Real Name: Mandy Tyler

Identity/Class: Human

Occupation: Executive Administrative Assistant

Group Membership: Vampires Club (Brian, many unidentified members), St. Jude's Hospital staff

Affiliations: Morbius, Dr. Jacob Weisenthal, Werewolf, Wraith (Brian DeWolff)

EnemiesMartine Bancroft, Bloodthirst

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: St. Jude's Hospital, New York City

First Appearance: Morbius#7 (March, 1993)

Powers/Abilities: She knows how to handle a gun and how to carry a pile of papers. She also possesses some knowledge of serial killers and vampires and was smart enough to guess Dr. Michaels' true identity.


(Morbius#20 (fb) - BTS) - Years ago Mandy Tyler dated Brian. They stayed friends afterwards.

(Morbius#15 (fb) - BTS) - Mandy was a fan of serial killers and vampires. At some point she painted her apartment blood red and put pictures of some of the most cruel psychopaths on her walls.

(Morbius#20 (fb) - BTS) - At some point Mandy took Brian to the Vampires Club and introduced him to the regulars. Brian eventually became the club's leader.

(Morbius#7) - Mandy worked as executive administrative assistant in St. Jude's hematology. She gave Dr. Morgan Michaels a lot of papers he had to read to catch up with modern techniques. She led him to his office and told him that he could call her anytime.

(Morbius#10) - Mandy watched a sad Dr. Michaels, who had just tested a fourth blood sample positive for HIV on that day. She realized that he wasn't even noticing her and suddenly asked him what his plans were for that night. Michaels told her he had to work, but Mandy assured him that he couldn't blow her off forever.

(Morbius#12) - Mandy entered Morbius' office while he talked to Frank Drake on the phone. She asked him if she could do something for him to take his mind off his work, but Morbius had other things to do (like getting killed by Switchblade). Mandy reminded him once again that she wouldn't wait for him forever and after a clap on his butt, which impressed her (she was sure he worked out), she told him his friend Jack Russell was waiting for him (she was really into Jack, who seemed like a real wolf to her).

(Morbius#15) - Mandy entered Michaels' office without knocking and saw him wearing sunglasses inside. She asked him if he partied without her last night and loved his husky hangover voice. She then forced him to go out with her that night and this time he didn't deny her wish because he needed some rest and relaxation.

  Mandy put on her leather boots and fitting outfit and when Morbius arrived with flowers she told him that she didn't like flowers at all. Dr. Michaels was surprised by her apartment and even more when she revealed to him that she knew that he was Morbius. Mandy forced a kiss on Morbius and told him to relax and be himself. At first reluctant Morbius eventually let go and even drank some of Mandy's blood. Unfortunately this allowed the Lilin Bloodthirst (Morbius was infected with Lilin blood since Morbius#1) to take control over Morbius' body again. The Bloodthirst controlled Morbius left Mandy, who actually didn't want him to leave already.

(Morbius#18) - Mandy got a new haircut and approached Dr. Michaels (aka. Morbius) in hospital again. They missed a mistletoe and Mandy showed him the pile of work she had left in his office. Inside Michaels' office Mandy told him that she wanted to take him to a club where he would fit it because everyone there wanted to meet Morbius, who wasn't extatic about the idea. Mandy didn't accept a no and just said that they had a date.

  That evening on their way to the club Morbius had to leave to for a short time to take out a criminal Santa Claus. Mandy and Morbius then continued their way to the club -- Vampires' Lair. Arriving at the club everyone wanted to talk to Morbius like Mandy had told him. Mandy led him to their leader Brian (secretly Wraith, who had taken over the body of the original cult leader Brian), but couldn't convince Morbius to stay when he started seeing everyone as monsters due to their leader's psychic powers.

(Morbius#20) - Mandy approached Michaels at St. Jude's again, but he fled to his lab. A nurse showed some interest in Dr. Michaels, but Mandy angrily told the nurse that Michaels had no interest in the nurse and implied that Michaels was seeing somebody else. Martine Bancroft then entered the hospital while Mandy followed Michaels to his lab. She explained to him that she wasn't involved in the criminal activities of the Vampires Club and their leader Brian though she didn't deny that she had a history with him. Morbius had a hard time believing her. Suddenly Bloodthirst, now with his own body, broke through the window and Dr. Michaels fought him in front of Mandy and his colleagues. To help Dr. Michaels, who couldn't turn into Morbius at the moment, Mandy pulled out a small gun she had hidden in her girdle and shot at Bloodthirst. Angered Bloodthirst beat up Mandy, but Michaels stopped Bloodthirst from killing her. Michaels pulled Mandy out of harms way while a special unit fought Bloodthirst. Due to her internal injuries Mandy needed surgery. During the 14 hours surgery one of Mandy's kidneys, part of her stomach and intestines had to be removed. Michaels visited her when she was asleep.

(Morbius#21) - Martine Bancroft visited Mandy and threatened Mandy because she had stolen Morbius from her. Martine wanted Mandy to convince Morbius to spend more time in the lab than with Mandy.

Comments: Created by Len Kaminski, Ron Wagner & Mike Witherby.

Mandy wasn't seen after Morbius#21 and Morbius soon found a new love interest to make Martine angry. Mandy probably moved to another city after Morbius dead, psycho ex-fiancée threatened her life.

Profile by Markus Raymond.

Mandy Tyler has no known connection to:

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Morbius#15, p7, right side (main)
Morbius#20, p9, pan4 (head shot)

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