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Real Name: Unrevealed, if any (see comments)

Identity/Class: Alternate reality (Reality-17952) extraterrestrial (Poison) mutate

Occupation: Predator

Group Membership: The Hive (Poison Wolverine, other unidentified Poisons possessing the transformed symbiotes of Earth-89134's Angel, Earth-23341's Bullseye, Earth-17084's Captain Venom, Earth-44173's Doctor Doom, Earth-27132's Doctor Octopus, Earth-38833's Electro, Earth-77181's Green Goblin, Earth-81711's Hulk, Earth-25397's Magneto, Earth-73511's Storm, Reality-17952's Thanos, among numerous others)

Affiliations: The Hive

Enemies: The Anti-Poison Resistance (Carnage/Cletus Kasady of Earth-32231, Deadpool/Wade Wilson of Earth-41715, Old Man Venom/Logan of Earth-17673, Spider-Man/Peter of Earth-28242, Spinneret/Mary Jane Watson-Parker of Earth-18119, Venom/Eddie Brock of Earth-616)

Known Relatives: Unrevealed (see comments)

Aliases: "Spider," "Tiger"

Base of Operations: Mobile throughout the Multiverse;
    formerly Reality-17952

First Appearance: Venomverse I#1 (November, 2017)

Powers/Abilities: The Poison Spider-Man has abilities similar to a Spider-totem, including superhuman strength and agility, as well as a danger-warning Spider-Sense. In addition, it can project organic symbiote webbing and tendrils.

It also possesses extremely thick and durable capable of resisting puncture and even gunfire. Due to its harvesting of an alien symbiote once bonded to Earth-28242's Spider-Man, the Poison Spider-Man also possesses residual memories and personality traits of Earth-28242's Spider-Man, including recognition of those closest to Spider-Man and memories of Spider-Man's former thoughts and desires, albeit with none of the emotional connections to those memories. It also has an extremely regenerative healing factor that can repair most any physical injury in seconds.

In its original Poison form, it had the ability to bond with alien Klyntar symbiotes and consume the symbiote's previous host for energy, an act that would transform it into a much more powerful form, complete with any superhuman abilities possessed by the previous host. It also had an inherent psychic defense mechanism that allowed it to affect the minds of potential victims, creating psychic illusions in the minds of its potential victims of someone non-threatening in an effort to get in close to its victims. These abilities disappeared upon this Poison's transformation into Poison Spider-Man.

Height: Unrevealed (approximately 5'10")
Weight: Unrevealed (approximately 167 lbs.)
Eyes: Black
Hair: None


(Venomverse I#1) - During a battle between the symbiote-bonded Spider-Man of Earth-28242 and Venom of Earth-616 and a Poison Doctor Octopus, a small alien Poison snuck up on the seriously injured Spider-Man and used its psychic defense mechanism to appear to Spider-Man as his aunt. Beckoning Spider-Man to accompany it by claiming Spider-Man's Uncle Ben was waiting for him at home, the Poison got close enough for the hallucinating Spider-Man to touch it. When Spider-Man touched the Poison, it immediately consumed Spider-Man and harvested its symbiote to transform itself into the superhuman Poison Spider-Man. At first unaware that Spider-Man had been killed, Venom made a remark towards Spider-Man, only to find the Poison Spider-Man standing there. The Poison Spider-Man commented that Spider-Man was gone but it was about to do what Spider-Man never had to guts to do: kill Venom.

(Venomverse I#2) - Leaping to attack Venom, the Poison Spider-Man quipped that it must feel like old times for Venom, fighting a Spider-Man. Punching Venom down the street, the Poison Spider-Man quickly exclaimed that the good old days were gone and that it was not Spider-Man. When several other Poisons began to approach Venom, Venom remarked that the Poison Spider-Man needed his little friends as backup, prompting the Poison Spider-Man to punch through Venom's chest and remark that Venom couldn't beat Spider-Man on his best day. It then slammed Venom into the ground, further asking how Venom planned to beat someone that was more than Spider-Man ever was. Claiming that Spider-Man had always wanted to kill Eddie Brock but never had the guts, the Poison Spider-Man announced that Spider-Man would now get his chance to kill Venom thanks to the Poison Spider-Man. The Poison Spider-Man then picked up Venom and asked the other Poisons who was hungry. Other members of the Anti-Poison Resistance then showed up to assist Venom and the Poison Spider-Man sarcastically asked who was needing friendly assistance now. It then gloated that it made no difference as the Poison Spider-Man began savagely attacking the Resistance members. When it picked up Spinneret, however, the Poison Spider-Man's harvested symbiote recognized Spinneret as Mary Jane Watson and momentarily hesitated, leaving it open for an attack by Venom. When the Resistance's Old Man Venom of Earth-17673 followed suit by slashing and injuring the Poison Spider-Man, the Poison Spider-Man claimed the Resistance members were unworthy of their symbiotes and projected webbing to ensnare Old Man Venom's neck. The Poison Spider-Man then claimed the Poisons only wished to make the symbiotes stronger as it flipped Old Man Venom around and slammed him into the ground, unaware that the Resistance's Deadpool of Earth-41715 had noticed the Poison Spider-Man's momentary hesitation. Spinneret then attempted to web up the Poison Spider-Man, apologizing for not being able to save Earth-28242's Spider-Man, but the Poison Spider-Man remarked that it didn't need saving and hurled Spinneret aside. Deadpool then fired on the Poison Spider-Man, who admitted the fight had lost its appeal without other Poisons nearby to convert the Resistance member. It then swung off on a webline, promising to catch Venom later.

