(of Earth-17673)

Real Name: Logan (see comments)

Identity/Class: Extradimensional (Earth-17673) human mutant

Occupation: Resistance leader;
former adventurer

Group Membership: Anti-Poison resistance (Agent Venom of Earth-16348, Ant-Venom/Scott Lang of Earth-12240, Black Panther/T'Challa of Earth-21673, Captain Venom/Steve Rogers of Earth-17084, Carnage/Cletus Kasady of Earth-32231, Doctor Strange of Earth-22249, Mania/Andrea Benton of Earth-616, Spinneret/Mary Jane Watson-Parker of Earth-18119, Venom/Eddie Brock of Earth-616, Venom Rocket of Earth-18197, Wolverine/X-23 of Earth-24398);
formerly X-Men (Archangel/Warren Worthington III, Beast, Cyclops, Jubilee, others)

Affiliations: Anti-Poison resistance, Hawkeye (Clint Barton), Poison Deadpool of Earth-17952;
formerly Bruce Banner, Jr., Host Rider (Robbie Reyes of Earth-53912), Spider-Man (Peter Parker of Earth-28242), Venompool/Wade Wilson of Earth-41715, X-Men

Enemies: Archangel (Warren Worthington III), Bruce Banner, Jr., Ashley Barton, the Hulk Gang (Bruce Banner, Sr., others), Poisons of Earth-17952 (unidentified aliens possessing the deceased bodies of Earth-23341's Bullseye, Earth-44259's Daredevil, Earth-77181's Green Goblin, Earth-71628's Gwenpool, Earth-75187's Hawkeye, Earth-53912's Host Rider/Robbie Reyes, Earth-81711's Hulk, Earth-96183's Iron Fist, Earth-11182's Kraven, Earth-18853's Rhino, Earth-19174's Sabretooth, Earth-28242's Spider-Man, Earth-51939's Spiral, numerous others), the Red Skull

Known Relatives: Scotty (son, deceased)

Aliases: "Old Man Runt," "Pa," Wolverine

Base of Operations: Mobile throughout Earth-22249;
formerly mobile throughout Earth-17673

First Appearance: (as Logan): Edge of Venomverse I#4 (October, 2017);
(as Old Man Venom): Venomverse I#2 (November, 2017)

Powers/Abilities: Old Man Venom possessed inherent mutant abilities including retractable claws and a healing factor. His skeleton and claws had been laced with Adamantium and while his healing factor was still potent enough to allow him to heal from several arrows to the chest within moments, it had slowed from its original potency over a span of at least seven decades.

Once bonded to an alien symbiote that fed on his rage, Logan was shown to be capable of generating web-like tendrils that could grasp objects from mid-air and produce the symbiote at will, allowing for instantaneous costuming. It was unrevealed if he possessed any other abilities shared by other reality symbiote hosts including limited shape-shifting of his symbiote and enhanced physical attributes.

Height: 5'3" (by approximation)
Weight: 300 lbs. (by approximation)
Eyes: Blue
Hair: White

History: (Edge of Venomverse I#4 (fb) - BTS) - After the Red Skull took over Logan's mind and used him as a weapon to kill Cyclops, Jubilee, Beast and others close to Logan in the X-Men, Logan was left for dead and spent decades trying to forget the events. At some point, Logan earned the enmity of the Hulk Gang and fathered a son, Scotty, who ultimately died. Later killing Bruce Banner, Sr., Logan took in Bruce Banner, Jr., lying to him about the death of his father for years before finally admitting his role in the death of Bruce Banner, Sr. Logan also took down the operations of the spider-themed, villainous Ashley Barton with the help of Ashley's father, Clint Barton.

(Edge of Venomverse I#4 (fb)) - Bruce Banner, Jr. confronted Logan about his lying about Banner, Sr.'s death and attacked but Logan refused to fight Banner, Jr., instead asking for an opportunity to explain his past actions.

