Real Name: Elizabeth Nikos

Identity/Class: Human conventional weapon user;
   citizen of Greece

Occupation: Vampire-Hunter; former soldier

Group Membership: None; formerly the Hellenic Army

Affiliations: Inka, Michael Morbius, Spider-Man (Peter Parker), unidentified vampire-hunters;
formerly Melter

Enemies: Captain America (Steve Rogers), Melter, unidentified mutates and vampires;
formerly Michael Morbius, Spider-Man (Peter Parker)

Known RelativesEmil Nikos (brother), Christos Nikos (nephew)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Mobile;
   formerly Nafplio, Greece

First Appearance: Morbius the Living Vampire III#1 (January, 2020)

Powers/Abilities: Elizabeth is a trained soldier and vampire-hunter. She was proficient in the use of a variety of weapons, including swords, crossbows, whips (cat o' nine tails), grenades, knives, wooden stakes and whatever weapons skills she acquired in the Hellenic Army.

Height: Unrevealed (5'8"; by approximation)
Weight: Unrevealed (145 lbs.; by approximation)
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blonde

(Morbius the Living Vampire III#4 (fb)) - In her early childhood Elizabeth was gifted bubbles by Michael.

   A few years later Elizabeth baked pastries for Michael and Emil.

   One day Liza tumbled and hit her knee. It began to bleed and Michael helped her up and comforted her.

(Morbius the Living Vampire III#1 (fb)) - As children Elizabeth ran around outside with her brother Emil and Michael Morbius.

(Morbius the Living Vampire III#4 (fb)) - As a tween she watched martial arts movies. She visited Michael along with her brother when he was sick at home and told him about the movies. Michael liked her stories about movies far more than doing homework with Emil.

   As teenagers they often went to the movies together and felt unstoppable. When Liza got rejected by a boy she felt heartbroken and told Michael about it. He told her that the boy was a fool and that she was one of the best people he ever knew. Eventually Liza confessed her love for Michael to him, but he told her that he didn't feel the same for her and only considered her a dear friend. He felt for her like she was his sister, which broke her heart. It didn't stop her from being there for him though.

(Morbius the Living Vampire III#2 (fb)) - She cooked for Michael and Emil when they were learning for university.

   When Michael's health got worse she sometimes visited him and Emil at the lab where the two were working on a cure.

(Morbius the Living Vampire III#4 (fb)) - Liza sometimes urged Michael to rest when he insisted he had to continue his work even though he was nearly coughing up a lung.

   After her brother was killed by Michael following the latter's mutation into a monster, Elizabeth attended Emil's funeral. She swore revenge on Michael for her brother's death and sometimes cried at Emil's grave.

   Liza decided to learn about monsters like vampires and werewolves and also read the Necronomicon. She joined the Hellenic Army to become a fighter.

   After her time in the army she approached a group of vampire-hunters, who trained her further. She became skilled with a crossbow, learned to carve her own wooden stakes and how to use them against vampires.

   She tested her skills by hunting down and destroying real vampires.

(Morbius the Living Vampire III#1) - Elizabeth approached Melter and his crew after they were attacked by Morbius and offered to form an alliance to kill Morbius. She knew that Morbius was looking for a cure, which was the reason why he stole chemicals from Melter.

(Morbius the Living Vampire III#3 (fb) - BTS) - Elizabeth paid Melter.

(Morbius the Living Vampire III#2 (fb) - BTS) - Elizabeth and Melter followed Morbius' path of destruction.

(Morbius the Living Vampire III#2) - They attacked Morbius in his makeshift lab and did a number on him. Morbius eventually recognized Elizabeth after she lost her hat during the battle and apologized for her brother's death. She didn't accept it and viciously stabbed him with wooden stakes. Morbius lost control and Elizabeth decided to throw a grenade. The explosion destroyed Morbius' lab and hurled him outside. Elizabeth and Melter survived while Morbius escaped. Elizabeth swore that this was only their first battle and promised to Melter that her weapons would leave Morbius with lasting damage.

(Morbius the Living Vampire III#3) - Elizabeth explained to Melter that Morbius was not a true vampire, but had mutated himself into a pseudo-vampire. Melter was impressed and wondered if the process could be replicated, which angered Elizabeth. She asked Melter to not get distracted, but he was only there because she paid him. She offered Melter double the money to stay focused and follow her because she knew how to track Morbius down, but Melter had other plans. He decided that recreating Morbius' formula was more important than money and took Morbius' papers. Elizabeth decided to cut ties with Melter and while he bet that she wouldn't be able to kill Morbius when she got the chance, she promised to Melter that the next time they met it would be as enemies.

