Real Name: None known;
    eventually dubbed Azazel

Identity/Class: Extraterrestrial (Serayn-created) technology (starship)/artifiical intelligence;
    active from the distant past (several million years ago) to 5000 B.C. on  a variety of planets, inclusive of the pre-Cataclysmic and Hyborian eras;
    active from 5000 BC to the modern era on Earth, inclusive of 5000-"0" B.C.; 0 - 1000 A.D; 1001-1699 A.D.; 1700-1899 A.D.; 1900-1929 A.D.; 1930-1945 A.D.; 1946-1959 A.D.; and the "pre-Modern era" (1960 A.D until the shifting period of 15-ish years before the present); and the "Modern era" (the shifting 15-ish year time period extending from Fantastic Four I#1 until the present)

Occupation: Scorekeeper/judge/facilitator/regulator of the contest amongst the Undying

Group Membership: Azazel is not one of the Undying, but is intricately associated with them

Affiliations: Undying (Aentaros, Lothan, Semijan, Tiamet, Vaudois);
    formerly the Serayn;

Enemies: Professor Berger, Blaquesmith, Cable (Nathan Summers/Nathan Dayspring Askani'son), Beast (Hank McCoy), Clarity (and his agents Greg and Lea), Jean Grey, Sheik Hamid, Key (Lachlan Patterson), Professor Henry Oxton, the Serayn, Wall;
    their hosts (which are currently cockroaches) are their unwilling servants (notably Blockade/Dexter Parish, Andy Carmody, the Circle Killer, Domino/Neena Thurman, Irene Merryweather, Esther Parrish, Randall Shire, unidentified male former host, numerous others unidentified);
    countless victims of their hosts on Earth and on various worlds (including whole races presumably exterminated by them, notably the races from which they chose their favored hosts, specifically the hosts of Aentaros, Lothan, Semijan, Tiamet, and Vaudois), cockroaches

Known Relatives: None;
Serayn (as creators) could be considered parents, and the Undying (as also having been created by the Serayn) could be considered siblings

Aliases: "Scorekeeper" (the meaning of Azazel in the language of the Serayn);
"Lord of the Undying," "the demon king" (from Hamid and presumably other locals)

Base of Operations: Sinai peninsula/desert; Egypt (the only portion of the country in Asia);
    formerly mobile throughout the Milky Way Galaxy (at least) and across multiple planets;
    originally created on the world of the
Serayn, "on the edge of the Milky Way Galaxy)

First Appearance: (Azazel's Gate shown; unidentified) Cable II#79 (May, 2000);
Cable II#81 (July, 2000);
    (Azazel shown)
Cable II#84 (October, 2000)

Powers/Abilities: Azazel is the artificial intelligence controlling a large starship that housed and transferred the energy fields of the Undying as well as keeping a representative of their preferred hosts in stasis.

    Virtually indestructible, the ship could apparently access faster-than-light travel (hyperspace, space warps, etc.) to travel interstellar distances. In the Sinai desert, it was covered by artificially-gathered mountains.

    Azazel could sense the presence of those nearby, and it could slay those that spoke of its nature and/or location.

    Azazel oversaw and regulated the game amongst the Undying, a contest to slay the most lifeforms on a planet. Azazel could transfer each of the Undying's energy matrix from one specific host to another at the moment of death. This insured that none of the Undying gained an "unfair advantage." When circumstances unbalanced the competition, Azazel stabilized the situation by using another member of the Undying as its executioner.

    Key reprogrammed Azazel so that it could only send the Undying into cockroaches and then allegedly locked the program so that it could not be changed.
    Cable and Jean Grey then covered the door via a rockslide to prevent others from accessing Azazel.

Height: Approximately 700' in diameter.
Weight: Unrevealed (given the alien construction and unrevealed extent, it is not
Eyes: None
Hair: None

(Cable II#84 (fb)) - Several million years ago, the Serayn -- who were driven by scientific curiosity and sought the secrets of creation but whose bodies could not survive leaving their world -- built a virtually indestructible spaceship to explore the universe for them. Desiring a crew that would be immortal (for all practical purposes), the Serayn created five artificial energy beings of pure intellect that they dubbed the Undying.

    Wishing to learn everything about other races, the Serayn gave the Undying the power to meld their energy field with the mind of any creature and thus observe alien life directly. Once one of the Undying gained control of a host body, it could only be released by the host's death.