(Monsters Unleashed III#8 (fb) - BTS) - The Poison Fin Fang Foom telepathically reached out to Earth-616's Kid Kaiju and influenced him to create drawings of not only itself but also the Poison Spider-Man and Hulk in an attempt to take advantage of Kid Kaiju's monster-summoning drawings to bring the Poisons to Earth-616.

(Monsters Unleashed III#6 - BTS) - The unaware Kid Kaiju found the drawings of the Poison Spider-Man and other Poisons in his sketchbook without any recollection of ever drawing them. Unsure of who to turn to out of fear he might get locked up, Kid Kaiju confided in Elsa Bloodstone and showed her his drawings of the Poison Spider-Man, a Poison Hulk and a Poison Fin Fang Foom. When Elsa expressed concern for Kid Kaiju possibly creating new monsters without his own knowledge, Kid Kaiju admitted his suspicions that the Poisons were real creatures from another universe and that they might somehow know he was drawing them and communicating with him in an attempt to open a doorway between their reality and his own.

(Venomverse I#4) - After the Resistance's Deadpool was consumed and his symbiote harvested to become the Poison Deadpool, the deceased Deadpool's personality traits lingered and the Poison Deadpool ultimately returned to the Resistance to aid them, admitting that Deadpool had noticed how some of Spider-Man-28242's personality traits and memories had lingered within the Poison Spider-Man. The Poison Deadpool then agreed to help the Resistance raid the headquarters of the Poisons in an effort to rescue the captured Doctor Strange and when the Poison Deadpool returned to the Poisons, the Poison Captain Venom asked the Poison Spider-Man about the reports of the Poison Deadpool's return. The Poison Spider-Man confirmed the reports, stating that the Poison Deadpool had appeared outside the Poisons' perimeter minutes earlier. The Poison Captain Venom responded by asking if the Poison Spider-Man's heightened senses picked up anything out of the ordinary and the Poison Spider-Man commented that it sensed danger, further remarking that danger was to be expected. The Poison Spider-Man then accompanied the Poison Captain Venom and a small group of non-transformed Poisons to meet up with the Poison Deadpool, who seemingly had captured the Resistance's ally, Earth-32231's Carnage.

(Venomverse I#5) - When the Resistance mounted a rescue mission for Doctor Strange using Carnage-32231 and the Poison Deadpool as a distraction, the Poison Spider-Man confronted the Resistance, commenting that Venom shouldn't leave without saying goodbye, especially since they had yet to have their rematch. Venom quickly ordered the other Resistance members to depart and regroup with Venom Rocket while he dealt with the Poison Spider-Man. The two then fought a savage but brief battle that ended with Venom smashing the face of the Poison Spider-Man and escaping to regroup with the Resistance.

(Monsters Unleashed III#7 (fb) - BTS) - Surviving its encounter with Venom and the destruction of the Poisons' ship, the Poison Spider-Man regrouped with the Poison Hive.

(Monsters Unleashed III#7 - BTS) - After inadvertently summoning a Poison Fin Fang Foom to Earth-616, Kid Kaiju attempted to teleport the creature away but when he thought of someplace terrible to send the Poison Fin Fang Foom, he experienced a vision of the Poison Thanos and his army of Poisons including the Poison Spider-Man.

(Monsters Unleashed III#8 - BTS) - When Kid Kaiju summoned Reality-616's Fin Fang Foom to battle the Poison Fin Fang Foom, Elsa Bloodstone suggested Kid Kaiju summon Fin Fang Foom-616 a sword to assist in the battle but Kid Kaiju thought about the Poison Spider-Man and the other Poisons and became unsure if he would be able to summon forth a weapon. The Poison Fin Fang Foom eventually gained the upper hand and when the Poison Fin Fang Foom attempted to goad Kid Kaiju into summoning more Poisons via drawing, Kid Kaiju again thought about the Poison Spider-Man and the other Poisons as he started to draw. Reality-616's Fin Fang Foom soon deduced the Poison Fin Fang Foom's plan to use Kid Kaiju's drawings of Poisons such as the Poison Spider-Man as a weapon to bring the Poisons to Earth-616 and revealed the plot to Kid Kaiju himself, who instead drew his monster allies being healed and turned the tide against the Poison Fin Fang Foom. Later, thinking of the Poison Spider-Man and other Poisons that may someday attempt another invasion, Elsa Bloodstone decided to start training Kid Kaiju for his own survival.

Comments: Created by Cullen Bunn and Iban Coello.

Poisons consume beings that bonded to symbiotes. The Poisons themselves are from Reality-17952 but each of them devoured an alternate reality superhuman that had been bonded to a symbiote in order to transform into the form they currently use. In this case, a Reality-17952 Poison devoured the Earth-28242 Spider-Man then transformed into a body resembling a merger of the two.

Poisons are not identified by name due to their hive mind and, as such, one could argue that they were all related to one another in the Hive despite them not being biologically related.

Profile by Proto-Man.

Reality-17952's Poison Spider-Man
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Venomverse I#2, p9, pan3 (standing at the ready, main image)
Venomverse I#2, p8, pan2 (headshot)
Venomverse I#1, Clayton Crain Homage variant cover (vs. Venom)
Venomverse I#1, p29, pan2 (prior to transformation, posing as Spider-Man's aunt)
Venomverse I#2, front cover (Poison Spider-Man battling Venom)
Venomverse I#2, Poison variant cover (Poison Spider-Man, waist up shot)
Venomverse I#4, p19, pan4 (Poison Spider-Man's Spider-Sense)

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