(Edge of Venomverse I#4) - Fifteen years later, Logan was in the Baja Motel and dreamed of Bruce Banner, Jr. finding out about Logan's part in the death of Bruce Banner, Sr. and attacking him. His old teammate Archangel soon visited him and when Logan awoke in a truck driven by Archangel, he demanded to know where he was and what was going on. Admitting that he thought Archangel was dead, Logan learned that Archangel had been searching for Logan for years, soon explaining how he had finally moved on with his life after the events that had occurred seventy years ago at the mansion. Archangel revealed that he himself had been in hiding for years, worried the Red Skull would come for his other wing, but had come out of hiding to investigate a new group of X-Men being trained, prompting Logan to exclaim that he wanted nothing to do with the X-Men new or old. When Archangel remarked that Logan's son was alive, a stunned Logan demanded Archangel tell him where his son Scotty was. Archangel then led Logan to the ruins of Xavier's Mansion in Westchester, New York, where Archangel then attacked Logan, branding him a traitor and proclaiming that Logan would not be leaving this time. Archangel then regrouped with Bruce Banner, Jr. and Ashley Barton, where Banner revealed that he had captured Logan for taking away his birthright by killing Bruce Banner, Sr. Logan insisted Banner, Sr.'s former empire was an empire of evil but Banner nonetheless felt as if Logan had stolen it from him and Archangel remarked that he felt it for Logan to die where he had slaughtered children seventy years prior. The villainous trio then revealed their plans to kill Logan and use his DNA to create an army of Wolverine clones to build their own empire before unleashing a symbiote-empowered tyrannosaurus rex dinosaur against the captured Logan. Breaking free of his webbing restraints, Logan fought back and when Ashley Barton webbed his hands again, Logan pulled her towards himself using the webbing and swung her into the dinosaur's mouth. The dinosaur then devoured Ashley as Logan stabbed one of the dinosaur's eyes. Logan then leapt into the dinosaur's mouth as well to finish it and both Banner and Archangel assumed Logan dead and decided to leave him to decompose enough for them to extract his DNA. Unfortunately for Archangel  and Banner, Logan bonded with the dinosaur's symbiote and clawed his way out of the dinosaur's gullet, proclaiming Banner weak. Banner transformed into his Hulk and hurled Archangel as the symbiote-covered Logan and the two fought until Archangel fired flechettes at Logan, who used the symbiote to catch them mid-air and hurl them back at Archangel, killing him. Logan then chased down Banner and nearly killed him before fighting the alien symbiote's influence and admitting his loving of Banner as a son.

(Venomverse: War Stories#1 - BTS) - After a battle that cost nearly all of the resistance against the alien Earth-17952 Poisons, Earth-17084's Captain Venom returned to Earth-22249's Doctor Strange, who revealed that there were more symbiote hosts across the multiverse that could be recruited into the resistance and showed Captain Venom a mystic image of Logan and other alternate reality hosts.

(Edge of Venomverse I#4) - Mere seconds after admitting his love for Banner, a portal from another reality opened and the symbiote-empowered Captain Venom emerged, remarking on the sweetness of Logan's remarks and reminding Logan that they had a war to win.

(Venomverse I#2 (fb) - BTS) - After joining the multiversal resistance against the Poisons, Logan worked with Captain Venom, each picking out safe houses to go to that the other was unaware of in case either ever became compromised by Poison assimilation.

(Venomverse I#1) - Logan was present with the anti-Poisons resistance when Earth-616's Venom (Eddie Brock) was brought to them by Captain Venom. As Doctor Strange and other members of the resistance informed Venom-616 of the threat posed by the Poisons, Logan added that the Poisons were weak in their base form and that they had developed a psychic defense mechanism that allowed them to get close enough to any attackers to consume and assimilate them. A Poison Hulk soon arrived, having tracked Venom-616 there, forcing Logan and the other resistance members to retreat to various locations.

(Venomverse I#2) - After the resistance's Spider-Man (of Earth-28242) was consumed and assimilated by a Poison that attacked Venom-616, Logan and the other retreated resistance members located Venom-616 and aided him against the Poison Spider-Man. During the battle, Logan was hit by Spider-Man and knocked aside as the other resistance members attempted to fight the Poison off. When the Poison Spider-Man became distracted by Earth-18119's Spinneret (Mary Jane Watson-Parker), Venom-616 took the opportunity to shoulder charge the Poison Spider-Man and Logan followed up by slashing the Poison. The Poison followed up by webbing Logan's neck and slinging him aside. Eventually, Logan watched as the Poison Spider-Man retreated, claiming that the fight had lost its appeal without other Poisons to assimilate the resistance members and once the Poison had departed, Logan asked Venom-616 if he was okay. After Venom-616 assured Logan he was fine, Logan joined the resistance in moving to another location as they discussed where their field leader, Captain Venom, had been taken. Logan figured Captain Venom had been killed or if not dead, he might be wishing he was dead. Eventually, Logan and his group regrouped with the other resistance members and Logan revealed that he had safe houses they could stay in that Captain Venom was unaware of in case he had become assimilated by the Poisons. Logan then ordered the resistance members to gather whatever they needed and be ready to depart for a safe house within five minutes. When Venom-616 mentioned Spider-Man-28242's attempts to explain the Poisons, Logan had the resistance's alternate Doctor Strange finish informing Venom about the Poisons and when Venompool argued that the resistance really didn't stand a chance against the Poisons. Logan quickly reminded Venompool that the resistance was not dead yet but Venompool argued that "Old Man Venom" could tell that to the resistance they had lost and commented that Old Man Venom could bark orders all day but it didn't make him Captain Venom. Once on the move, Venom-616 suggested that, at some point, the resistance would have to take the fight directly to the Poisons, commenting that "Wolverine" should know that. Old Man Venom immediately told Venom not to call him "Wolverine" and admitted that while he didn't disagree with Venom, there was more to a potential fight than just going in guns a'blazing. The group then discussed a possible doomsday weapon to permanently stop the Poisons as they entered Our Lady of Saints Church.

