Real Name: Rocket

Identity/Class: Alternate reality (Reality-18197) extraterrestrial (Halfworld) anthropomorphic animal

Occupation: Adventurer;
    former bounty hunter

Group Membership: The Resistance (Agent Venom of Earth-16348, Ant-Venom/Scott Lang of Earth-12240, Black Panther/T'Challa of Earth-21673, Captain Venom/Steve Rogers of Earth-17084, Carnage/Cletus Kasady of Earth-32231, Deadpool/Wade Wilson of Earth-41715, Doctor Strange of Earth-22249, Groot, Host Rider/Robbie Reyes of Earth-53912, Mania/Andrea Benton of Earth-616, Old Man Venom/Logan of Earth-17673, Spider-Man/Peter of Earth-28242, Spinneret/Mary Jane Watson-Parker of Earth-18119, Venom/Eddie Brock of Earth-616, Wolverine/X-23 of Earth-24398);
    formerly the Guardians (Gamora, Groot, Quill) (see comments)

Affiliations: The Guardians, the Resistance

Enemies: Captain America (Carol Danvers), the Poisons of Reality-17952 (Poison Bullseye, Poison Captain Venom, Poison Green Goblin, Poison Groot, Poison Gwenpool, Poison Hawkeye, Poison Hulk, Poison Iron Fist, Poison Kraven, Poison Rhino, Poison Sabretooth, Poison Silver Samurai, Poison Spiral, others)

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: "Rodent"

Base of Operations: Mobile throughout Earth-22249;
    formerly Our Lady of Saints Church, New York City, New York, Earth-22249; mobile throughout space in Reality-18197

First Appearance: Venomverse I#1 (November, 2017)

Powers/Abilities: Like his Reality-616 counterpart, Rocket Raccoon, Venom Rocket is extremely agile and possesses razor-sharp teeth. He is also a capable tactician and fighter, especially in the use of firearms and explosives.

Rocket is an experienced inventor, able to create explosives from just about anything, as well as a skilled hacker, especially in regards to alien computer systems.

Venom Rocket is also bonded to an extraterrestrial symbiote that provides seemingly infinite storage space, which Rocket uses to hide all sorts of large artillery, weapons, jet packs and explosives, and the symbiote allows Rocket to project symbiote "webbing" to grasp objects or swing on should he need to be airborne.

Height: Unrevealed (approximately 4'0")
Weight: Unrevealed (approximately 55 lbs.)
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown with white and black streaks

(Venomverse I#2 (fb) - BTS) - At some point in the past, Rocket was a member of the Guardians (see comments).

(Venomverse I#3 (fb) - BTS) - During his time, Rocket traveled to many worlds and fought in many hopeless wars.

(Venomverse I#1 (fb) - BTS) - Rocket was bonded to an alien symbiote.

(Venomverse: War Stories#1/4 (fb) - BTS) - The newly-dubbed Venom Rocket became a solo bounty hunter, using his symbiote to boost his ability to hunt down bounties.

(Venomverse I#5 (fb) - BTS) - At some point, Rocket owed money to some intergalactic ruffians.

(Venomverse: War Stories#1 - BTS) - After losing much of their Resistance against the extraterrestrial Reality-17952 Poisons, Earth-17084's Captain Venom returned to Earth-22249's Dr. Strange to report the mission failure and Dr. Strange looked across the Multiverse for new recruits, witnessing Earth-18197's bounty hunting Venom Rocket among others.

(Venomverse: War Stories#1/4 (fb) - BTS) - Upon learning of a large bounty on the Earth heroine Captain America by the Kree, Venom Rocket sought to claim the bounty on Captain America, dead or alive.

(Venomverse: War Stories#1/4) - Above Avengers Mansion, Venom Rocket consulted his computer system, which identified a target inside the Mansion. Questioning whether the computer was correct, Venom Rocket reminded the computer that, in their last mission, the computer had confused A-Bomb with the Thing. Joking that it seemed as if the computer was trying to kill him, Rocket asked if the computer was waiting for the robot uprising and planning to take Rocket out, to which the computer replied affirmative. Admitting he liked the computer, Rocket leaped from his ship but his grav thruster malfunctioned and he crashed through the kitchen window of Carol Danvers. Commenting that he had trouble telling humans apart without flashy costumes, Rocket asked if Carol was Captain America and when she replied yes, Rocket unleashed a massive arsenal weapons and announced that the Kree bounty on Carol's head was the largest he had ever seen.

