(of Earth-1720)

Real Name: James Howlett

Identity/Class: Extradimensional (Earth-1720) human mutant

Occupation: Hydra Lord

Group Membership: Hydra (Boy-Bob Banner of Earth-82849, Captain Hydra/Steve Rogers, Madame Hydra/Sue Storm, Slaymaster, Venger of Earth-8396, numerous others)

Affiliations: Boy-Bob Banner of Earth-82849, Hydra, Madame Hydra (Susan Storm), Slaymaster

Enemies: Callisto, Creed family of Earth-80911 (Betsy Creed, Brian Creed, Celia Creed, Victor Creed, William Creed), Elektra, Exiles (Blink/Clarice Ferguson of Earth-295, Longshot of Earth-616, Morph/Kevin Sydney of Earth-1081, Cat Pryde of Earth-79596, Psylocke/Betsy Braddock of Earth-616, Sabretooth/Victor Creed of Earth-295), Nick Fury, Reed Richards

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: "Lord Wolverine" (Hydra title), "Lover" (pet name from Madame Hydra), "Runt," "Shrimp" (insults from Earth-295's Sabretooth), "Wolvie" (name called by Reed Richards)

Base of Operations: Mobile throughout the multiverse;
formerly Madame Hydra's quarters, Earth-1720

First Appearance: Exiles I#92 (May, 2007)

Powers/Abilities: Wolverine was a mutant with a superhuman healing factor that allowed him to swiftly recover from physical injury and Adamantium claws that he could extend from his forehands. His claws could be equipped to deal with specific threats, including a way to penetrate the skin of intangible foes. It was unrevealed if he possessed the same superhuman senses that his Earth-616 counterpart had.

Occasionally, Wolverine would use a gun if needed.

Height: 5'3" (by approximation)
Weight: 300 lbs. (by approximation)
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Black

History: (Exiles I#92) - Wolverine entered the quarters of his lover, Madame Hydra (Sue Storm), and asked if she was playing with her new toy, Earth-295's brainwashed Blink. Sue claimed she was improving Blink, reminding Wolverine that while he enjoyed cutting his toys to pieces, she enjoyed reordering their minds and putting them to good use instead. Sue then passionately kissed Wolverine, who informed Sue that Blink's allies had returned to Earth-1720. Shortly after, while Madame Hydra sent the brainwashed reality-hopping Exiles Blink, Earth-616's Longshot and Earth-6375's Spider-Man 2099 to battle the other Exiles, Wolverine accompanied Madame Hydra to the headquarters of Reed Richards, where Wolverine confronted the rebels Nick Fury and Callisto, distracting them while the invisible Madame Hydra killed them with a knife. Embracing one another, Wolverine and Madame Hydra then discussed their plan to kill Reed Richards and use his technology to take over the rest of the world. Moments later, Reed's lover Elektra detected Wolverine and Madame Hydra and informed Reed, who deduced that Wolverine had came to protect Madame Hydra while she confronted him.

(Exiles I#93) - Wolverine informed Madame Hydra that Reed Richards likely knew they were there after they had taken out Callisto and Nick Fury and Madame Hydra responded by expressing hope that Reed had discovered them, as the upcoming fight would be fun if it were easy. As Madame Hydra subsequently confronted and battled Reed Richards, Wolverine watched silently, disguised by Madame Hydra's invisibility powers.

(Exiles I#94) - As Reed Richards offered Madame Hydra a chance to conquer the multiverse in exchange for leaving Earth-1720 alone, Wolverine silently snuck up on Reed, only to be knocked into a wall by the equally invisible Exile, Psylocke. Renewing the physical fight, Madame Hydra announced that she had expected better from Reed but Reed asked why an invisible Wolverine had been sneaking up behind him with his claws extended. Wolverine quickly recovered and, preparing to take the technology offered by Reed by force, Madame Hydra hurled the revealed Psylocke towards Wolverine to deal with. Ready to kill Psylocke, Wolverine was surprised when Psylocke flipped over him and then body-slammed Wolverine into the ground. Psylocke then continued battling Wolverine, thinking to himself how Wolverine was well-trained but making mistakes because he was too used to winning. When Wolverine flew into a berserker rage, Psylocke took advantage of the further, sloppy mistakes he made in his rage-filled attacks. Psylocke quickly gained the upper hand against Wolverine but Hydra agent Slaymaster soon arrived, freezing Psylocke where he stood as she thought back on how her own reality's Slaymaster had taken her eyes. Taking advantage of Psylocke's distraction, the recovering Wolverine stabbed Psylocke in the back with his claws, annoying Slaymaster, who wished to take care of Psylocke himself. Wolverine remarked that it should not matter who took care of Psylocke, only that it was done, and Slaymaster replied that perhaps it didn't matter before asking if he saw fear on Wolverine's face. Madame Hydra quickly ordered the two to stop bickering, reminding them that only winning mattered. Madame Hydra then returned to her battle with Reed Richards until the Exiles Morph and Longshot busted into Reed's lab, knocking Wolverine and Slaymaster across the room. Madame Hydra saved the two with invisible force fields as the Exiles rushed to check on the mortally wounded Psylocke before knocking Reed through the ceiling to focus on the Exiles. Wolverine announced that he would take care of Longshot, who dodged Wolverine's attacks thanks to her good luck powers. As Slaymaster commented on the fight between Longshot and Wolverine, Longshot managed to hit Wolverine in the throat, briefly downing him. Gathering up Wolverine and Slaymaster, Madame Hydra decided to end the fight against the Exiles by hitting a detonator-like device that seemingly destroyed Earth-1720 from existence and teleporting away, unaware that Reed Richards had secretly saved the digital essences of the Earth itself and every non-Hydra person on Earth to be reborn as reality was restored.

