(of Earth-12025)

Real Name: James Howlett

Identity/Class: Extradimensional (Earth-12025) human mutant

Occupation: Adventurer;
former viceroy, governor general

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Armor (Earth-12245), Dark Beast (Hank McCoy of Earth-295), Dreaming Celestial (Earth-616), Emmeline Summers-Frost, Hercules (Earth-12025), Hercules (Earth-20329), Johnny Ito (Earth-616), Johnny Ito (Earth-20329), Magnus (Earth-20329), Nightcrawler (Kurt Wagner of Earth-295), Shadow, Kurt Waggonner, X-Force (Cyclops of Earth-70213, Dazzler of Earth-13027, Hercules), X-Men (of Earth-616) (Cyclops/Scott Summers, Danger, Dazzler/Alison Blaire, Gambit/Remy LeBeau, Iceman/Bobby Drake, Madison Jeffries, Karma/Xi'an Coy Manh, Northstar/Jean-Paul Beaubier, Wolverine/James Howlett), X-Terminated (of Earth-295) (Deadeye, Fiend, Goodnight, Jean Grey, Horror Show, Red Prophet, Sabretooth/Victor Creed)

Enemies: Acanti/Xavier (Earth-13371), Brood (Earth-13371), Cyclops (Earth-51212), Colossus (Earth-51212), Danger (Earth-51212), Draka (Earth-92323), Exterminators, Namor (Earth-92323), Sanctifiers (Earth-12245), Sabretooth (Earth-51212), Savior (Earth-12245), Sawtooth (Earth-92323), Storm (Earth-92323), Thor (Earth-92323), Waran (Earth-92323), Xavier (Earth-20329), Xavier (Earth-51212), Xavier (Earth-92323), Zeus

Known Relatives: Unidentified father and mother

Aliases: Wolverine

Base of Operations: Earth-12025

First Appearance: Astonishing X-Men III#44 (January, 2012)

Powers/Abilities: James Howlett of Earth-12025 has all of the powers of the Earth-616 Wolverine, including an advanced healing factor that heals all wounds and prolongs his life, sharp bone claws and enhanced senses. Instead of Adamantium, his skeleton is covered in Adamantine, an Olympian metal that allows him to resist telepathic attack and be resistant to magic.

He had access to multi-dimensional transportation for a period of time.

Height: 5'3"
Weight: 300 lbs. (by approximation, factoring in Adamantine skeleton)
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Brown

History: (X-Treme X-Men II#10 (fb)) – On Earth-12025, James Howlett, the Governor General of the Dominion of Canada and Viceroy of her Majesty's Expedition to Shangri-La, and Hercules were known as the world's greatest heroes. After the two teamed up to face a giant demon that had threatened Canada, they revealed their love for each other. Zeus didn't approve of the relationship and cast them both to Tartarus, where they fought against damned souls for three years before escaping.

(Astonishing X-Men III#45 (fb) – BTS) – Howlett was captured by Earth-12245's Savior and imprisoned on Earth-12245, blades kept in his back to torture him. Fellow prisoners included Emmeline Summers-Frost, Shadow (Kitty Pryde) and a child, Kurt Waggonner.

(Astonishing X-Men III#44) – Howlett was held in stasis aboard the ship while Cyclops of Earth-616 was added to the collection.

(Astonishing X-Men III#45) – Cyclops-616 realized that each alternate reality mutant was being kept in a cell that countered their powers, treating them like mutant batteries. Cyclops broke the team free but the armed Sanctifiers rushed in. Howlett pulled the blades from his skin and killed the guards. When Cyclops fired on him to stop him, Howlett extended his Adamantine claws and disrupted the optic blast. After Howlett got his favorite hat back, the team was confronted by the Savior, revealed as Earth-12245's Xavier surrounded by severed/preserved heads of other Xaviers.

(Astonishing X-Men III#46) – The Savior told his story of draining mutants of their lives from multiple realities in order to keep his own planet alive. Howlett, resistant to mind control due to the Adamantine around his skull, joined his allies, all of whom wore Magneto helmets to block the telepathy. Cyclops and Howlett went hunting for guards together and Howlett confessed that in his reality, Cyclops was an argumentative teenager. Finding respect for each other, Cyclops and Howlett stormed the stronghold of the Savior, who was being protected by an alternate reality Storm.

(Astonishing X-Men III#47) – Savior unleashed Armor against Cyclops and his allies. After Shadow was lost, Howlett saw Storm switch sides and learned that the planet was breaking apart without the mutant energy to sustain it. Cyclops acted as if he would save the planet but he destroyed the equipment instead, telling the Savior to do what it took to save the planet. Things escalated until the Savior was destroyed. When Cyclops tried sacrificing himself to save the planet, Howlett punched him into a portal that would send him back to his home reality.

(X-Treme X-Men II#1 (fb) – BTS) – Kurt Waggonner interfaced with the power of the Xaviers to teleport the entire population of the dying Earth to another planet. Howlett, Emmeline and the others surveyed the situation. A massively powerful tentacle creature soon attacked and one of the Xavier heads worked with Howlett, Emmeline and Waggonner to stop it.