    However, the Undying fed on the energy released during death. Lacking any sense of right or wrong, the Undying turned on their creators.

    After a thousand years, the Serayn were no more.

(Cable II#84 (fb) - BTS) - The Undying spent the next several million years traveling from world to world aboard the Serayn ship, devouring the death energies of a multitude of lifeforms.

    Eventually, they grew bored, so they started a game/competition, aided and judged by the artificial intelligence of the ship that became known as Azazel, which meant in the language of the Serayn "scorekeeper."

    The game consisted of the following rules: Whichever of the Undying killed the most lifeforms won. Each match lasted 10,000 years or until all life on the planet was destroyed. To keep the game fair, the Undying gave Azazel the power to transfer their energy matrix from one specific host to another at the moment of death. This insured that none of the Undying gained an "unfair advantage." When circumstances unbalanced the competition, Azazel stabilized the situation by using another member of the Undying as its executioner.

    Each of the Undying kept a favored alien lifeform in stasis aboard Azazel.

(Cable II#84 (fb) - BTS) <7000 years ago> - Azazel made base on Earth in the deserts around Mt. Sinai.

(Cable II#81 (fb) - BTS) - Azazel apparently killed anyone who attempted to speak of the location. Many perished with Azazel's name on their lips.

(Cable II#81 (fb) - BTS) - The Book of Enoch identified Azazel of the leader of the fallen Angels known as the Sleepless Ones; Azazel was also referred to as the Star fallen from Heaven.

(Cable II#81 (fb) - BTS) - The Undying possessed various humans throughout the world and across time, sending them on killing sprees, and the Undying grew more powerful the more their hosts murdered.

(Cable II#82 (fb) - BTS) - Semijan possessed low-level psychomorph, Randall Shire, who ran a small traveling carnival in Australia. Semijan's presence boosted Shire's powers to astonishing heights.

    Whenever Shire spoke, he bound people to him by the sound of his voice. Anyone who heard him became his slave, starting with Shire's allies, Key and Wall. Semijan led Shire to America, from which he intended to conquer the world.

(Cable II#84 (fb) - BTS) - In this unbalanced situation, Azazel chose Aentaros to execute Shire.azazel-undying-cab79-gate-laser

(Cable II#79 (fb) - BTS) - Aentaros possessed family man Andy Carmody and sent him to Madison Square Garden to slay Shire.

(Cable II#79 - BTS) - Cable contained Andy in a force field; unable to escape, Aentaros had Andy activate a pair of hand grenades, killing Andy and allowing Aentaros to escape his form.

    Shire/Semijan correctly realized that Azazel had acted to prevent Semijan from accumulating too much power, and he noted that Aentaros would be back in one body or another as he was very determined.

(Cable II#79) - Meanwhile, Professor Henry Oxton discovered the lair of Azazel on Mt. Sinai.

(Cable II#79 - BTS) - Via Azazel, Aentaros possessed the otherwise comatose Blockade (whose mind Cable had destroyed after he had tried to kill Domino).

(Cable II#80) - As Oxton's laser device failed to scratch the surface of the Azazel's gate, his assistant Berger advised him that armed locals, including Sheik Hamid, had come to investigate his activities.

(Cable II#80 - BTS) - Hamid further advised Oxton that great, powerful, and evil genii still existed in the cavern and that their seal was on the door.

(Cable II#81 - BTS) - Cable enlisted his ally Blaquesmith to create a portable immobilizing trap he could use to keep the Undying paralyzed for hours, no matter what its strength: A device that channeled the creature's kinetic energy in a loop so that the harder it moved, the more the bonds holding it tightened.

(Cable II#81) - Outside Azazel's lair, Sheik Hamid told Professor Oxton about Azazel and how he had slain anyone who attempted to tell others of this location. Considering this all ridiculous superstitious, Oxton contacted Hafia and prepared to relate his finding, but as soon as he mentioned Azazel, he died, but was left standing, "solid as a stone statue."

    Appreciating that the internet was not active in that location and that Azazel might not understand what the internet was, Oxton's assistant, Berger, prepared jpg and wav files of the site while discussing that he had no desire to upset Azazel, and he subsequently uploaded them to his web page.

(Cable II#81 (fb) - BTS) - As facilitated by Azazel, Aentaros possessed Irene Merryweather.