   Elizabeth tracked Morbius down to lab (or blood bank) and tossed a flash grenade through a window, temporarily incapacitating Morbius and Spider-Man. She then knocked Spider-Man and Morbius both out with kicks to their heads. She pulled out her crossbow and a wooden stake to end Morbius.

(Morbius the Living Vampire III#4) - Elizabeth hesitated when she was overcome by memories of her early life with Emil and Michael. Spider-Man regained consciousness and came to Morbius' aid against her. Elizabeth stabbed Morbius through the arm with a wooden stake, but he easily pulled it out. Spider-Man webbed up her hands before she could use her whip against Morbius. She revealed to Spider-Man that Morbius had killed her brother and then cut through the web with a knife. She continued her assault on Morbius, who begged her to run away before he was overcome by his hunger and forced to kill her. Spider-Man and Elizabeth watched in horror as Morbius mutated further and lost control, but Spider-Man still tried to defend Morbius. Elizabeth fought for her life against Morbius and then used her whip to hurl Spider-Man against a cabinet. She overpowered Morbius, who decided that Elizabeth was right that he deserved to die. Morbius begged her to end him and she shot him in the chest with a crossbow bolt. Morbius easily survived, got back to his feet and grabbed her by the throat to end her.

(Morbius the Living Vampire III#5) - Morbius was angry at Elizabeth for not being strong enough to kill him after all the suffering he had caused her. Spider-Man saved her and explained that Morbius' new mutatation was caused by another failed cure. Upon learning that the research that caused this mutation was in Morbius' old lab, Elizabeth revealed that the Melter had stolen it. Morbius was sure Melter would test the serum and create an antidote. Morbius offered Elizabeth a truce and a chance to work with him and Spider-Man to stop Melter.

(Morbius the Living Vampire III#5 (fb) - BTS) - Spider-Man and Morbius used Elizabeth's blood to create their own antidote for Morbius' failed cure.

(Morbius the Living Vampire III#5) - Elizabeth joined Spider-Man and Morbius in an attack on Melter and his mutated henchmen. They witnessed Melter using the serum on himself to mutate into a dog-like monster. Elizabeth battled the mutates, but was stopped by Spider-Man from killing them. They kept fighting the mutates while Morbius worked on creating an antidote. Morbius then used the antidote to revert the mutates to their original, human selves. Elizabeth left while Morbius administered the antidote.

   The next night Elizabeth visited Morbius at his lab in Brownsville, Brooklyn. Elizabeth considered Morbius' attempts to find a cure over and over again madness. Though she would never forgive him for what he did to her and her brother, she decided to let Morbius live and leave behind her old life to discover who she actually wanted to be in the future.

(Captain America: Unforgiven#1 (fb) - BTS) - At some point Elizabeth got her hands on pages from the Necronomicon, which listed every vampire ever born.

(Captain America: Unforgiven#1 (fb) - BTS) - Elizabeth hunted the vampire Inka, but Inka used her Siren powers on Elizabeth and made her madly fall in love with her.

(Captain America: Unforgiven#1) - Inka and Elizabeth lived together until Captain America found Inka and picked her up to rejoin the Forgiven. Elizabeth was heart-broken and cried when Inka left. During Inka's time with Elizabeth, Inka went through her documents including the Necronomicon pages to learn were Redblood was and to get her revenge on her for killing Raizo Kodo.

Comments: Created by Vita Ayala, Marcel Ferreira & Roberto Poggi.

This series was a late victim of COVID-19 and got officially cancelled in 12/2020 after a pretty long hiatus.

Profile by Markus Raymond.

Elizabeth Nikos has no known connections to:

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Morbius the Living Vampire III#1, p18 (main)
Morbius the Living Vampire III#5, Cover (head shot)
Morbius the Living Vampire III#2, p16, pan 5 (in the past)
Morbius the Living Vampire III#2, p10, pan2 (jumping with hat)
Morbius the Living Vampire III#4, p20 (living vampire hunter in action)

Morbius the Living Vampire III#1-5 (January-May, 2020) - Vita Ayala (writer), Marcel Ferreira (pencils), Roberto Poggi (inks), Devin Lewis (editor)
Captain America: Unforgiven#1 (June, 2023) - Tim Seeley (writer), Sid Kotian (artist), Annalise Bissa (editor)

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Last updated: 08/27/2023

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