explorers_club-president-st47-6-hatEXPLORERS' CLUB PRESIDENT

Real Name: Unrevealed

Identity/Class: Human;
    active circa 1900-1930, 1931-1945, and 1946-1956, at least (possibly for some time before and after these periods, but we don't know for sure)

Occupation: Adventurer, big game hunter, President of the Explorers' Club (although that may have just been a hobby; in which case, he may have had another career...or he may have been independently wealthy and/or retired)

Group Membership: President of the Explorers' Club

Affiliations: Zad Compton

Enemies: Unidentified Amazon River natives, unidentified African rhino;
    presumably numerous other animals and natives from various nations

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None;
    Zad Compton repeatedly called him "sir"

Base of Operations: The Explorers' Club base

First Appearance: Strange Tales I#47/6 "The New Member" (June, 1956)

Powers/Abilities: The unidentified Explorers' Club president had extensive experience with rifles of various designs (from 1916-1956, at least), and he was an excellent marksman. He was also an experienced big game hunter and riverboat guide.

    His strength and skills almost certainly diminished with age, but he retained sufficient respect from the other members of the Explorers' Club to remain president for at least 10 years.

    He enjoyed smoking a pipe.

Height: Unrevealed (approximately 5' 9")
Weight: Unrevealed (approximately 180 lbs.)
Eyes: Blue
Hair: White (male pattern baldness; presumably darker in youth)



(Strange Tales I#47/6 (fb)) < Circa 1916> - The future president of the Explorers' Club led an expedition down to the Amazon River, urging his men to keep paddling as he fired at the natives who threw spears at them.


(Strange Tales I#47/6 (fb)) - With his foot caught in a trap, and only one cartridge left in his rifle, the future Explorers' Club president fatally shot an African rhino.


(Strange Tales I#47/6 (fb) - BTS) - The future Explorers' Club president saw a lot of adventures.explorers_club-president-st47-6-profile

(Strange Tales I#47/6 (fb) - BTS) < Circa 1946> - 10 years before the main story, he became the president of the Explorers' Club.

(Strange Tales I#47/6 (fb) - BTS) - Flying to Earth in his car, Zad Compton -- secretly the president of the Explorers Club Planet Pluto -- traveled to the local Explorers' Club and sought membership.

(Strange Tales I#47/6) - The president of the local Explorers' Club told Compton that they indeed welcomed new members, if he could meet their standards.

    After the president detailed some of his exploits, such as an expedition down the Amazon River past hostile natives forty years earlier, and slaying a charging rhino with a single bullet, he asked Compton which he believed was the most dangerous beast--lion or rhino. When Compton noted that he had never hunted either creature, the president expressed that lacking such adventure was most unusual for an explorer, but he nonetheless invited Compton to accompany him to see the new Arctic film in a theater across the street.

    En route, Compton unwittingly crossed the street against a red light and was nearly hit by a car (having to be pulled back by a police officer), further causing the president to question him. Within the club theater, as the president explained how a sea plane delivered supplies, Compton panicked, not realizing it was just an image on the screen as he exclaimed that it was going to strike them.

The president suggested they go outside and get some air, noting that perhaps Compton was just nervous, although he silently considered that Compton would never do as a member of the Explorers' Club, as he was "as nervous as a schoolgirl!" When Compton offered to take the president home in his car, the president accepted, although he secretly considered Compton's car to be "crazy," but he figured the time would give him a chance to gently turn down Compton's membership request.


    As Compton noted that he realized the president must be disappointed with him because he had not explored in the manner of the club's members, the president became uncomfortable with Compton's speed and asked if he had to go so quickly. compton-zad-explorersclub-card

    Noting that the speed was quite necessary to continue, Compton explained that the lion hunt and arctic expedition were unfortunately denied him. When the president asked what made him think he could qualify, Compton explained that he had done quite a bit of exploring, although -- as he suddenly flew the car into space -- they did not have lions or ice fields up there.

    Showing the president his own card as president of Pluto's Explorers Club, he noted that the different experiences on Earth were why he was interested in becoming a member of Earth's Explorers' Club.

Comments: Created by Vic Carrabotta (artist, at least).

    I would imagine he'd be at least 18-20 to be leading an expedition down the Amazon circa 1916, which would make his date of birth in the late 19th century...which, in turn, would make him about 60 when he encountered Zad Compton.
    These stories are typically considered to have occurred at the date of publication, and so are not part of the sliding time scale.

    If the president is somehow still alive, he'd be over 120 years old! Maybe he gained some anti-aging potion or technology from one of his or his associates' adventures.explorers_club-president-jim47-maybe

    I don't know that we see the/this president again, although John Holstein pointed out that there is a shadowy figure with a bald or balding head, glasses, and a pipe seen in the Explorers Club story in Journey into Mystery I#47/1.

    Could be him, which would make Craine and Burton associates, as well.

Profile by Snood.

The President of the Explorers' Club
should be distinguished from:

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Strange Tales I#47/6, pg. 1, panel 1 (profile)
Strange Tales I#47/6, pg. 1, panel 3 (Amazon adventure) 
Strange Tales I#47/6, pg. 2, panel 1-2 (rhino)
Strange Tales I#47/6, pg. 2, panel 7 (face with hat)
Strange Tales I#47/6, pg. 3, panel 7 (face close-up with card)
Journey into Mystery I#47/1, pg. 1, panel 1 (possible appearance) 

Strange Tales I#47/6, "The New Member" (June, 1956) - Vic Carrabotta (artist, at least)
Journey into Mystery I#47/1 (June, 1957) - George Woodbridge (artist, at least) - possible appearance

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