Real Name: Florence Destine

Identity/Class: Human/Djinn hybrid (11th through 17th centuries until modern era)

Occupation: None

Group Membership: ClanDestine (Argent/Samantha Destine, Crimson Crusader/Rory Destine, Cuckoo/Jasmine Destine, Adam Destine, Albert Destine, Gracie Destine, Newton Destine, Vincent Destine, Will Destine, Maurice Fortuit/Maurice Destine, Imp/Pandora Destine, Vex/Dominic Destine, Wallop/Walter Destine, others)

Affiliations: Crimson Crusader (Rory Destine), Adam Destine, Dominic Destine, Gracie Destine, Jasmine Destine, Maurice Destine, Newton Destine, Samantha Destine, William Destine, Imp (Pandora Destine), Vincent Destine, Walter Destine

Enemies: The Guild, Lenz's agents

Known Relatives: Adam Destine (father), Elalyth (mother), Albert Destine, Dominic Destine (Vex), Garth Destine (deceased), Lance Destine (deceased), Maurice Destine (Maurice Fortuit, deceased), Nathaniel Destine, Newton Destine, Rik Destine, Rory Destine (Crimson Crusader), Sherlock Destine (deceased), Thaddeus Destine (deceased), Vincent Destine (deceased), Walter Destine (Wallop), William Destine (Will Chance) (brothers), Gracie Destine, Jasmine Destine (Cuckoo/Kay Cera), Pandora Destine (Imp), Samantha Destine (Argent/Samantha Hasard) (sisters), unidentified grandparents (deceased)

Aliases: "Flo," "Gran"

Base of Operations: Ravenscroft, London, Britain

First Appearance: ClanDestine I#1 (October, 1994)

Powers/Abilities: Florence Destine, like all of her siblings, possessed a magically extended lifespan that caused her to age very little over a span of decades, if not centuries.

She also suffered from clairvoyant dreams, able to see through her dreams events that had happened in which she was not present or even events that had yet to occur.

Height: Unrevealed
Weight: Unrevealed
Eyes: Blue
Hair: White; formerly black

History: (Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A to Z TPB Vol. 2 - ClanDestine Update Appendix (fb) - BTS/Alan Davis' website) - Florence Destine was born in 1531 A.D. in Yden.

(ClanDestine II#1 (fb) - BTS) - In 1849, Florence joined her father Adam and siblings Maurice, Gracie and Jasmine (then in the body of a bearded man) against the Guild, posing for a photo with her family prior to the battle.

(ClanDestine I#2 (fb) - BTS) - In 1963, Florence posed for a family photo with the rest of the Destine family.

(Fantastic Four IV Annual#33 (fb) - BTS) - In 1969, when Will Destine took Dominic to the Woodstock concert in America alongside his brothers Newton, Vincent, Maurice and someone named Sebastian, Florence tasked Will with watching over Dominic, who could potentially go into sensory overload due to his superhuman senses. After Will suggested Vincent watch Dominic while he went to enjoy the concert, Vincent remarked that Florence wouldn't be happy.

(Fantastic Four IV Annual#33 (fb)) - At some point, Vincent returned to the Destine family home with the time-traveling modern era superhero, the Thing, only to find that Florence and his other siblings assumed Vincent had summoned some sort of earth elemental. While some of the Destine family immediately went on the defense to protect the others from Vincent's supposed elemental, Florence ushered a teenage Samantha Destine out of harm's way.

(ClanDestine I#1 (fb) - BTS) - Due to her advanced age, Florence Destine pretended to be the grandmother of her own younger brother Rory and sister Pandora in order to keep the secret nature of her ClanDestine family and feeling as if it were easier for the children to believe that she was not their sister due to the age difference.

(ClanDestine I#1) - Sensing the death of her brother Maurice, a nearly catatonic Florence called for her brother Walter downstairs. Walter came running and the terrified Florence revealed that she had seen Maurice's death in one of her clairvoyant dreams. When Walter asked if she was sure, Florence revealed that Maurice's death came at the hands of foul creatures that knew about the true nature of ClanDestine and warned Walter that the entire ClanDestine was in danger. Ranting that the creatures would find them, Florence was quickly surprised when the creatures teleported in her Ravenscroft home and attacked Walter. One of the creatures grabbed Florence and demanded to know where the Gryphon was but before it could kill Florence, Pandora and Rory arrived and fought back against the creatures. The creatures soon hurled Florence into Pandora and Rory and Walter returned, defeating the creatures when he transformed into a monstrous blue form. Once the creatures had dissolved into nothingness, Walter checked on Rory and Pandora and the group rushed to check on the elderly Florence, who weakly admitted it was too to save her. As she died, Florence whispered to Walter that the children needed to get to safety and revealed that she was actually Rory and Pandora's sister, claiming it was time for them to know the truth. Florence then passed away in Walter's arms. Walter then revealed to Rory and Pandora that he was actually their brother instead of uncle and that Florence and himself had pretended to have different familial affiliations to disguise the age difference between the long-lived Destine family members.

(ClanDestine I#2 - BTS) - Walter phoned his sister Samantha to inform her of the creatures that had killed Florence and Maurice. When Walter, Rory and Pandora visited their brother Dominic's island, Rory found a 1963 photo of the Destine family that included a younger Florence, whom Rory immediately recognized. Once reunited with Dominic, the Destines summoned Newton Destine from his otherworldly life and informed him about the creatures who had learned of the Destine family and had already killed Florence and Maurice.

(ClanDestine I#3 - BTS) - In outer space, a traveling Adam Destine, then with the Silver Surfer, received a strong vision of Florence's death alongside the death of Maurice and potential deaths of Dominic, Rory and others.

(ClanDestine I#4 - BTS) - After Adam Destine returned to Earth and defeated Lenz, leader of the creatures who attacked the Destines, Cuckoo (Jasmine Destine) berated Adam for allowing the creature that was responsible for Florence and Maurice's deaths to go free.

(ClanDestine I#5 - BTS) - Cuckoo sent her astral form to locate another ClanDestine member, William Destine (better known as the actor Will Chance), whom she informed of Florence and Maurice's deaths at the hands of Lenz's creatures. She then gave Will a brief rundown on recent events, including Pandora and Rory's superhuman powers, Lenz's attacks on ClanDestine and Florence and Maurice's deaths. While Cuckoo was filling Will in, Adam Destine took Rory and Pandora to Florence's grave in the family cemetery, where he remarked that all deceased Destine family members were buried there and now Florence joined them. Crying, Pandora admitted that, despite now knowing that Florence was her sister and had only pretended to be her grandmother, Pandora would always remember Florence as her grandmother. Adam consoled Pandora, reminding her that the important thing is that she did always remember Florence.

Comments: Created by Alan Davis and Mark Farmer.

Alan Davis confirmed on his website that all of Elalyth's children were born in the extradimensional paradise of Yden since Elalyth was unable to leave that dimension.

Profile by Proto-Man.

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images: (without ads)
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ClanDestine I#1, p21, pan2 (Florence Destine, headshot)
ClanDestine II#1, p17, pan3 (photo of Florence circa 1849)
ClanDestine I#2, p15, pan4 (photo of Florence circa 1963)
Fantastic Four IV Annual#33, p26, pan5 (younger Florence guarding a teenage Samantha Destine)

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