oxton-henry-archeologist-climbing PROFESSOR HENRY OXTONoxton-henry-archeologist-face-dead

Real Name: Henry Oxton

Identity/Class: Human;
    pre-modern and modern eras

Occupation: Archeologist

Group Membership: Presumably some archeological society (such as the Society for American Archeology)

Affiliations: Professor Berger, Sheik Hamid

Enemies: Azazel

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Unrevealed;
    died in the Sinai desert, Egypt (the only portion on the Asian continent)

Education: At least the equivalent of a bachelor's degree in archeology; possibly a masters or Ph.D equivalentoxton-henry-archeologist-seated

First Appearance: Cable II#79 (May, 2000)

Powers/Abilities: Professor Oxton was knowledgeable about archeology.

    He came up with some radical theories and steadfastly held to such beliefs despite lack of support.

    He generally discounted supernatural abilities, causing him to ignore warnings that might have saved his life.

    He wore eyeglasses, although his specific deficit and prescription are unrevealed.

    In death, he was described as "solid as a stone statue."
    Whether that means he was actually turned into stone or just left completely rigid is unrevealed (presumably the latter given he still had his ante-mortem pigmentation)

Height: Unrevealed (approximately 5'8"-5'10")
Weight: Unrevealed (approximately 160-180 lbs.)
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blond (including goatee)oxton-henry-archeologist-death

(Cable II#79 (fb) - BTS) -
Archeologist Professor Henry Oxton spent 20 years searching for proof that a once great civilization ruled Asia (see comments) while the rest of mankind was still in the Stone Age. He developed a theory that Atlantis was located in the Sinai Desert.

    His peers called him a fool and worse, and they said that he was mad and that his theory was total nonsense.

(Cable II#79) - Professor Henry Oxton led his associate Professor Berger to the lair of Azazel on Mt. Sinai. Noting his detractors, he said to let them talk and he asked them to explain this.

(Cable II#80) - As Oxton's laser device failed to scratch the surface of Azazel's gate, he commented that it was incredible and that no known ancient civilization could have created such a metal.

    Noting approaching armed locals (led by Sheik Hamid), Berger advised Professor Oxton that they had a more serious problem that required his immediate attention.

(Cable II#80 (fb) - BTS) - Oxton and Berger made peaceful arrangements with Hamid and his men (see comments).

    Feeding Oxton and Berger in his tent, Hamid advised them that great, powerful, and evil genii -- represented by a circle in a circle, a mind within a mind -- still existed in the cavern and that their seal was on the door. Oxton argued that whatever was hidden behind those doors was long gone, as nothing lived forever. Hamid told him that those behind the door were demons and that they were Undying. oxton-henry-archeologist-full-dead

(Cable II#81) - Outside Azazel's lair, Oxton told Hamid how he did not understand how the doors had remained secret for thousands of years. He felt that surely one of Hamid's people would have revealed the location to explorers in the area or archeologists like himself as such a discovery would have made them rich.

    Hamid replied that Azazel, the "Lord of the Undying," guarded their privacy and killed any who attempted to speak of this location and that many had perished with his dread name on their lips. In response to the name Azazel, Berger related how in the Book of Enoch, that was the name given to the leader of the fallen angels called the Sleepless Ones. Berger added that Azazel was also referred to in that tome as "the star fallen from Heaven."

    Oxton dismissed this all as nonsense, and he contacted Hafia (see comments) and prepared to relate his findings, dismissing Berger's recommendations to achieve some distance from the site before broadcasting news of their discovery. Defiantly stating that Henry Oxton was not afraid of some ridiculous superstition, especially after making the discovery of a lifetime, he stated the word Azazel and immediately died but was left standing, "solid as a stone statue."

    Hafia responded, but Oxton was gone. oxton-henry-archeologist-packedup

    Berger considered that at least Oxton had died happy, which was a better end than most, although he was not sure what to tell the authorities.

    After correctly reasoning that Azazel would not have an appreciation of the internet and related terminology, Berger sent out jpg and wav files detailing his findings.

    With Oxton tied into the back of his jeep, Berger departed with Hamid.

Comments: Created by Robert Weinberg, Michael Ryan, and Andrew Pepoy.

    So, I don't know that Oxton found evidence of a great civilization ruling Asia while the rest of mankind was in the Stone Age (although it's a known fact that such civilizations exited on the Thurian continent and/or eventually Atlantis in the pre-Cataclysmic era, and in various regions of what would be Europe and Asia circa 10,000 B.C.)...all he found was the hidden base of Azazel, and the Undying sowed chaos throughout the world, and they were around on Earth from 5000 B.C. forward.

    While eating with Sheik Hamid, Oxton called him "my friend." There was no explanation of the transition point between Hamid's men holding Oxton and Berger at gunpoint to Oxton and Berger sitting in Hamid's tent while eating and discussing matters. It may be that Oxton and Hamid knew each other before, but it also may be that he was just being friendly/polite/respectful and that Oxton and/or Berger were able to negotiate peaceful relations.

    I don't know if Hafia is meant to be a person or a group or something else?
    Googling it, I get Hafia as the name of a town and sub-prefecture in the Labe Prefcture in the Labe Region in northern-central Guinea...which is all the way on the north-west side of Africa, with Egypt being on the east side.
    Haifa is the third-largest city in Israel, and would be much closer than Hafia, so perhaps it was a misspelling. It seems a little odd to be calling for a city, but perhaps there is some base there. It would remind me of astronauts contacting NASA, "Houston, we have a problem..."
    Hafia is apparently an Arabic female name. Nevertheless my first thought would be the Israeli city. It could be the Haifa headquarters of an organization he's calling.
    --David Zuckerman

    Oxton is also pictured in two images in the Azazel profile, showing his discovering the gate and the laser being used against it.

Profile by Snood.

Professor Henry Oxton
should be distinguished from:

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Cable II#79 (May, 2000) - Robert Weinberg (writer), Michael Ryan (penciler), Andrew Pepoy (inker), Mark Powers (editor)
Cable II#80 (June, 2000) - Robert Weinberg (writer), Michael Ryan (penciler), Scott Hanna (inker), Mark Powers (editor)
Cable II#81 (July, 2000) - Robert Weinberg (writer), Michael Ryan (penciler), Andrew Pepoy (inker), Mark Powers (editor)

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