that the Vengeance that had been running rampant across the USA was not Vengeance himself, but several duplicates of him created by energy drained from him by Mike Clemson. Buchanan found Badalino, virtually comatose and hooked up to Clemson's machines, and was able to reach his buried mind and bring him back to reality. When Badalino broke free, the Vengeance duplicates vanished.

Comments: Created by Christopher Cooper and Richard Case.

    Up until doing this profile, I have spelled his last name incorrectly as Buchanon. It is definitely Buchanan, and I'll correct the errors as I find them.

Profile by Snood, correction by Markus Raymond


Modred the Mystic should not be confused with:

The Other, should not be confused with:

Switchblade better known as Blade, has no known connection with:

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