(Venomverse I#3) - Logan watched as Venom-616 convinced the resistance's Doctor Strange to open a portal summoning an alternate reality counterpart of the unpredictable Carnage to aid the resistance as a "doomsday" weapon. When the resistance's alternate Black Panther expressed concern at using Carnage, Venom insisted that this was the "nuke" Black Panther had hoped to use against the Poison, prompting Old Man Venom to comment that Venom-616 better be right or they would all be dead. When the alternate Carnage emerged from the portal, he immediately attacked Venom, prompting Old Man Venom and the resistance's Black Panther to attack the alternate Carnage in return. Carnage, thrilled to see so many counterparts of Venom, hit Old Man Venom and Black Panther with symbiotic tendrils before attempting to retreat upon hearing that Venom was pulling his punches. Logan pursued and Carnage soon attacked some of the other members of the resistance before a group of Poisons that had assimilated heroes arrived to take down the resistance. After the Poisons consumed and assimilated the resistance's Host Rider and Carnage subsequently killed the Poison Host Rider, prompting the Poisons to retreat, Logan asked the other resistance members to sound off so he could determine which of their members were still alive. Once the resistance realized that the Poisons had captured their alternate Doctor Strange, they went into hiding.

(Venomverse I#4) - From a rooftop, Old Man Venom and other members of the resistance cornered Poisons in the form of Gwenpool and Sabretooth, and Logan remarked that it was about time for them to make their move, as he had been aching for a good fight. Leaping from the rooftop, Old Man Venom was easily hurled behind the Poison Sabretooth, who focused his attack on the resistance's alternate Wolverine/X-23. While Sabretooth dealt with Wolverine, Old Man Venom stabbed him from behind with his claws before teaming with Wolverine/X-23 against the Poison Sabretooth while other members of the resistance battled the Poison Gwenpool. Eventually, the resistance's alternate Carnage engaged the Poison Sabretooth while Venom Rocket fired on the Poison and Logan again stabbed the Poison from behind, leaving the Poison Sabretooth prone to decapitation from Carnage. Following the battle, Wolverine/X-23 remarked on how nice it felt to take the fight directly to the Poisons but a winded Old Man Venom suggested she speak for herself. Logan was later present when the resistance interrogated the captured Poison Gwenpool, who was ultimately killed by the Poison Deadpool, who had assimilated the deceased former resistance member Venompool's personality and insanity.

(Venomverse I#5) - After the Poison Deadpool staged a distraction by returning to the Poisons' lair with the seemingly captured resistance member Carnage, Old Man Venom joined the other members of the resistance in infiltrating the Poisons' lair. Once inside, Venom-616 ordered Logan and Earth-18119's Spinneret to stay close to Venom Rocket and Ant-Venom, protecting them as they accomplished their part of the mission. As Venom Rocket installed a bomb onto the Poisons' ship, Old Man Venom remarked that they were sitting ducks before he took several arrows to the chest, fired by a Poison Hawkeye. As he lay on the ground recovering, Logan remarked that the resistance had company as Spinneret assured Logan that she would hold off the three Poisons that had arrived. He subsequently recovered and aided Spinneret against the Poisons Hawkeye, Spiral and Kraven, stabbing the Poison Kraven as Ant-Venom was killed to prevent his consumption by a Poison. When the resistance's Doctor Strange was freed and Venom-616 suggested he send the resistance members home before Venom Rocket detonated the bomb he had installed, Old Man Venom suggested Strange decide what to do before he missed his chance. Venom Rocket then activated the bomb's countdown and Logan held off more Poisons, buying Doctor Strange time to send Venom, Mania, Spinneret, Black Panther, Wolverine/X-23 and Venom Rocket back to their home realities. Old Man Venom and Doctor Strange, along the resistance's Carnage and the Poison Deadpool, were then destroyed alongside most of the assembled Poisons when Venom Rocket's bomb went off.

Comments: Created by Ryan Key and Andre Lima Araujo.

Old Man Venom was only called Logan in his initial appearance in Edge of Venomverse I#4 and was not identified by any name at all in his appearances in Venomverse: War Stories#1 & Venomverse I#1. It was not until Venomverse I#2 where Venompool refers to him by the name "Old Man Venom."

It was unclear if this reality's Old Man Venom was actually James Howlett, as he only ever went by Logan, but it seems likely that James Howlett would be his real name, much like his Earth-616 counterpart, who also went by Logan.

Profile by Proto-Man.

Earth-17673's Old Man Venom has no known connections to:

images: (without ads)
Venomverse I#5, p6, pan2 (Old Man Venom, main image)
Edge of Venomverse I#4, p3, pan4 (headshot)
Edge of Venomverse I#4, front cover (slashing)
Venomverse I#1, front cover (leaping)
Venomverse I#2, p4, pan2 (charging forward)
Venomverse I#4, p3, pan1 (leaping from a rooftop)

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Venomverse I#4 (November, 2017) - Cullen Bunn (writer), Iban Coello (art), Devin Lewis (editor)
Venomverse I#5 (December, 2017) - Cullen Bunn (writer), Iban Coello (art), Devin Lewis (editor)

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