Real Name: Randolph DeGuzman

Identity/Class: Human, magic user

Occupation: Interpol (high ranking official), Cult-Leader

Group Membership: Darkholders (leader of a sect)

Affiliations: Chthon (object of worship);
formerly Sam Buchanan, Mr. Li and his ninja assassins, Lilith and the Lilin

Enemies: Darkhold Redeemers, Diabolique

Known Relatives: Unidentified demoness (wife)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: A Darkholder base in the desert (possibly in Mexico)

First Appearance: Darkhold#1 (October, 1992)



Powers: None directly, although he had significant knowledge of magic and could call on the power of Chthon and other demons. He also controlled a legion of fanatical cultists, as well as being able to manipulate the actions of a portion of the organization Interpol.

History: DeGuzman's history is mostly unrevealed. At some point he became an agent of Interpol, an international police organization, within which he ascended to a position of signficant authority. Also at some point, he became involved in the occult and joined the cult of Darkholders, those who worship the power of the Book of the Darkhold and its author, the demon Chthon. He rose to head a sect of this cult, as well.

(Mystic Arcana: The Book of Marvel Magic) - At some point enigmatic child Diabolique adopted DeGuzman and an unidentified demoness as her parents.

(Darkhold#1) - DeGuzman was contacted by the demonqueen Lilith. He contracted with a ninja assassin named Li and his agents to assassinate Victoria Montesi to prevent her from interfering with his plans for the Darkhold. Li's assassins failed to kill Montesi, but instead crippled her best friends and lover, Nash Salvato. After this first failure, the Lilin Doc reshaped the assassins, increasing their strength and speed. The enhanced assassins were fought off and destroyed with the aid of Ghost Rider (Dan Ketch/Noble Kale) and John Blaze.
DeGuzman assigned agent Sam Buchanon to watch over Montesi and hopefully manipulate her to his ends (Buchanon was uanware of DeGuzman's duplicity).

(Darkhold#2-BTS) - DeGuzman sent a squad of Darkholders to assassinate Montesi and her allies in the Darkhold Redeemers, but they escaped, with the aid of Modred the Mystic.

(Darkhold#3, 4 - BTS) - DeGuzman observed the effects of the use of Darkhold pages on the Scarlet Witch. He sent a squad to intercept the Redeemers in the town of Perfection, South Carolina. Any who arrived were slaughtered by the N'Garai demons that temporarily ran rampant and slaughtered most of the town.

(Darkhold#7) - DeGuzman learned that Diabolique and her mother had returned. He instructed Buchanon on a plan to gather the pages of the Darkhold. He also informed Buchanon that Montesi and his others were actually agents of the Darkhold, which would explain how she always knew when and where they were being used. (It was actually her magical connection to the book via her familial ties to it).

(Darkhold#8-10) - Buchanon followed DeGuzman's plan, sending a message that letters of the Darkhold were actually letter bombs that should be directed to Interpol. DeGuzman had him do this in hopes of locating and destroying the Demogorge page, which could potentially destroy even very powerful demons.
DeGuzman executed Mr. Li for his failed efforts against Montesi and the other Darkhold Redeemers.
Buchanon ambushed his former allies and brought Victoria to DeGuzman's base, whilst DeGuzman himself attempted to palliate his demon "wife" and daughter, who were not happy at his failure to thus far obtain the Demogorge page. Rather than kill Montesi, DeGuzman attempted to force her to locate the page he wanted, although now he wanted it to defend himself against Diabolique and her mother. Montesi's allies came to rescue her, and Buchanon's investigation of the base soon taught him the error of his ways. Buchanon helped Montesi and
Jinx escape.
About that time, Diabolique became bored and sent her Playmate to slaughter the entire Darkholder facility. As DeGuzman rushed to her side, he saw her kill her own mother. Diabolique "rewarded" him by showing him the true face of Chthon, which drove him instantly mad and left him a drooling wreck.

Comments: Created by Christian Cooper and Richard Case.

I've got DeGuzman listed in my notes as appearing in Darkhold#2, but I can't find him in there anywhere.

DeGuzman's first name was revealed in Diabolique's entry in Mystic Arcana: The Book of Marvel Magic. In this entry it was also revealed that DeGuzman wasn't Diabolique's real father.


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