Real Name: Magdelena Kale

Identity/Class: Human spirit (17th century to present)

Occupation: Spirit; former servant girl, carnival worker

Group Membership: Formerly Quentin Carnival

Affiliations: John Blaze, Paula Harris, Jennifer Kale, Noble Kale, Pegasus (horse), Caleb Quentin, Uno, Wolf

Enemies: The Furies (Dark Lady the Matriarch, Ember the Maiden, Lady Ash the Crone), Pastor Destin Kale

Known Relatives: Noble Kale (husband), unidentified son (presumed deceased), Caleb Quentin (adoptive father, deceased), Destin Kale (father-in-law), Dante Kale (brother-in-law, deceased), Joshua Kale (descendant, deceased), Naomi Kale (Ghost Rider, descendant, deceased), Jennifer Kale (descendant), Andrew Jackson Kale (descendant, deceased), John Blaze (Ghost Rider, descendant), Barbara Ketch (descendant, deceased), Daniel Ketch (Ghost Rider, descendant), Craig Blaze (descendant), Emma Blaze (descendant)

Aliases: "Defiler," "Succubus," "Witch" (insults called by Pastor Kale)

Base of Operations: Patience, USA

First Appearance: (unidentified): Ghost Rider III#77 (September, 1996); (identified): Ghost Rider III#78 (October, 1996)

Powers/Abilities: As a spirit, Magdelena Kale could be summoned from her resting place by prayers from members of her bloodline. She could levitate just above the ground and could force other spirits (such as the Olympian Furies) to exit their human host bodies with a wave of her hand. Prior to her death, Magdelena had no superhuman powers but was a skilled practitioner of holistic and natural medicinal remedies.

Height: Presumably variable; (as a human): 5'7" (by approximation)
Weight: Presumably variable; (as a human): 120 lbs. (by approximation)
Eyes: Ethereal blue; (as a human): Unrevealed (like brown, see comments)
Hair: Ethereal blue; (as a human): Dark brown

History: (Ghost Rider III#78 (fb)/Ghost Rider III#92 (fb)) - While traveling with the Quentin Carnival, Magdelena noticed that one of their horses, Pegasus, had collapsed. Rushing to its aid, Magdelena informed the Carnival's owner, Caleb Quentin, that the horse had fallen ill and asked what to do. Caleb suggested that they might have to leave the horse behind before he too, collapsed. Fortunately, Pastor Destin Kale and his son Noble were also traveling through the woods and found the collapsed caravan. While Pastor Kale tended to the sick Caleb Quentin, Noble introduced himself and helped Magdelena onto his horse so that they could get to safety.

(Ghost Rider III#80 (fb)) - A distraught Magdelena attended the funeral of Caleb Quentin after he passed away. Noble Kale did little to comfort her out of fear that the fanatical Pastor Kale would think his comfort an act of lust. Despite this, Noble and Magdelena grew to love one another and snuck away time to be together.

(Ghost Rider III#92 (fb)) - Stranded in the town of Patience following Caleb Quentin's death, Magdelena was allowed to stay in the town as a servant girl, cleaning the church floors. During some time alone, Noble and Magdelena went to an open field to enjoy the view together.

(Ghost Rider III#80 (fb)) - Pastor Kale caught Noble sneaking away to be with Magdelena.

(Ghost Rider III#92 (fb) - BTS) - Pastor Kale warned Noble that Magdelena was of savage stock and the mingling of his blood with hers was against all that was good and proper.

(Ghost Rider III#92 (fb)) - When Magdelena found herself pregnant with Noble's child, Noble hoped that, by telling Pastor Kale, the Pastor would take Magdelena in as his daughter and understand the goodness that Noble saw in Magdelena. Instead, Pastor Kale had Magdelena held down while he beat Noble with a leather strap, exclaiming that if Noble laid down with beasts, he would be punished as one.

(Ghost Rider III#80 (fb)) - After having the child, Magdelena watched as Pastor Kale began treating Noble like a slave and began to suspect that she would never be allowed to marry Noble because of her racial and spiritual differences.

(Ghost Rider III#92 (fb)) - Despite this, Pastor Kale did agree to marry Magdelena to Noble but Pastor Kale kept Noble and Magdelena separated, working Noble in the fields like a slave. He also took Magdelena's child away almost immediately after its birth, claiming that it would be raised in a Christian home despite its ignoble heritage.

(Ghost Rider III#80 (fb)) - Unknown to Pastor Kale, Magdelena began using her knowledge of natural remedies to aid sick townspeople. Eventually, Pastor Kale's persecution extended not only to Noble but to Magdelena as well.

