Real Name: Lenz

Identity/Class: Genetically-engineered superhuman

Occupation: Experimenter

Affiliations: Leader of his genetically-engineered brood

Enemies: The Destine family (Adam Destine, Crimson Crusader, Imp, Walter Destine, Kay Cera, William Chance, Maurice Fortuit, Flo Destine, Dominic Destine, Samantha Hasard)

Known Relatives: None, which is pretty much why he does evil stuff

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: A laboratory, in an unknown location, somewhere on earth

First Appearance: Clan Destine#1 (October, 1994)

Powers: Lenz possesses extremely powerful psychic powers, including telepathy, teleportation, and mental force bolts. His body has been genetically-engineered to near-perfection, granting him superhuman agility and reflexes. Lenz is also a brilliant tactician, using his foot soldiers to gather information about opponents before engaging them first-hand.

History: (Clan Destine#1 (fb)) - Lenz was subjected to experiments in the laboratories of AIM, under the direction of the original MODOK, as part of an experiment to create the "ultimate human". However, the experiment accidentally activated a "blind alley" of pre-human evolution, resulting in Lenz becoming extremely superior to humanity. Lenz ran wild in AIM's labs, frightful of death, because he was the only one of his kind. MODOK destroyed the base, but Lenz crawled away to safety.


BTS- Over the years, Lenz created progeny by infecting humans with his DNA. With them under his control, he came to learn of "the Gryphon", a device which could stabilize his progeny, and thus creating more of his kind.

(Clan Destine#4 (fb, BTS))- Lenz dispatched several of his progeny to retrieve the Grypon from from Griffin Technologies, but the Gryphon was taken from them by the would-be super-heroes "Crimson Crusader" and "Imp". One of the progeny tore off Imp's cape, and from the fashion label of her "aunt", Kay Cera, they took up another lead.


(Clan Destine#1 (BTS))- Lenz's progeny tracked down Kay Cera to the Gran Hotel Catalonia, in Barcelonia, where they attacked and seemingly killed Kay. From a book found inside of Kay's locket, the progeny learnt of others members of her family, and set out to see which of them might be holding the Gryphon.

They next assaulted Kay's brother Maurice Fortuit at his chalet in the Swiss Alps, and murdered him.

Next, they appeared in Ravenscroft, England, where they attacked Walter Destine, and his sister Flo. They managed to kill Flo, but Walter fought them off with the help of Crimson Crusader and Imp, his "nephew and niece". In the aftermath of Flo's death, Walter confessed to them that he was their brohter, not their uncle.

(Clan Destine#2 - BTS)- The next target was their sister, Samantha Hasard, in France, who managed to fight the progeny off, but was followed by another pack.

They also attacked William Chance in Australia, but he destroyed the progeny sent after him, without realizing what they truly were.

(Clan Destine#3)- The creatures again attacked Samantha Hasard in Barcelona, but with the aid of her sister Kay Cera, all of the progeny there were destroyed.

They also re-attacked William Chance, but received instructions from Lenz that the one who stole the Gryphon had been found, and departed.

One of Griffin's employees, Professor Lazlo, had become one with Lenz's colony, and when the Crimson Crusader was taken hostage by him, he captured the Crusader himself, and brought him to Lenz.

(Clan Destine#4)- The Crusader's family teleported to Lenz's lair, to negotiate for his release by giving Lenz the Gryphon, but Lenz sent his progeny after them, and jammed their teleportation signal. He finally engaged them himself, and managed to overpower every member of the family, until the arrival of their father, Adam Destine. Lenz attacked Adam, but because Adam was immune to all forms of harm, could not wound him. He then leeched all his energies from his progeny to destroy Adam with a powerful mental bolt, but it also failed. Adam allowed Lenz to go free, without the Gryphon.


(Dark Reign Files) - Quasimodo researched Lenz for Norman Osborn.

Comments: Created by Alan Davis and Mark Farmer

Lenz returned in Clan Destine#9-12, but those aren't in-continuity, so I don't have to cover them. Nyah-nyah-nyah



Lenz's Progeny were normal humans, infected with his DNA. They could elongate their limbs, teeth, and fingernails, and would be dispatched to locations through Lenz's teleportation powers. The progeny experienced constant cellular decay, which would accelerate when they were wounded. When any of the progeny died, all that would remain was a puddle of goo. -Clan Destine#1-4





by Prime Eternal

Clarifications: No known connection to:

His progeny have no known connection to:

Clan Destine I#1-4 (October, 1994 - January, 1995) - Alan Davis (writer/pencils), Mark Farmer (inks), Paul Neary (editor)
Dark Reign Files (February, 2009) - Michael Hoskin & various others (writer), Jeff Youngquist (editor)

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