(X-Treme X-Men II#1) – On Earth-616, Cyclops had his team open a portal back to Earth-12245, wanting to send Dazzler in to keep the planet alive, but Howlett burst through with a mass of tentacles behind him, telling the heroes to close the portal or their Earth would be overrun. Emmeline, Waggonner and a severed Xavier head followed him and they saw Dazzler-616 protect her team (Cyclops, Danger, Madison Jeffries) by blasting the tentacles back. Another portal soon opened, and Dazzler passed through with Howlett, Emmeline, Waggonner and the head, and there Howlett killed the tentacle monster, who turned out to be an alternate reality Xavier, on Earth-92323. The Xavier head theorized that by saving their own world, they had awakened something deadly in the universe. With the power to open small extra-dimensional portals, the head explained that he needed the team to seek out and kill ten separate Xaviers across various timelines. He sent them to another world, Earth-20329, where Howlett helped disarm Roman warriors, then they were attacked by mutant gods including Waran the Herald (alternate Angel), Thor, Sawtooth, Lord of the Wild (alternate Sabretooth), Storm the Skybreaker and All-Mother, Namor, God of the Sea, and Draka, King of Ice (alternate Iceman).

(X-Treme X-Men II#2) – When the gods on Earth-20329 demanded that the mutants kneel before them and Howlett encouraged them to do so, Dazzler chose to fight back. Howlett intercepted a blast of lightning from Storm to save Dazzler but Emmeline telepathically sedated her to end the fight. Howlett and his allies were then taken to the god city, where Emmeline negotiated with Storm for their release. They realized that humans were enslaved and kept in poverty and a fight soon broke out. Howlett and his allies escaped with the Xavier and Magnus of that world.

(X-Treme X-Men II#3) – Sending the gods on a goose chase with his mental powers, Xavier guided the wayward mutants to Utopia, a refugee for rebels that was hidden from the gods. There, they met that world's Reed Richards and Howlett was briefly disoriented when he saw Hercules there. Dazzler suspected the truth of his relationship with his world's Hercules. Dazzler fixated on the slave Johnny Ito and the team argued about tactics. Dazzler inspired the group with a song that touched Howlett. In battle with the gods, Howlett was ready to kill the Xavier head, believing it evil, but he soon realized that Xavier-20329 was mentally manipulating him as well as the gods. Dazzler defeated Xavier without killing him and Emmeline joined the pantheon of gods as Howlett, the Xavier head, Dazzler and Waggonner moved to another reality.

(X-Treme X-Men II#4) – On Earth-51212, in an old west town, they saw young Jamie Howlett and his mother being accosted by Sabretooth and Toad, and Howlett rushed in to aid him, signaling to the others that he would let himself get captured to flush out the evil Xavier. After being knocked out by Colossus, Howlett was imprisoned next to Jamie's father, an alternate version of Howlett's own dad, a man who was badly wounded from torture and long imprisonment. Xavier entered the cell with Colossus and Danger, determined to remove Howlett's Adamantine.

(X-Treme X-Men II#5) – Xavier mind-controlled Howlett, removing the parts of his psyche that stopped him from killing, then sent him to kill his teammates alongside that reality's Colossus, Cyclops, Danger and Sabretooth. Soon, Xavier tried forcing Howlett to kill the father of Jamie Howlett but Dazzler hit Howlett with a blast, restoring his control. Howlett took a stab from Jamie meant for Xavier then he beheaded Xavier himself. They bid farewell to Jamie and his family but as they were leaving the dimension, Waggonner got separated from them.

(X-Treme X-Men II#6) – On another alternate Earth, Howlett, Dazzler and the Xavier head found themselves stranded in the Savage Land and Howlett killed a dinosaur while they put together a plan to find the missing Waggonner. Xavier sent Dazzler and Howlett to Kurt's world while staying behind himself. On Earth-24135, they evaded Sentinels and Dazzler guessed that Howlett was romantically connected to the Hercules of his world, prompting Howlett to confess that loving another man was against the law in his reality. Howlett used his senses to track Waggonner to a zoo and he and Dazzler attacked robots to break in.

(X-Treme X-Men II#7) – Dazzler and Howlett worked together to free Waggonner from the robot keepers but he teleported away, thinking he needed to save his parents. A former ally of Dazzler's, Sage from Earth-616, joined them and they boarded her ship. Sage explained that the robots on this world were sentient and innocent with S.W.O.R.D. governing over them. Reunited with Waggonner, they took him to his parents' graves, and he realized he'd been seeing their holograms. After they settled affairs, Sage departed with the team and Waggonner tried dropping a bomb on the city for revenge but it did no good. Howlett held Waggonner as he cried.

