Real Name: Emil Nikos

Identity/Class: Human (Greek) vampire

Occupation: Former lab assistant

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Martine Bancroft, Baron Blood (John Falsworth), other vampires;
formerly Michael Morbius

Enemies: Michael Morbius, Mrs. Morbius

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Mobile;
formerly Nafplio, Greece

First Appearance: Amazing Spider-Man I#102 (November, 1971)

Powers/Abilities: Emil Nikos possesses all the standard powers and weaknesses of a vampire. His powers presumably included flight, the ability to transform into mist, enhanced strength and durability, the ability to mesmerize humans and control mice, rats, bats and wolves and the ability to gain strength by sucking blood from victims; he could also transform others into vampires. Weaknesses presumably included sunlight, garlic and holy symbols. He is well educated in biochemistry.


(Amazing Spider-Man I#699.1 (fb) ) - Emil and Michael had been friends since Michael could remember. Michael's mother often forbade him to play with Emil outside because of Michael's rare blood disease that dissolved his blood cells and made his bones brittle. Michael snuck out one night to run down to the docks with Emil to poke some dead fish. They ran across a wall and Michael fell down a chasm and broke several bones. From this day on Emil understood how fragile Michael was and promised he would never let something like this happen again to Michael.

   Emil kept his promise and went to college with Michael to learn how to cure Michael.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#102 (fb)/Amazing Spider-Man I#699.1 (fb) ) - Emil Nikos worked for years as lab assistant for Dr. Michael Morbius. Nikos aided him to find a cure for Morbius' rare blood disease. They worked hard at Morbius' laboratory in Greece. Reading the results of Morbius' tests did not fill Nikos with much optimism, but Morbius felt differently even thoug the fluids distilled from a vampire bat's blood did not slow down his illness. Their worked gained Morbius a Nobel Prize (according to #699.1 Emil attended the ceremony because Morbius was so broken down at this point due to his disease, but in Adventures into Fear#25 Morbius is seen attending a Nobel Prize ceremony with Martine; see comments) Morbius asked Nikos to keep his illness secret from Morbius fiancée Martine Bancroft, who he told that the next step for his experiments had to be done at sea to be totally secure. Morbius rented a yacht with the Nobel Prize money. Though he insisted to sail alone with Nikos, Martine insisted to join them.

   Nikos, Morbius and Martine sailed from Greece to an English seaport where they chartered a yacht. Morbius ordered Nikos to kill him on sea if their attempt to cure Morbius failed. Nikos made sure the electro-shock device needed for Morbius' experiments had been installed on board according to Morbius' specifications. On sea at night Morbius joined Nikos below board to start the procedure to create bloodcells with electrical shock treatment. Though Nikos feared possible side-effects to Morbius he started the machine, but shut it down when he couldn't watch Morbius suffering any longer. Nikos helped him out of the chair and led him to another room to rest. Nikos locked him inside for Morbius' own safety. When he let Morbius out again he was shocked that Morbius had turned white. Driven by a hunger for blood Morbius assaulted Nikos and choked him to death, but stopped short of draining Nikos' blood. Nikos was already dead when Morbius came back to his senses.

(Marvel Team-Up I#3 (fb)/Spectacular Spider-Man II#6 (fb) ) - Martine found Nikos' lifeless body under deck.

(Amazing Fantasy II#17/2 (fb) - BTS) - Baron Blood brought Nikos back to "life" as a vampire so Nikos could take revenge on Morbius. (not because Blood is a nice guy, but because in his opinion Morbius had tainted the pure bloodline of true vampires with his experiments and deserved to suffer).

(Amazing Fantasy II#17/2) - Baron Blood and his crew of vampires, including Nikos, arrived on a boat at the harbor. They confronted Morbius about tainting the line of vampire everywhere, and said that he shall die for this crime. Blood revealed Nikos, who was hooded until this point, as one of them. Morbius was shocked! Blood and his crew left while Nikos threatened Morbius that his past sins would soon catch up with Morbius. Nikos then joined Blood and the others back on the boat and left with them.

Comments: Created by Roy Thomas (writer), Gil Kane (pencils) & Frank Giacoia (inks).

Nikos is an integral part of Morbius' origin which was retold in various issues including Marvel Team-Up I#3 (July, 1972), Vampire Tales#1 (August, 1973), Adventures into Fear#20 (February, 1974), Spectacular Spider-Man II#6 (May, 1977), Dr. Strange: Sorcerer Supreme#14 (Febuary, 1990), Morbius#1 (September, 1992), Amazing Fantasy II#17 (March, 2006), Amazing Spider-Man I#699.1 (February, 2013). Nikos' first name was revealed in another retelling of Morbius' origin in Morbius' profile in Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Deluxe Edition#9 (August, 1985).

Adventures into Fear#20 and Amazing Spider-Man I#699.1 showed Morbius biting Nikos and draining his blood, but Morbius never did in the original story.

BTW Nikos was correct in Amazing Fantasy II#17 about Morbius creating monsters over the years. One of these monsters is my favorite unkillable mercenary Vic Slaughter.

Morbius attended his Nobel Prize award ceremony as seen in Adventures into Fear#25, but not in Amazing Spider-Man I#699.1. Maybe the Nobel Prize ceremony he couldn't attend was for a second Nobel Prize?

Profile by Markus Raymond.

Emil Nikos has no known connection to:

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