    Captain America quickly summoned her shield to deflect Rocket's gunfire and Rocket rushed in to attack physically, lamenting on how one would think his symbiote would power up his guns. Captain America managed to punch Rocket back but he fired a bomb and, taking advantage of the distraction, Rocket tackled Captain America. Gloating about how humans didn't have razor-sharp teeth for versatility, Rocket was surprised when Captain America emerged from the bomb rubble. Remarking that perhaps he should get himself a Kree upgrade as well, Rocket refused to take the fight outside but Captain America punched Rocket through the wall. Captain America then gave Rocket thirty seconds to turn around and go home but Rocket responded by again unleashing nearly every weapon in his arsenal and readying them to fire. Before he could do so, however, Venom Rocket was pulled into a mystic portal, promising not to kill Captain America if she'd help him.

(Venomverse I#1 (fb) - BTS) - Venom Rocket was transported to Earth-22249 to join the Resistance against the extraterrestrial Reality-17952 Poisons.

(Venomverse I#4 (fb) - BTS) - After reuniting with some of his former, similarly symbiote-empowered, Guardians teammates (see comments), Venom Rocket was emotionally hardened as both Gamora and Quill fell to the Poisons. When a Poison transformed Groot's corpse into the Poison Groot, Venom Rocket was forced to kill the Poison Groot, leaving Rocket obsessed with avenging his fallen teammates.

(Venomverse I#2 (fb) - BTS) - Rocket considered himself the last Guardian (see comments).

(Venomverse I#1) - When Earth-616's Venom (Eddie Brock) was transported to Earth-22249 to assist the Resistance, Earth-17084's Captain Venom led him back to the Resistance, where Venom Rocket was tinkering with a bomb as a few of the Resistance recognized Brock. As a few of the Resistance argued against bringing Brock into the fold, Venom Rocket grumbled that just because Brock seemingly brought out the worst in his symbiote, it didn't mean Brock couldn't still be useful for something like a suicide run. Moments after completing his bomb, however, Venom Rocket and the rest of the Resistance were attacked by the Poison Hulk, who had followed Brock and Captain Venom back to the Resistance headquarters. Most of the Resistance fled into a nearby tunnel and Earth-616's Mania ordered Rocket to seal the tunnel, prompting Venom Rocket to complain that he had just finished his bomb. As the Poison Hulk grabbed Captain Venom, Rocket reluctantly hurled his bomb at the Poison Hulk, apologizing as the bomb exploded.

(Venomverse I#2) - After backtracking to rescue Venom-616 following the explosion of Venom Rocket's bomb, a small few of the Resistance regrouped with Venom Rocket and the remaining Resistance members. Spinneret then informed Rocket and the others that their teammate, Spider-Man of Earth-28242, had been consumed by a Poison, much to the disappointment of Rocket. Suspecting that Captain Venom was also captured by the Poison Hulk and lost, the Resistance decided to find a different headquarters in case Captain Venom led the Poisons there and Rocket began gathering up his weapons as Old Man Venom ordered them all to be ready to leave within five minutes. Rocket then began telling everyone to take only what was needed, firearms and explosives over food and meds, while Earth-22249's Dr. Strange explained more of what the Poisons were to Earth-616's Venom. A short time later, as the Resistance were traveling to the next headquarters, Rocket agreed with Venom-616 that the Resistance should take the fight directly to the Poisons instead of running from them, commenting on his plans to destroy the Poisons with a large bomb he had devised. Venom Rocket then grimly remarked on how he was now the last of the Guardians after the Poisons took his teammates and he was going to get some payback.