(X-Treme X-Men II#7.1) – Aboard Sage's ship, Howlett and the others tasked Sage with finding the Xavier heads across the multiverse and she lead them to the nearest one she could find. As they were attacked by Brood on Earth-13371, they realized Xavier was possessing the Acanti whale ship the Brood had piloted there. They followed the Brood to Earth-616, where they saved Cyclops from attack then worked to save civilians including Johnny Ito. Howlett began hacking at the Acanti Xavier until they freed the captive Xavier inside, who then died.

(X-Treme X-Men II#8) – On Earth-616, Howlett saw Sage reach out to the other Xavier heads across the multiverse and the Xavier head cut off communication. The team voted to go after him so Sage implemented interdimensional travel and they went to Earth-81304, where unicorns fled from them, and found that one of them was named Charles Xavier. A group of interdimensional warriors called X-Force attacked, containing an alternate Dazzler (13027) and Cyclops, and Hercules from Earth-12025. Howlett was initially punched by Hercules before they recognized each other then they embraced. The unicorn Xavier shifted to a massive demon and X-Force swiftly killed it, which destabilized the world, and the mutants saw the two Dazzlers fight for leadership with the rogue Dazzler nearly killing Dazzler-616.

(X-Treme X-Men II#9) – On Earth-13059, as Dazzler healed, surrounded by Crawlers, many Beasts attacked and Howlett killed as many as he could alongside Hercules and X-Force to protect his friends. The team went hunting for Witch-King Xavier as Howlett and Hercules flirted, posing as soldiers to infiltrate the Witch-King's territory. The others attacked and the other Dazzler sacrificed herself to kill the Witch-King.

(X-Treme X-Men II#10) – The team took a break to go swimming and shared more about their individual origins. On Earth-13410, they found a World War II-era Namor (half-Japanese) battling Nazis, led by that reality's Charles Xavier. Xavier hit Howlett with a blast and tried convincing the heroes that Namor was the real villain. A tidal wave approached, threatening to wipe everyone out.

(X-Treme X-Men II#11) – As the tidal wave hit, the mutants fought Namor and saved several slaves then Dazzler killed Xavier, who was influencing events. Xavier informed the team that they had killed all ten of the Xaviers and he gave the team the night off but as they relaxed, they realized they had only killed nine.

(X-Treme X-Men II#12) – In an Egyptian reality, Howlett and his team posed as slaves working on an Xavier sphinx before they found Witch-King Xavier, Nazi Xavier and the floating head Xavier under their control. They defeated the Xaviers, released the head and realized there was something powerful on the other side of an interdimensional portal, the Exterminators. As the beings attacked, Xavier teleported the team to another reality to try and mend the breach in the portal.

(X-Termination I#1) – Arriving on Earth-295, they discovered a team of X-Men from Earth-616 facing off against a team of X-Terminated from Earth-295 over an altercation with Nightcrawler-295 and Dark Beast-295. Sage warned everyone that they had mere seconds to close the portal but it was too late, as the Exterminators came through, immediately killing the Xavier head to boost their own power.

(Astonishing X-Men III#60) – Howlett and Wolverine both leapt to attack the Exterminators and both were badly burned even as Hercules was wounded. The teams realized the dimensional barriers were weak and energy attacks only made the villains stronger and when one Exterminator escaped through a portal, Hercules, Howlett, Wolverine-616 and Northstar-616 jumped after it.

(Age of Apocalypse I#14) – On Earth-616, Howlett, Hercules, Northstar, and Earth-616's Wolverine saw the Dreaming Celestial awaken, ready to battle the Exterminator. They narrowly stopped the Exterminator from draining life from the Celestial but Hercules sacrificed his life to do so. Waggonner teleported the others to safety, where their numbers had depleted even further. Howlett healed while the battles with the Exterminators continued.

(X-Treme X-Men II#13) – Howlett grieved Hercules' loss as the Dreaming Celestial fell to the Exterimator, making it infinitely more powerful. Realizing that Earth-295 was in danger of destruction and that there were millions more Exterminators out there, the teams gathered and made plans to try and save both worlds, even as Howlett planned to visit Hercules in Hades and rescue him. Waggonner sacrificed his life to aid the team in getting the Apocalypse Seed.

(Astonishing X-Men III#61) – As Howlett grieved Waggonner, Jean Grey-295 fell to the influence of the Apocalypse Seed and turned the power against the hundreds of Exterminators who swarmed in the skies. Sage revealed that they needed to contain and imprison the Exterminators in one reality or the entire multiverse would be threatened.

(X-Termination I#2) – The surviving mutants and allies left behind Earth-295, with Nightcrawler-295 sacrificing himself to cover the escape. Howlett made plans to visit Hades and fight his way to Hercules.

Comments: Created by Greg Pak and Mike McKone.

Alternate reality stories frequently feel overdone to me but these stories embraced the multiverse insanity. I love that there is a gay Wolverine and Hercules relationship out there somewhere in the multiverse. 

Profile by Chadman.

Earth-12025's Howlett has no known connections to:

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Astonishing X-Men III#45, p15, pan5 (with Adamantine claws)
X-Treme X-Men II#9, cover (with Hercules)

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