parrish-esther-undying-tavernESTHER PARRISH

Real Name: Esther Parrish

Identity/Class: Human (alien-possessed, which likely granted her certain superhuman powers);
    active circa 1882 A.D. (alive for perhaps 16-20 years before that);
    English (British)

Occupation: Barmaid

Group Membership: Staff of an unidentified tavern;
    among the many other victims/hosts of the Undying (including Blockade/Dexter Parish, Andy Carmody, the Circle Killer, Domino/Neena Thurman, Irene Merryweather, Randall Shire, numerous others unidentified)

parrish-esther-undying-gallowsAffiliations: None known;
    former pawn of an unidentified member of the Undying

Enemies: Azazel, an unidentified member of the Undying;
    (while possessed by a member of the Undying): her father and two brothers, and at least 17 others she poisoned

Known Relatives: Unidentified father (deceased), unidentified two brothers (deceased)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: An unidentified tavern in London

First Appearance: Cable II#81 (July, 2000)

Powers/Abilities: Esther Parrish was a barmaid of unrevealed skill and experience.

    Possessed by an unspecified member of the Undying, she was able to poison rum such that those who drank the rum consumed lethal doses prior to realizing anything was wrong.

    While possessed, she apparently had a circle-within-a-circle pattern on her forehead, although this may or may not have been visible to all those around her.

        She may or may not have also had some degree of psychic and/or energy powers.

Height: Unrevealed (perhaps 5'2" to 5'6" (she was not shown in direct proximity to anyone of known height )
Weight: Unrevealed (perhaps 110 to 130 lbs. )
Eyes: Unrevealed (appeared to be light in the one image showing them; perhaps light green or light blue)
Hair: Apparently brown or dark red (not shown clearly


(Cable II#81 (fb)) <1882> - Barmaid Esther Parrish was apparently possessed by one of the aliens known as the Undying. '

    Under its influence, she served poison rum to 20 men in a London tavern, among the dead were her father and two brothers.

    At her trial, Esther mocked the judge and jury.

    She was sentenced to be hung, and she laughed all the way to the gallows.

Comments: Created by Robert Weinberg, Michael Ryan, and Andrew Pepoy.

    Esther appeared in two panels, and what you see is what we got...

    Coincidence that Esther shared the surname of Blockade (Parish; with only one "r"), the villain fighting Cable in the main part of the story? Who knows (see clarifications)...

Profile by Snood.

Esther Parrish
should be distinguished from:

images: (without ads)
Cable II#81, pg. 14, panel 3 (in tavern);
          panel 4 (before gallows)

Cable II#81 (July, 2000) - Robert Weinberg (writer), Michael Ryan (penciler), Andrew Pepoy (inker), Mark Powers (editor)

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