(New Exiles I#11 (fb) - BTS) - Now off of Earth-1720, Wolverine, Madame Hydra and Slaymaster traveled the multiverse, amassing power and eventually recruiting Venger from Earth-8396 and Boy-Bob Banner from Earth-82849.

(New Exiles I#11) - Traveling to Earth-80911, Earth-1720's Hydra attacked W.H.O. agent Betsy Creed and her children and Wolverine battled Betsy's husband Victor. Savagely beating Wolverine, Victor ultimately killed Wolverine's ally, Boy-Bob Banner, prompting Wolverine to admit being impressed by Victor's savagery. Victor angrily attacked Wolverine, who slashed Victor's face before Victor grabbed Wolverine by the throat and hurled him into a tree. When Betsy drove around to find Victor battling Wolverine, the distraction allowed Wolverine time stab Victor in the chest with his claws. Falling to his knees, Victor was then beheaded by Wolverine's claws, prompting Betsy to engage Wolverine's ally Slaymaster. Taking advantage of Betsy's rage-filled attack on Slaymaster, Wolverine then snuck up behind Betsy and fatally stabbed her with his claws, angering Slaymaster, who wished to kill Betsy himself. The two then traded threats until Madame Hydra arrived and admitted that a fight between Wolverine and Slaymaster might be worth seeing. Wondering if perhaps Wolverine might be surprised at the outcome of such a fight, Madame Hydra kissed Wolverine and Wolverine remarked "that'll be the day" in regards to Slaymaster potentially besting him. Wolverine and his Hydra teammates later traveled to Earth-4321, where they relaxed and eventually split up to enjoy themselves. Unaware the Exiles' Earth-295 Sabretooth was watching him, Wolverine was soon attacked by Sabretooth, who announced that he was avenging the version of himself from Earth-80911 that Wolverine had earlier killed. Slaymaster intervened but Wolverine ordered Slaymaster to shut up, remarking that in the time Slaymaster spoke, Sabretooth would be completely healed. Wolverine then retaliated, knocking Sabretooth and himself off the side of a balcony. On the way down, Wolverine extended his claws and tried to fight back but both combatants hit the side of a cliff. Wolverine recovered first and prepared to kill Sabretooth until his Hydra allies arrived, prompting Wolverine to ask if they wanted Sabretooth kept alive for any reason. Madame Hydra voted to kill him but Slaymaster voted to keep Sabretooth alive so that he could lead him to Earth-616's Psylocke. Uncaring of Slaymaster's desires, Wolverine extended his claws and announced that Madame Hydra had spoken, only to find himself surprised when he stabbed nothing but dirt as Sabretooth phased through the ground. Madame Hydra expressed shame that Wolverine thought killing Sabretooth would be easy and she quickly ordered Hydra to start a search for Sabretooth.

(New Exiles I#12) - Wolverine and the other Hydra agents spread out to search for Sabretooth, with Wolverine swearing to kill Sabretooth if he found him. After Sabretooth emerged from the ground and his rescuer was revealed as the phasing Exile, Cat Pryde of Earth-79596, Wolverine and his Hydra teammates pinpointed the two Exiles' location when they attempted and failed to return to the Crystal Palace headquarters. Madame Hydra immediately sent Wolverine and the others after the fleeing Exiles and Wolverine and his teammates soon caught up to Sabretooth and Cat near the shoreline. Wolverine immediately dove at Sabretooth, stabbing him with his claws, and the two fought viciously until Wolverine pulled out a gun, unloading its entire ammo capacity into Sabretooth, who was phased by Cat. Cat then kicked Sabretooth off a cliff to save him from Wolverine and engaged Wolverine herself, disabling his gun with her phasing powers. Managing to slash Cat, Wolverine revealed his claws had been equipped to neutralize her phasing powers on impact and gloated about his past encounters with intangible foes. Realizing Wolverine's claws couldn't be phased, Cat allowed Wolverine to stab her with them then phased Wolverine's body, causing the unaffected claws to be removed from Wolverine's phased form. Cat then used Wolverine's own severed claws against him, causing Wolverine to scream horribly in pain. When Cat later regrouped with Sabretooth and Sabretooth asked what happened to Wolverine, Cat only replied "he's done" as Wolverine's severed claws fell to the ground near her feet. Sabretooth then told Cat she would have to tell him the gory details of her defeat of Wolverine and she only replied that maybe she would someday.

Comments: Created by Chris Claremont, Paul Pelletier and Rick Magyar.

While not explicitly stated, it was highly implied that Cat Pryde killed Wolverine with his own claws. Earth-1720's Wolverine has not appeared anywhere since New Exiles I#12 but, given that he has a healing factor, it seems possible that Wolverine could have survived.

Wolverine's height and weight was approximated from that of his Earth-616 counterpart.

Profile by Proto-Man.

Earth-1720's Wolverine has no known connections to:

images: (without ads)
Exiles I#93, front cover (Wolverine standing over Exiles)
Exiles I#92, p1, pan5 (Wolverine unmasked headshot)
New Exiles I#11, front cover (Wolverine with Hydra)
New Exiles I#11, p7, pan1 (battle-damaged Wolverine)
New Exiles I#11, p18, pan2 (Wolverine in Earth-4321 civilian clothing)

Exiles I#92 (May, 2007) - Chris Claremont (writer), Paul Pelletier (pencils), Rick Magyar (inks), Mark Paniccia (editor)
Exiles I#93 (June, 2007) - Chris Claremont (writer), Paul Pelletier (pencils), Gary Martin (inks), Mark Paniccia (editor)
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New Exiles I#12 (December, 2008) - Chris Claremont (writer), Paco Diaz Luque (pencils), Norberto Fernandez (inks), Mark Paniccia (editor)

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