    Once the Resistance arrived at their new headquarters, Our Lady of Saints Church, Mania-616 suggested that the only way they could stop the Poisons was with some sort of doomsday weapon, at which point Rocket chimed in, asking what Mania thought he was working on. He then remarked that if the Resistance would stop forcing him to use his bombs to save them, his larger bomb would have a much larger payload.

(Venomverse I#3) - Venom Rocket walked and talked with Spinneret, explaining that he had worked out all of the bugs on his biggest bomb and how Ant-Venom was finishing up the wiring at ant size. Spinneret questioned whether yet another bomb was necessary to destroy the Poisons and Rocket replied that when one had fought as many hopeless wars as he had, explosives were always necessary. Ant-Venom soon emerged from the bomb and remarked on how he thought he had spliced the correct wires together, as no one had died a fiery death. Rocket replied that it wasn't so much fire they had to worry about, as his bomb was set to emit enough concussive force that it would've vaporized their flesh and blood long before the bomb's fire would have touched them. Moments after Dr. Strange-22249 had summoned Earth-32231's Carnage into the Resistance, a squad of Poisons led by the Poison Captain Venom busted through the Church wall and Rocket lamented that he had hoped he wouldn't have lived long enough to see the Poisons utilizing his former teammate in such a way. During the battle, Earth-53912's Host Rider suggested they get out of there while Carnage had the Poisons distracted and Rocket agreed, insisting that he wasn't going to waste his new bomb covering their escape. The surviving Poisons were eventually forced to retreat and Rocket regrouped with the remaining Resistance, only to realize that the Poisons had absconded with Dr. Strange-22249.

(Venomverse I#4) - Venom Rocket and the other Resistance members led two Poisons, Poison Gwenpool and Poison Sabretooth, into a landmine trap set up by Rocket. When Rocket gloated that the Poisons had not seen the trap coming, the Poison Gwenpool fired at Rocket, who mumbled about the Poisons taking everyone away from him and how he'd been forced to kill a Poison Groot, and Rocket fired back, exclaiming that the gunfire was for the Guardians. While Rocket kept the Poisons focused on him, Old Man Venom and Wolverine/X-23 leaped into battle against the two Poisons. When the Poison Sabretooth gloated that they would soon be able to summon all the symbiotes they needed, Venom Rocket yelled for the Poison Sabretooth to shut up and hailed the Poison with gunfire, giving Old Man Venom and opening to kill the Poison Sabretooth. The Resistance then took the Poison Gwenpool captive and during her subsequent interrogation, Rocket asked the Poison Gwenpool why the Poisons only seemed to be hunting those empowered by the Venom symbiotes instead of others like Carnage. The Poison Gwenpool explained that the Poisons merely went after the symbiotes that were brought to them and they simply didn't yet understand the Carnage symbiote.

(Venomverse I#5) - After the Poison Deadpool, still retaining some semblance of Earth-41715's Deadpool's personality, betrayed the other Poisons to aid the Resistance in an attack on the Poisons, Venom Rocket and Ant-Venom snuck into the Poisons' headquarters in a nearby ship (where Rocket secretly set up the bomb he'd been saving) while Poison Deadpool and Earth-32231's Carnage kept the Poisons busy. Rocket quickly noticed a lot of non-transformed Poisons but Ant-Venom covered the Poisons in ants, an act that Rocket found awesome, allowing Earth-616's Venom and Mania to enter the ship from below using an underground shaft. Once the rest of the remaining Resistance were inside, Venom-616 ordered Spinneret and Old Man Venom to stay there with Venom Rocket and Ant-Venom while he, Earth-21673's Black Panther and Mania rescued Dr. Strange-22249 before Rocket brought the whole place down by setting the ship to self-destruct. Venom then asked Rocket if he got all of the mission and Rocket replied that the entire headquarters was a ship with engines, reactors and fuel, which made for a fun recipe in Rocket's opinion. Mania warned that it wouldn't take long for the Poisons to realize something was wrong but Rocket assured her that Poison Deadpool and Carnage weren't the only distractions they had planned as he began to hack into the ship's systems.

