Type: Divergent Earth

Environment: Earth-like

Usual means of access: Presumably vibrational attunement

Dominant Life Form: Humans, mutants

Significant Inhabitants: Alpha Flight, Apocalypse, Arcade, Banshee, Beast, Black Panther, Blob, Brother Sebastian, Captain America, Colossus, Cyclops, Firestar, Guardian, Hawkeye, Hercules, Hulk, Human Torch, Iron Fist, Iron Man, Joseph, Juggernaut, Justice, Luke Cage, Magneto, Mister Fantastic, Mister Sinister,  Mystique, Namor the Sub-Mariner, Nightcrawler,  Professor X, Kitty Pryde, Pyro, Rogue, Sabretooth, Spider-Man, Spider-Woman (Jessica Drew), Storm, Vindicator, War (AKA Wolverine and "Brother Xavier"), Warbird, the War Watch (Amber, Jonas, Kraal, the Sarge, numerous others), the Wolf Pack (teenage gang), the X-Men, Mariko Yashida

Significant Locations: The Hudson Bay Watch Grounds; Montreal

First Appearance: What If? II#111 (August, 1998)

(What If? II#111 (fb)) - When Genesis re-bonded adamantium to the skeleton of Wolverine, he was taken to Apocalypse. Apocalypse then transformed him into his Horseman of War, in order to cull the weak from the Earth. Apocalypse's plan succeeded all too well and Wolverine, as War, ended up killing Apocalypse himself and then went on a killing spree, killing Juggernaut, Pyro, Arcade, Mister Sinister, Blob, Mystique, Sabretooth, and Magneto. Once he killed the infamous mutant criminals, he moved on to any and all criminals while gaining the attention of Earth's other superheroes. Eventually, every law enforcement agency and costumed vigilante had sworn to take War down for his murderous ways. As law enforcement agencies and governments banded together to stop War, leaving behind their old animosities such as the anti-mutant movement, until the entire world was united in order to drive off War.

 (What If? II#111) - Hundreds of years later, the Earth had become a virtual paradise with the police squad known as the War Watch ever-vigilant of the return of War. One day, the War Watch was called into action against the teenage Wolf Pack gang, with officers Kraal and Amber aiding another officer against the Wolf Pack. In order to save the officer, Kraal knocked away the Wolf Pack with a telekinetic battering ram. When Kraal and Amber returned to the precinct, Amber angrily questioned why Kraal purposely put himself in a situation where he would have to use his mutant powers forcibly. Kraal proceeded to explain the history of War and how he was originally the heroic Wolverine, and how the world owed War for the way it was. Amber suggested that Kraal take a vacation and he decided to visit the Hudson Bay Watch Grounds, where Brother Sebastian hoped to increase the visitors' stamina and reinforce their spiritual commitment to the War Watch. While there, Kraal asked Brother Sebastian who the old monk was that was always meditating around the area. Sebastian informed Kraal that the monk had taken the name "Brother Xavier" when he helped found the retreat.
    Much later, while Kraal was running extra miles during his exercise program, he tripped, fell, and was helped to his feet by Brother Xavier. Kraal then discussed with Brother Xavier why he wanted to leave the War Watch and how he didn't even think that War even existed anymore. Xavier explained that War was real and how he had once been a crazed psycho until he met a man who changed his life for the better. Xavier then told Kraal about how War had came about and how he eventually gained control of himself. Kraal mentioned that it sounded like Brother Xavier had known War, to which Xavier replied that he had known him a long time ago.
    A month later, after Kraal had returned to the War Watch, Amber was begging him to fully explain what had happened at the Hudson Bay Watch Grounds, as Kraal had become more relaxed and pensive. As they spoke to one another, they were confronted by members of the Wolf Pack, who attacked them. Kraal easily knocked the leader out with a telekinetic battering ram while Amber wrestled with another gang member. Two other Wolf Pack members ganged up on Kraal and attempted to beat him with a pipe, but they were stopped by the arrival of Brother Xavier. As Brother Xavier's battle with the Wolf Pack continued, the gang leader managed to get to his feet when he heard a familiar "snikt!" noise. Claiming that War was his lord, the gang leader viciously sliced Xavier's face with an ice pick for "mocking" and "defiling" his lord. Kraal quickly pushed the leader away again and ordered Amber to call an ambulance. The ambulance soon arrived and put Brother Xavier inside.
    Later, when Kraal and Amber visited the hospital, they discovered that Brother Xavier had somehow escaped the ambulance. Amber asked Kraal what was up with the monk and whether he was a teleporter or a healer. Kraal explained that Amber didn't want to know and announced that he had made his decision about his career. Much later, at the Hudson Bay Watch Grounds, "Brother" Kraal introduced himself to the Watch members. After his introduction, Kraal turned to Brother Xavier and asked how he did. Xavier mentioned that Kraal sounded too much like Brother Sebastian, to which Kraal replied that he would improve over time. Xavier announced that everyone does and lowered his hood, revealing himself to be Wolverine.

