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Real Name: Thaddeus Destine

Identity/Class: Human/Djinn hybrid (14th century)

Occupation: Warrior, Knight Templar

Group Membership: ClanDestine (Adam Destine, Albert Destine, Dominic Destine, Florence Destine, Garth Destine, Gracie Destine, Jasmine Destine, Lance Destine, Maurice Destine, Nathaniel Destine, Newton Destine, Pandora Destine, Rik Destine, Rory Destine, Samantha Destine, Sherlock Destine, Vincent Destine, Walter Destine, William Destine, (possibly Sebastian Destine), Knight Templar

Affiliations: Adam Destine, Albert Jasmine, Jasmine Destine

Enemies: Tral and his army of the undead

Known Relatives: Adam Destine (father), Elalyth (mother), Albert Destine, Dominic Destine (Vex), Garth Destine, Lance Destine, Maurice Destine, Nathaniel Destine, Newton Destine, Rik Destine, Rory Destine (Crimson Crusader), Sherlock Destine, Vincent Destine, Walter Destine (Wallop), William Destine (possibly Sebastian Destine) (brothers), Florence Destine, Gracie Destine, Jasmine Destine (Cuckoo), Pandora Destine (Imp), Samantha Destine (Argent) (sisters), unidentified grandparents

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Unrevealed, mobile throughout the world

First Appearance: in the shadows: cover of ClanDestine II#1 (April, 2008), fully seen: ClanDestine II#2 (May, 2008)

Powers/Abilities: Thaddeus possessed the ability to adopt the aspect of any beast including its strength, speed and fighting skill. Thaddeus, like all of his siblings, possessed a magically extended lifespan that caused him to age very little over a span of decades, if not centuries. Due to his hybrid nature, Thaddeus was sterile and unable to naturally produce children (see comments). He also spoke Latin

Height: Unrevealed (see comments) / Tiger-like form: unrevealed
Weight: Unrevealed (see comments) / Tiger-like form: unrevealed
Eyes:Unrevealed (see comments) / Tiger-like form: yellow
Hair: Brown / Tiger-like form: orange fur with black stripes


(Alan Davis' website - BTS) - In 1193, Thaddeus Destine was born in Yden.

(ClanDestine II#5 (fb)) - As children, Thaddeus and Jasmine were seen running, chased by a younger sibling (see comments) in what appeared to be Yden.

(ClanDestine II#2 (fb) - BTS) - When Thaddeus manifested his superhuman abilities he gained the power to adopt the aspect of any animal including its strength, speed and fighting skill.

(Alan Davis' website - BTS) - During 1217 to 1272 Thaddeus was involved in the crusades and became a Knight Templar the Catholic military order.

(ClanDestine II#2 (fb) - BTS) - Having learned how best to use his superhuman abilities, Thaddeus had become a fierce warrior that never met his match.

(ClanDestine II#2 (fb) - BTS) - In the winter of 1374, Thaddeus joined his father Adam to escort his younger brother Albert to the Shalu Monastery in Shigatse, the Chinese/Tibetan prefecture. To help his brother, Albert used his magic abilities to protect Thaddeus making his near invulnerable as Adam.

(ClanDestine II#2 (fb) - BTS) - During their quest the threesome met many mountain folk who warned them of the fabled Geong Si, the army of the undead. However, Adam and his sons took the warnings for superstition.

(ClanDestine II#2 (fb)) - Thaddeus, Albert and Adam made their way through the Tibetan plateau near the head of the Yangtze River when they came under attack by what appeared to be the Geong Si. However in reality they were corpses brought to "live" and controlled by the renegade Inhuman, Tral. Visibly enjoying the fight, Thaddeus and Adam fought the army of the undead while keeping Albert safe. But when the army of the undead pushed them to a snowy cliff, Albert noticed a shadowy figure lurking in the shadows, sensing it was the true puppet master. Thaddeus leaped towards and came face to face with the psychic Inhuman Tral. However, when Tral used a powerful energy weapon at Thaddeus he was blown off the cliff. Thaddeus supposedly fell to his death alongside many of the undead. Enraged, the pacifist Albert corrupted his healing powers in such a way he killed Tral, with the renegade Inhuman down his army was also incapacitated.

Comments: Created by Alan Davis and Mark Farmer.

Thaddeus first appeared on the cover of ClanDestine II#1 but not in the actual comic.

It was suggested that Thaddeus and Jasmine were the oldest of the Destine siblings. Every issue of ClanDestine's second volume started with a family tree displaying Thaddeus and Jasmine as oldest. However, it should be noted other Destine's like Garth, Lance, Nathaniel, Rik and Sherlock were not part of that graphic and other Destines have yet to appear. The young child seen chasing Thaddeus and Jasmine in ClanDestine II#5 isn't Albert as Davis revealed that Albert was born well after both Thaddeus and Jasmine reached adulthood.

It's been unrevealed what Thaddeus truly looked like as an adult, as the issue described Thaddeus power allowed him to take on the physical appearance of any animal, in this case that of a tiger. Presumably also changing his physique (height and weight). However, perhaps this was a form he was most comfortable in, it does seems unlikely he would've been permanently stuck in this shape as part of the Knights Templar (highly religious knights) he would soon been denounced as some sort of demon as a tiger-man.

On his website, Davis stated that all Destine children, with the obvious exception to Kay, are in fact sterile like many hybrids are in nature. Which served to simplify things with the Clan because it could get very messy with the geometric boom of great, great, great, grandchildren. On the same website Davis had the following to say about Thaddeus death: "as per Monty Python's famed Norwegian Blue parrot--Thaddeus departed the world of man, vanished from the face of the earth, was deep sixed, sank into dark oblivion, became part of the aquatic food chain, was transmogrified, ceased to be, passed into the great unknown, is no more..."

Thanks to Loki for pointing out the Destine timeline on Davis' website.

Profile by MarvellousLuke

Thaddeus Destine has no known connections to

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ClanDestine II#2, p1, pan1 (main image)
ClanDestine II#5, p11, pan4 (in Yden)
ClanDestine II#2, p2, pan1 (closeup)

ClanDestine II#2 (May, 2008) - Alan Davis (writer, pencils), Mark Farmer (inks), Tom Brevoort (editor)
ClanDestine II#5 (August, 2008) - Alan Davis (writer, pencils), Mark Farmer (inks), Tom Brevoort (editor)

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