    Ant-Venom soon commented on how the ship's systems made no sense and were all alien but Rocket, still hacking, sarcastically asked Ant-Venom to look who he was talking to before proclaiming the work to be "cake." Spinneret and Old Man Venom suggested Rocket hurry up as a trio of Poisons entered the room. With the Poisons right on top of them, Ant-Venom attempted to hurry Rocket but Rocket instead activated the bomb he had secretly hid on the way inside the ship, destroying several Poisons and causing a new distraction. Unfortunately, Ant-Venom was soon led away by a Poison posing as his daughter Cassie and despite Rocket's insistence that Ant-Venom should know better than to fall for a Poison's trap, Ant-Venom leaped off Rocket's shoulder and right into the arms of the Poison. Despite wanting to save Ant-Venom, Rocket continued working, knowing that he didn't have the time to stop to save Ant-Venom, and when the Poison began devouring Ant-Venom was killed by the returning Wolverine/X-23 of Earth-24398 before the Poison could fully devour him. The other Resistance arrived to regroup with Rocket and Rocket soon finished rewiring the ship to self-destruct, effectively turning it into one giant bomb. Venom-616 suggested Rocket set off the bomb while Dr. Strange-22249 transported everyone back to their home realities but Strange admitted he was not strong enough to send everyone home.

    Knowing the mission was likely to be a suicide run, Rocket proceeded to activate the bomb with a ten second countdown and Old Man Venom ordered everyone to get out of the ship while he held off the Poisons. Dr. Strange-22249 then began using what little power he had left to transport the Resistance members and he succeeded in transporting Spinneret, Black Panther, Rocket, Venom and Mania back to their realities, leaving Carnage, the Poison Deadpool, Old Man Venom and likely himself to die in the exploding ship. Appearing moments later inside a space bar, a surprised Rocket was confronted by n'er-do-wells who asked if Rocket had the money he owed them.

Comments: Created by Cullen Bunn and Iban Coello.

    In Venomverse I#2, Rocket mentions that the Poisons had taken all of the Guardians and that he was the last one. However, that doesn't exactly make a lot of sense, given what we know about Venom Rocket's history. When we see Rocket get transported away to join the Resistance, he is a lone bounty hunter yet he also mentions in Venomverse I#4 that the Poisons had taken everything away from him including Quill, Gamora and Groot, suggesting that these Guardians were similarly symbiote-empowered, had joined the Resistance and were devoured by the Poisons. So either Rocket was alone before joining the Resistance because his Guardians had already encountered the Poisons way before he joined the Resistance or the other symbiote-powered Guardians were transported away to join the Resistance before Rocket, leaving Rocket to become a lone bounty hunter until he himself was transported away to reunite with his former Guardians teammates, now in the Resistance. Rocket seemed a bit more jokey before being transported away to join the Resistance, so I'm betting more on him reuniting with the other Guardians after he joined the Resistance, as one would think if he had already encountered the Poisons prior to joining the Resistance, he would've been more hard-edged after that and before being transported away to join the Resistance. Since we are never told clearly about Rocket's association with the Guardians, for the purposes of this profile, I am choosing to go with:  he had been a Guardians member, they were all transported away leaving him to become a lone bounty hunter, he was eventually transported away as well & reunited with them in the Resistance and then they were killed, leaving him harder-edged and plotting a way to avenge his former teammates. Perhaps when the other Guardians were transported away, Rocket had found a way to avoid being transported, as he fought tooth and nail to keep from being transported away in Venomverse: War Stories#1 and even begged Captain America for help, suggesting he knew something bad was happening...

    Venom Rocket only ever referred to his previous team as the "Guardians," never as "Guardians of the Galaxy."

    While never actually stated, it seems likely this Rocket was a Halfworld native just like his Reality-616 counterpart.

Profile by Proto-Man.

Reality-18197's Venom Rocket
should be distinguished from:

Captain America

Carol Danvers was transformed by Kree genetic engineering and she became the heroic Captain America, living out of Avengers Mansion. After she garnered a sizeable bounty on her head by the Kree, Venom Rocket decided to hunt Captain America down to cash in the bounty. Finding Captain America at the Avengers Mansion on Earth, Rocket attacked her but she held her own, eventually knocking Rocket outside to keep her home from being destroyed. Before the fight could be settled, however, Rocket was transported away, begging Captain America to help him in exchange for him letting her live.

