(of Earth-172)

Real Name: Logan (see comments)

Identity/Class: Extradimensional (Earth-172) human mutant (see Powers/Abilities)

Occupation: Reality traveler

Group Membership: Weapon X (Deadpool of Earth-5021, Kane of Earth-3031, Maverick of Earth-1287, Mesmero of Earth-653, Sabretooth/Victor Creed of Earth-295)

Affiliations: Mariko, the Timebroker, Weapon X

Enemies: None known

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: "Logan-San" (called by Mariko)

Base of Operations: Mobile throughout the multiverse;
formerly Earth-172

First Appearance: Exiles I#62 (June, 2005)

Powers/Abilities: While likely a mutant, Wolverine did not display superhuman powers. It was unrevealed if he possessed superhuman powers typical of other realities' Wolverine counterparts such as a healing factor, claws or superhuman senses.

Height: Unrevealed
Weight: Unrevealed
Eyes: Unrevealed
Hair: Black

History: (Exiles I#83 (fb) - BTS) - Wolverine was known by a woman named Mariko.

(Exiles I#62 (fb) - BTS) - Wolverine was pulled from Earth-172 and materialized in the middle of a large body of water. He was soon conscripted by the Timebroker construct to join the reality-hopping Weapon X team alongside Earth-295's Sabretooth, Earth-653's Mesmero, Earth-1287's Maverick, Earth-5021's Deadpool and Earth-3031's Kane. At some point, Wolverine was fatally injured and was taken to the multiversal Crystal Palace where the Timebroker was based, where he was placed in suspended animation within the Crystal Palace's walls.

(Exiles I#83 (fb) - BTS) - During his time with Weapon X, Wolverine was presumed to be missing on Earth-172.

(Exiles I#62) - When the reality-jumping Exiles invaded the Crystal Palace, they came across Wolverine and many other fallen comrades, all still in suspended animation within the Crystal Palace's walls.

(Exiles I#63) - Wolverine remained suspended in the Crystal Palace's stasis walls as the Exiles encountered Earth-4023's Hyperion, who had been manipulating them from the Crystal Palace after taking it over. Passing by Wolverine and others suspended in the wall, one of the insect-like Timebreakers ultimately freed the Exile Beak from the suspended animation.

(Exiles I#66) - Wolverine remained in the Crystal Palace's stasis wall as the Exiles placed their injured member Mimic in the stasis wall.

(Exiles I#83) - Months after his initial taking from Earth-172, Wolverine succumbed to his injuries after being released from the Crystal Palace's stasis wall and Earth-295's Blink teleported Wolverine's corpse back to his home reality of Earth-172. When the corpse appeared, seemingly out of thin air, Mariko immediately knew it was Wolverine although the nearby Silver Samurai was taken back, surprised to see Wolverine after a months-long disappearance. Wishing to pay Wolverine his final respects, Mariko and Silver Samurai burned Wolverine's corpses at a funeral pyre

Comments: Created by Tony Bedard and Mizuki Sakakibara.

Wolverine was only referred to "Logan" so it was unclear if his true real name was James Howlett on Earth-172 like it is on Earth-616.

Wolverine's height/weight were impossible to determine, as he was never seen  next to any character whose height and weight had been officially determined. In addition, his eye color was also impossible to determine, as his face was never clearly seen and the best image we have of his face shows his eyes closed.

X-Men: Messiah Complex Mutant Files profile on the Exiles has a headshot for Earth-172's Wolverine. The image used is actually an image of Earth-616's Wolverine, taken from a comic featuring Earth-616 Wolverine. While the Handbook entry notes that Wolverine was active in Weapon X prior to Exiles I#5, Wolverine is nowhere present in Exiles I#5 nor is he even mentioned so I chose not to include Exiles I#5 as an appearance and Weapon X's later Handbook profile has Wolverine active in Exiles I#63 instead.

Oddly enough, we only see Wolverine's legs in the stasis wall in Exiles I#66 but they resemble a brown costume Wolverine, whereas in all other appearances, Earth-172's Wolverine was seen wearing normal brown pants.

Profile by Proto-Man.

Earth-172's Wolverine has no known connections to:

images: (without ads)
Exiles I#63, p16, pan2 (Wolverine in suspended animation wall from behind, main image)
Exiles I#83, p2, pan2 (Wolverine's corpse)
Exiles I#83, p19, pan3 (Wolverine's funeral pyre)

Exiles I#62 (June, 2005) - Tony Bedard (writer), Mizuki Sakakibara (art), Mike Marts (editor)
Exiles I#63 (June, 2005) - Tony Bedard (writer), Mizuki Sakakibara (art), Mike Marts (editor)
Exiles I#66 (September, 2005) - Tony Bedard (writer), Jim Calafiore (pencils), Mark McKenna (inks), Mike Marts (editor)
Exiles I#68 (October, 2005) - Tony Bedard (writer), Jim Calafiore (pencils), Mark McKenna (inks), Mike Marts (editor)
Exiles I#83 (August, 2006) - Tony Bedard (writer), Casey Jones (pencils), Vince Russell (inks), Mike Marts (editor)
X-Men: Messiah Complex Mutant Files (2007) - Eric J. Moreels, Jeff Christiansen (head writers, coordinators), Chad Anderson, Stuart Vandal, David Wiltfong, Sean McQuaid, Chris Biggs, Michael Hoskin, Mike Fichera, Ronald Byrd, Madison Carter (writers), Jeff Youngquist, Jennifer Grunwald (editors)

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