of World War I

Real Name: ? Kale

Identity/Class: Human possessed by the Spirit of Vengeance (World War I era)

Occupation: Spirit of Vengeance

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: None

Enemies: Verminus Rex

Known Relatives: Noble Kale (ancestor/possessor), Illyana Kale (ancestor, presumed deceased), Magdalena Kale (ancestor, deceased), Pastor Kale (ancestor);
   Craig Blaze, Emma Blaze, Ghost Rider (Johnny Blaze), Ghost Rider (Dan Ketch), Andrew Kale,
Jennifer Kale, Joshua Kale, Naomi Kale, Barbara Ketch (descendents)

Aliases: Spirit of Vengeance (presumed)

Base of Operations: Presumed mobile, including the Western Front during World War I

First Appearance: Ghost Rider III#89 (October, 1997)

Powers/Abilities: Ghost Rider presumably possessed all of the abilities demonstrated by his better-documented incarnations, including superhuman strength and resistance to damage, the ability to create and manipulate Hellfire for a variety of effects, and the so-called "Penance Stare" which inflicts upon its victims all the pain they themselves have caused to others. He also wore a helmet and carried a cavalry saber infused with Hellfire.

   Though not depicted, Ghost Rider can be assumed to have used a horse, earthly or otherwise, as his primary mode of transportation (see comments).

History: (Ghost Rider III#89 (fb) - BTS) - The man who would become the Ghost Rider was possessed by the soul of his ancestor Noble Kale, now acting as the Spirit of Vengeance.

(Ghost Rider III#89 (fb)) - Ghost Rider fought the German rat-creature Verminus Rex on the battlefields of World War I. At some point, their conflict came to an end when Verminus Rex was killed by a landmine.

Comments: Created by Ivan Velez Jr, Javier Saltares, and Andrew Pepoy.

    One more poorly-documented Marvel character of WWI. A single-panel appearance in a flashback to establish Ghost Rider's history with Verminus Rex. The chances seem pretty good that this GR could have encountered Freedom's Five or the original Baron Blood at some point during the war. Whether he was active before or after the war is also unclear. I've assumed Jennifer Kale's grandfather Joshua is a descendent, since a woman of Jennifer's age is likely to have had grandparents who were either born or came of age after the Great War. I've also assumed WWI GR's surname was Kale, considering Naomi's was.

    Though the cavalry sabre might suggest a horse, the WWI setting means a motor-cycle is feasible. In fact, WW I marked the end for the most part of using mounted cavalry in combat, because machine guns made short work of them.

Hey, what happened to Pastor Kale? He was cursed to live as long as his bloodline continued, right? So what's he been up to lately? Besides branding firstborns with the mark of vengeance.

Profile by LV!

Clarifications: The Ghost Rider of WWI is related (literally) to

He has no known connection to

Ghost Rider III#89, p4 (including ads)

Ghost Rider III#89 (October, 1997) - Ivan Velez Jr. (writer), Javier Saltares (pencils), Andrew Pepoy (inks)

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