Membership: Many Infinks

Purpose: Killing

Affiliations: Lilith (mother), the Lilin (Brethren)

Enemies: Devil-Slayer (Eric Simon Payne)

Base of Operations: Shadowside dimension
formerly: Devil-Slayer's refrigerator

First Appearance: Marvel Comics Presents#143/4 (early December, 1993)


History: The Infinks were born by Lilith along the many other Lilin. They tried to find a way to take part in the melee of their kin when their mother and the Lilin attacked Earth.

(MCP#143/4): The Infinks found a portal which sent them to Earth through the cloak of Devil-Slayer which was put into his refrigerator by the drunken hero. They were able to open the door and rush out of the refrigerator to attack Devil-Slayer. The hero attacked them with a knife, who then approached the refrigerator and he got his cloak out of it. He tried to part the Infinks, but they stood together and continued their attack. Devil-Slayer began to close the portal and the Infinks were slowly cut off from their hive. He took some weapons out of his cloak and attacked the Infinks one last time. They retreated and returned through the closing portal to the Shadowside. Devil-Slayer closed the door of the refrigerator after them.

(MCP#146/2): The Infinks were among the demons in the Shadow Saloon of the Shadowside dimension were demons tried to persuade Devil-Slayer into helping them with his cloak to make it possible for them to leave their dimension.

Comments: Created by Jon Babcock, Darren Auck & Scott Koblish

Profile by Markus Raymond


The Infinks have no known connection to


Infinks: Marvel Comics Presents#143, barcode side, p12, pan1

an Infink head shot: Marvel Comics Presents#146, p12, pan7

Marvel Comics Presents#146 (January, 1994)

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