Comments: Created by Tom DeFalco, Adam DeKraker, and Andrew Pepoy.

This Earth diverged from the events seen in Wolverine I#100 (April, 1996).

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Amber was a young officer of the War Watch and partner to Kraal. When Kraal attacked the Wolf Pack using force, she suggested that he visited one of the Watch retreats for a vacation. When he returned, Amber pestered him for information regarding what had happened at the retreat until the Wolf Pack attacked the duo in the streets. During the battle, Amber found herself using physical force against them and was surprised at her own violent tendacies.

--What If? II#111


Soon after losing his adamantium skeleton, Apocalypse captured Wolverine and transformed him into War. As War, Wolverine turned on Apocalypse and killed him.

--What If? II#111 (fb), (#111d,


Arcade was exactly the same as his Earth-616 counterpart up until Wolverine, as War, killed him.

--What If? II#111 (fb), (#111d,


Blob was the same as his Earth-616 counterpart until Wolverine killed him.

--What If? II#111 (fb), (#111d,


Brother Sebastian was the leader of the Hudson Bay Watch Grounds, where he helped reinforce the War Watch members' commitment to the Watch itself. He helped found the Watch Grounds with "Brother Xavier."

--What If? II#111


Juggernaut was the same as his Earth-616 counterpart up until Wolverine, as War, killed him during a savage rampage.

--What If? II#111 (fb), (#111d,


Kraal was a young mutant able to generate telekinetic battering rams who had joined the War Watch. When he began to have trouble controlling his naturally violent tendacies, Kraal visited the Hudson Bay Watch Grounds in order to gain more discipline. While there, he met Brother Xavier who befriended him and eventually aided him against the Wolf Pack gang. Seeing Brother Xavier in action inspired Kraal to become a Brother at the Watch Grounds as well.

--What If? II#111


Magneto was the same as his Earth-616 counterpart up until Wolverine killed him.

--What If? II#111 (fb), (#111d,


Mister Sinister was exactly like his Earth-616 counterpart until he was killed Wolverine during a rampage as War.

--What If? II#111 (fb), (#111d,


Mystique was the same as her Earth-616 counterpart until she was killed during a rampage by War.

--What If? II#111 (fb), (#111d,


Pyro was the same as his Earth-616 counterpart up until he was killed by Wolverine, as War.

--What If? II#111 (fb), (#111d,


Sabretooth was the same as his Earth-616 counterpart until Wolverine killed him during his time as Apocalypse's Horseman of War.

--What If? II#111 (fb), (#111d,


Sarge was the aged leader of the War Watch, where he briefed the War Watch prior to their patrols.

--What If? II#111


When Wolverine was captured by Apocalypse, he was transformed into Apocalypse's Horseman of War. Upon becoming War, he turned on Apocalypse, killing him. He then set off on a rampage, killing nearly every criminal until he gained the attention of Earth's superheroes, all of whom became determined to track him down. Due to the alliance of law enforcement agencies and governments, the world became united against War, leaving behind old dogmas such as the anti-mutant movement. Eventually gaining control of his more savage tendacies, Wolverine took the new alias of Brother Xavier and helped found the Hudson Bay Watch Grounds, where he met and befriended young War Watch member, Kraal. When Kraal returned to the War Watch, Brother Xavier followed him and helped defend him from the Wolf Pack gang. Seeing Brother Xavier in action inspired Kraal to become a Brother at the Watch Grounds and join Wolverine in helping others.

--What If? II#111 (fb), (#111,


After the world's governments united against the threat posed by Wolverine, as War, they formed the War Watch to uphold peace in the world. Led by Sarge, the War Watch patrolled the various cities of the worlds upholding justice and peace.

--What If? II#111


The Wolf Pack were a gang of teenagers who dedicated themselves to the teachings of War, thinking War to be deceased. The Wolf Pack caused anarchy and incited riots where they went until they were apprehended by Agent Kraal of the War Watch. Much later, the Wolf Pack attacked Kraal when he returned to the War Watch after some time at the Hudson Bay Watch Grounds. The Wolf Pack were defeated by Kraal, Agent Amber, and Brother Xavier.

--What If? II#111

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What If? II#111, front cover (Wolverine rampaging, Main Pic)

 p2-3, splash page (the War Watch and Sarge pics)

 p7, pan1 (Kraal)

 p10, pan5 (Apocalypse)

 p11, splash page (Juggernaut, Arcade, Pyro, Magneto, and War pics)

 p14, pan2 (Brother Sebastian)

 p18, pan3 (Mister Sinister, Blob, Mystique, and Sabretooth pics)

 p20, pan4 (the Wolf Pack gang)

 p23, pan5 (Amber)

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