Due to Kree genetic engineering, Captain America possessed peak human physical attributes. She also carried a shield in battle that, when touched, could summon her superhero costume.

--Venomverse: War Stories#1/4


The symbiote-empowered Gamora was a teammate of Venom Rocket's in the Guardians but she was eventually transported away to join the Multiversal Resistance against Reality-17952's Poisons. After Venom Rocket was transported away to join the Resistance as well, Gamora reunited with Rocket but was ultimately devoured by one of the Poisons, who assumed her form as the Poison Gamora.

--Venomverse I#4 (fb) - BTS


The symbiote-empowered Groot served with the equally empowered Venom Rocket in the Guardians team. At some point, Groot was transported away and recruited into the Multiversal Resistance against the Reality-17952 alien Poisons. Rocket was subsequently transported away to join the Resistance as well and he reunited with Groot and his former Guardians teammates. Unfortunately, Groot was eventually felled by the Poisons, one of whom devoured Groot to transform itself into the Poison Groot, which Rocket was subsequently forced to kill.

--Venomverse I#4 (fb) - BTS

The Guardians

The Guardians were a symbiote-empowered team that counted amongst its members Venom Rocket, Groot, Gamora and Quill. After most of the Guardians were transported away to join the Multiversal Resistance against the Reality-17952 Poisons, Venom Rocket became a lone bounty hunter until he, too, was transported away to join the Resistance, where he reunited with his former teammates. Unfortunately, Groot, Gamora and Quill were all eventually devoured by the Poisons and the Poisons assumed their forms, leaving Venom Rocket as the last surviving member.

--Venomverse I#2 (fb) - BTS(#4 (fb) - BTS,


The symbiote-empowered Quill was a teammate of Venom Rocket's in the Guardians but he was eventually transported away to join the Multiversal Resistance against Reality-17952's Poisons. After Venom Rocket was transported away to join the Resistance as well, Quill reunited with Rocket but was ultimately devoured by one of the Poisons, who assumed his form as the Poison Star-Lord.

Note: Despite likely being called Star-Lord (and, in fact, the Poison became "Poison Star-Lord"), this character was only ever referred to as "Quill" by Rocket and is likely the Earth-18179 counterpart to Earth-616's Star-Lord (Peter Quill).

--Venomverse I#4 (fb) - BTS

images: (without ads)
Venomverse#2, Clayton Crain Connecting variant cover (Venom Rocket, flying using rockets, main image)
Venomverse: War Stories#1, p26, pan2 (Venom Rocket, headshot)
Venomverse: War Stories#1, front cover (Venom Rocket, leaping & shooting gun)
Venomverse: War Stories#1, Ron Lim variant cover (Venom Rocket firing all weapons)

Venomverse I#1, front cover (Venom Rocket with symbiote armor)
Venomverse I#1, Skottie Young variant cover (Venom Rocket with giant gun)
Venomverse I#1, p20, pan5 (Venom Rocket with bomb)
Venomverse I#3, p18, pan4 (Venom Rocket, web-swinging from behind)
Venomverse I#4, Mark Bagley variant cover (Venom Rocket leaping with full arsenal)
Venomverse: War Stories#1, p23, pan3 (Captain America)

Venomverse I#1 (November, 2017) - Cullen Bunn (writer), Iban Coello (art), Devin Lewis (editor)
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Venomverse I#2 (November, 2017) - Cullen Bunn (writer), Iban Coello (art), Devin Lewis (editor)
Venomverse I#3 (November, 2017) - Cullen Bunn (writer), Iban Coello (art), Devin Lewis (editor)
Venomverse I#4 (November, 2017) - Cullen Bunn (writer), Iban Coello (art), Devin Lewis (editor)
Venomverse I#5 (December, 2017) - Cullen Bunn (writer), Iban Coello (art), Devin Lewis (editor)

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