(Ghost Rider III#92 (fb)) - Magdelena stumbled onto Pastor Kale while he was bartering souls and learned that the town of Patience was so prosperous due to deals that Pastor Kale had struck with the demon Mephisto.

(Ghost Rider III#80 (fb)/Ghost Rider III#92 (fb)) - For finding out his secret, the Pastor Kale denounced Magdelena as a witch.

(Ghost Rider III#77 (fb)/Ghost Rider III#92 (fb)) - Magdelena Kale was captured and was prepared to be burned at the stake as a witch.

(Ghost Rider III#92 (fb)) - While Magdelena was being tied up by one of the townsfolk, Noble Kale tried to fight back against his father, punching the Pastor in the back of the head before being overwhelmed by the townspeople and taken into a barn, where he was drugged and tortured into unconsciousness.

(Ghost Rider III#92 (fb)) - When Magdelena begged for Pastor Kale not to kill her, promising she would remain quiet, Pastor Kale announced that there was no penance for the wicked. Magdelena replied by asking if she could see her husband Noble one last time but Pastor Kale falsely told her Noble had never loved her and had only been infatuated by her animal lust. He also told Magdelena that Noble was in the church begging forgiveness and that Magdelena's child would be raised to serve the community by the sweat of his brow, like any slave. Spitting at Pastor Kale and calling him a monster, Magdelena cursed the town of Patience and the Kale family in particular as the torches flew onto her pyre.

(Ghost Rider III#78 (fb)) - As the fires were lit, Magdelena yelled for her husband Noble.

(Ghost Rider III#80 (fb) - BTS/Ghost Rider III#92 (fb)) - Magdelena's cries of vengeance as she died summoned forth the Olympian Furies, who avenged the wrongful murders of women and they sought out members of the Kale family, killing Noble Kale's younger brother Dante as their first victim.

(Ghost Rider III#80) - In the modern day, after the Furies were reborn in human hosts and restarted their attacks on Noble Kale, destroying nearly an entire city block in the process, Magdelena's descendants Jennifer Kale and John Blaze prayed together for Magdelena's soul to return to them. Summoned from the afterlife, the spirit of Magdelena appeared and took over Jennifer Kale's form, transforming it to resemble her original human form. Seeing her husband Noble inhabiting the form of her descendant Danny Ketch as the Ghost Rider, Magdelena commented on how sorrowful and suffering Noble appeared. Announcing that Noble would suffer no more, Magdelena told the Furies that Noble had long paid for any sin he had committed in the past. When the Furies argued against leaving Noble be, Magdelena admitted their summoning in the first place had only occurred in a moment of pain and anger. She then released the Furies of their duty of vengeance, forcing them to exit their human host bodies and disperse. Magdelena then went to Noble, explaining that their future generations would be free from the Furies' attacks and telling Noble that the past was unimportant and that he should focus on the future. Magdelena then mentioned that her time on Earth was short and that she must bid Noble farewell but Noble asked that she take him with her. Magdelena reminded Noble of his supposed destiny as a dark king and warned him not to let his darkness consume him. When Noble asked how Magdelena knew so much about his destiny, Magdelena suggested that the answers Noble sought lied with Noble's father. Despite Noble's shock that his father could still be alive, Magdelena announced that she must depart and shared one final kiss with Noble before Jennifer Kale regained her own form.

(Ghost Rider: Danny Ketch I#1 -BTS) - Danny Ketch thought about Magdelena's trials and suffering when he recalled his time bonded with Noble Kale.

Comments: Created by Ivan Velez, Jr., Salvador Larroca and Sergio Melia.

Magdelena was one of the forms assumed by Dante Kale's spirit in Ghost Rider III#79 in an effort to help Noble recall his lost memories.

Magdelena's eye color was never definitively shown. Most of her flashbacks were colored strangely to signify a flashback and the ones that weren't colored strange, the art made it difficult to determine the exact eye color. The closest I could determine based on the art was that they seemed brown.

Profile by Proto-Man.

Magdalena Kale has no KNOWN connections to:


Pegasus was a horse owned by the Quentin Carnival. While helping to pull the Quentin Carnival's caravan during a snowstorm, Pegasus grew ill and collapsed. Magdalena asked the Carnival's owner, Caleb Quentin, what to do and Quentin suggested that they might have to leave Pegasus before he too collapsed, ill. The caravan was soon rescued by the arrival of Pastor Destin and Noble Kale.

--Ghost Rider III#78 (fb)

images: (without ads)
Ghost Rider III#80, p20, pan5 (Magdelena Kale as spirit, main image)
Ghost Rider III#80, p21, pan1 (Magdelena Kale as spirit, headshot)
Ghost Rider III#92, p9, pan2 (Magdelena Kale in human form while still living)
Ghost Rider III#78, p14, pan3 (Pegasus)

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