(Cable II#82 - BTS) - As Cable battled Irene/Aentaros, Cable telepathically made a call to a hospital, leading them to send an ambulance to arrive just as he telekinetically induced cardiac arrest in Irene, causing Aentaros to depart her form.

(Cable II#82) - Randall Shire/Semijan told Key and Wall that everything was going so well, and that it was too bad that they all must die. Key suggested that he might rule the world instead of destroying it. As Semijan considered that it would be amusing, and that if he ruled the world, he could change the rules, Key secretly sent information to Clarity without directly defying his master's wishes.

(Cable II#82 - BTS) - Irene shared the little that she remembered from her possession, notably that the creatures were immortal and that they numbered five, with Azazel being a sixth, not one of them but rather the judge.

    Clarity's agent Lea subsequently told Cable that Clarity had located Azazel, and when Cable met with Clarity, his associate Greg informed him of Berger's file although it would still take a few hours of satellite scans to find the exact spot. 

(Cable II#83 (fb) - BTS) - As facilitated by Azazel, Aentaros possessed Domino (Neena Thurman).azazel-undying-cab84-interior

(Cable II#82 - BTS) - Cable learned that Domino (Neena Thurman) was to be the assassin. 

(Cable II#83) - Blaquesmith supplied Cable with the weapon he sought, and he used it to immobilize/incapacitate Domino, with Aentaros trapped within her.

    Cable then instructed Bridge to gag Shire and put him in solitary confinement, and to place Domino in maximum security. He subsequently met with Wall and Key, and they agreed to help him against the Undying. 

(Cable II#84 (fb) - BTS) - One of the Undying possessed an unidentified man and sent him to kill his own daughter.

(Cable II#84) - Cable -- joined by Key, Wall, and X-Men Beast (Hank McCoy) and Jean Grey -- traveled to the door of Azazel and met with Professor Berger and Sheik Hamid. Beast noted its door to be virtually indestructible, while Jean sensed five alien beings, apparently each of radically different species, apparently in a trance or suspended animation.

    Jean also noted a sixth presence, a powerful psi-force broadcasting some sort of low-frequency alpha-waves, strong enough to scramble a normal person's thought patterns; she surmised this to be Azazel, and she blocked its mental attack from them, although it continued to fight, increasing the pressure.

    As Key determined the code and unlocked the door, Azazel sent a distress signal, summoning the Undying back to their host bodies in stasis.

     Meanwhile, Beast noted the mountains to not be natural, and Cable concluded that it was camouflage, which Key determined to be 500 feet in diameter.

    After they passed through and sealed the outer door, the inner door opened, and they appreciated this to be the airlock of a spaceship.

    Key discovered that Azazel was the starship's artificial intelligence, and that it's name meant -- in the language of its creators, the Serayn -- scorekeeper. Jean then announced that their presence had accelerated some kind of emergency recall program, and that those in stasis were returning to life quickly.

(Cable II#84 - BTS) - As the Undying were recalled, Domino, Randall Shire, the man who was about to kill his own daughter, and presumably two others were freed from the Undying's influence.

(Cable II#84) - Released from stasis, the Undying attacked the invaders.

    Via information downloaded from Azazel, Key related the history of the Serayn and the Undying. As Berger noted that they could not kill the creatures or they would just be unleashed into new bodies, Beast further advised that these ancient lifeforms that had been in stasis were rapidly decaying in the atmosphere: These forms would not last more than a few minutes, after which the Undying would inhabit new bodies.

     Having gained control of Azazel, Key adjusted the settings: Azazel would now only be able to transfer the Undying into cockroaches; and not just for 10,000 years but until the last cockroach on Earth died.

    The Undying's hosts perished soon thereafter.

(Cable II#84 - BTS) - The Undying were apparently transferred into cockroaches.

(Cable II#84) - Key noted that he had locked the settings so that once they left, they could not be changed "for all eternity."

    Cable and Jean Grey then caused a rockslide to cover the door and prevent others from accessing Azazel.

Comments: Created by Robert Weinberg, Michael Ryan, and Andrew Pepoy.

    And this is why you should not kill a cockroach. If it is the last cockroach on Earth, the Undying will be free to possess humanity again!

Three futures associated with Randall Shire:

Profile by Snood.

should be distinguished from:

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