Classification: Magical/Demonic creatures

Location/Base of Operations: Dwell within human beings

Known Members: None by name

Affiliations: Chthon (master), Dwarf, Lt. Frank Walsh (host of a queen)

First Appearance: Midnight Sons Unlimited#2/2 (July, 1993)

Powers/Abilities: The Troids dwell within people, and feed on fear and hatred. They apparently dwell within almost everyone, and are unable to penetrate healthy skin to escape. They normally are released when their host is injured, and the skin is damaged, making a portal through which they can escape. They are magical creatures and cannot normally be seen by people. In fact, they cannot affect most people in any way, except for a select few, or those who have been granted the mystical ability to sense them.
The Queens of the Troids are few in number, but they produce millions of eggs, which also require damaged skin to escape their host. Those who don't host a Troid, host a Queen.

Traits: The Troids encourage those that can see them to commit acts of violence in an effort to generate fear and hatred, which allows them to grow.

History: The origins of the Troids are unknown. They may be spawn of Chthon.

(Midnight Sons Unlimited#2/2(fb))-Lt. Frank Walsh, of the Los Angeles Police Department, was up on charges, and rightfully so, for police brutality, specifically against minorities. The Dwarf and the Other, agents of Chthon, convinced Walsh to make a deal, they would end his woes if he would invoke the power of the Darkhold (and sell his soul to Chthon in the process).

(Midnight Sons Unlimited#2/2)-Walsh was giving out another beating, and was surprised to see a Troid from the badly bruised skin of his victim. The Troid explained to him that it was part of his deal with the Other, which enabled him to see and interact with them. Hundreds of Troids had been released through the skin of Walsh's victims over the years. The Troids spied on Allen Torres, the U. S. Attorney General, an discovered he was having an affair with a 16 year old girl. They revealed this information to Walsh, as he was finishing up his night with a prostitute. The prostitute, Carmen, was one of the few people who could see the Troids, and they pushed Walsh to kill her.
Walsh blackmailed Torres, forcing him to drop the charges against him. However, Walsh learned that he was the host of a queen, which was growing and spawning its young inside of him. It and its young were growing inside of him, but could not escape. Feeling them expanding, Walsh panicked and tried to convince the people around him to beat him to let the Troids out. However, none of the people, some of whom had been victims of him before, were willing to stoop to his level and beat him. Walsh went mad imaging the Troids inside of him.








Comments: Created by Chris Cooper and Dan Lawlis

I could believe that the Troids were offshoots of the Fear-Eaters, spawn of the demon Kkallakku.

This story could easily have been in one of Atlas or Marvel's Weird Tales type magazines.

Clarifications: The Other aka. Chthon, should not be confused with:

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Midnight Sons Unlimited#2 (July, 1993) - Chris Cooper (writer), Dan Lawlis (pencils), Mike Esposito (inks), Hildy Mesnik (editor)

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