(of pre-current Multiverse reality mirroring Earth-31393)

Real Name: Unrevealed (see comments)

Identity/Class: Native of a reality existing in the Multiverse prior to the Big Bang (extratemporal/extradimensional/alternate reality);
    His reality mirrors the current Multiverse's Earth-31393 (see comments);
    Human mutant/mutate

Occupation: Rebel

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Bishop, Forge, Rachel

Enemies: Sentinels (Nimrod, others);
    formerly Bishop

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: "Old Man"

Base of Operations: Forge's base, USA

First Appearance: X-Men Adventures I#13 (November, 1993)

Powers/Abilities: Wolverine was a mutant with Adamantium claws that he could extend from his forehands. He also possessed a superhuman healing factor that slowed his aging over the span of a century.

Height: 5'3" (by approximation)
Weight: 195 lbs. (by approximation)
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Gray

History: (X-Men Adventures I#13 (fb) - BTS) - A mutant rebel fighting against the domination of robotic Sentinels circa 2955 A.D., Wolverine was known to take down Sentinels quickly.

(X-Men Adventures I#13) - Wolverine came to the defense of mutant girl Rachel and her fellow mutant ally, taking down a robotic Sentinel before commenting on how he used to be able to take down Sentinels in half the time. Moments later, Wolverine was downed alongside the rescued mutants by the mutant tracker Bishop, who took the captured mutants to a Mutant Termination Center to exchange them for money. When the Sentinels there destroyed Bishop's tracker identification and took him into custody as well, Wolverine carried Rachel and berated Bishop for having sided with the Sentinels in the first place. After passing by the graves of the X-Men, Wolverine had Rachel, who had feigned unconsciousness, attack the Sentinels, joining in the attack himself before being captured. He was quickly rescued by Bishop but Rachel and her ally were subsequently killed, driving Wolverine into a berserker rage before Bishop convinced him to retreat and Wolverine then led Bishop to the base of his ally Forge, who had designed a time machine. After hearing that Wolverine was planning to travel back in time to prevent an assassination that ultimately led to his dystopian reality, Bishop opted to travel through time himself instead of Wolverine and Forge agreed with Bishop's proposal when the Sentinel Nimrod attacked. Giving Bishop the time-traveling Temporal Transceiver device under protest, Wolverine reminded Bishop of the weight of his responsibilities before battling Nimrod to buy Bishop time to enter the time machine, only to be incinerated by Nimrod seconds later.

Comments: Created by Ralph Macchio, Andrew Wildman, Ariane and Mickey Ritter.

While the current Multiverse uses the Core Continuum Designation system to identify each Earth/reality, we do not know what system was used in the previous Multiverse. However, in an infinite Multiverse, for each reality from the previous Multiverse, there would be a reality in the current Multiverse that mirrors one from the previous Multiverse. In the case of the Wolverine profiled here, his reality is mirrored in the current Multiverse as Earth-31393.

For further clarification, reality-92131 is the main reality seen in the X-Men: The Animated Series, Spider-Man: The Animated Series cartoons, as well as both volumes of the X-Men '92 comic book. All three volumes of the X-Men Adventures comic book, the Spider-Man Adventures comic book, Adventures of the X-Men comic book and Adventures of Spider-Man comic books started out adapting cartoon episodes but had several significant variations before eventually straying from the cartoon completely. Therefore, the main reality seen in these comic books would not actually BE reality-92131 but rather (judging from the final issue of Adventures of the X-Men) a reality existing in and prior to the current Multiverse that shared many features with the current Multiverse's reality-92131. In the case of this profile, this Wolverine was a from a pre-current Multiverse reality seen in the X-Men Adventures comic and this reality was mirrored in the current Multiverse as Earth-31393, a reality seen in the X-Men: The Animated Series cartoon.

This reality, mirrored in the current Multiverse as Earth-31393, is somewhat of a parallel reality similar to the more familiar Earth-811 ("Days of Future Past").

It seems likely that this reality's Wolverine would have the real name of James Howlett, like his Earth-616 counterpart, but he was never referred to as such due to all of his appearances being published prior to the Earth-616 revelation of Wolverine's real name.

Wolverine's height and weight were approximated from that of his Earth-616 counterpart.

The character of Rachel was obviously meant to be Rachel Summers, who was a mutant rebel on Earth-811.

Profile by Proto-Man.

The pre-current Multiverse reality that mirrors Earth-31393's Wolverine has no known connections to:


Leader of the mutant rebellion against the Sentinels, Native American mutant Forge designed a time machine after the rebels devised a theory that the prevention of an anti-mutant assassination in the 1990s led to their dystopian future. When Wolverine returned to Forge's base with the former mutant tracker Bishop, Forge explained the rebel theory to Bishop and presented Wolverine with a Temporal Transceiver armband that would allow its wearer to remain in a different temporal reality than their own. Bishop soon volunteered himself to travel through time instead of Wolverine when the Sentinel Nimrod attacked and Forge agreed that Bishop was younger and familiar with the modern era's X-Men. He then activated the time machine just in time for Bishop to enter it before Nimrod swatted him aside.

Forge had the same mutant inventiveness abilities that his Earth-616 counterpart has.

--X-Men Adventures I#13


Nimrod was a highly advanced Sentinel robot that tracked Wolverine and Bishop to Forge's base moments before the rebels attempted to travel to a modern era pre-current Multiverse reality's Earth. Wolverine attempted to fend off Nimrod while Bishop entered the time machine but Nimrod incinerated Wolverine and swatted Forge aside before entering the time machine itself, emerging on the modern era pre-current Multiverse Earth as Bishop was showing the modern era X-Men where he had arrived. Attacking the X-Men and Bishop, Nimrod was ultimately defeated by the freezing winds generated by the X-Men's Storm. Bishop soon realized Nimrod must also possess a built-in Temporal Transceiver and destroyed it, forcing Nimrod back to its future pre-current Multiverse reality.

Nimrod had sophisticated sensors able to sense any nearby mutant and it could project energy blasts from its eyes and hands. It was equipped with a built-in Temporal Transceiver allowing it to remain in any other timeline and it had superhuman strength and durability.

--X-Men Adventures I#13


Rachel was a young mutant on the run from Sentinels alongside her mutant ally who could transform his hands into clubs. When the duo was attacked by a Sentinel, Wolverine came to their rescue but all three were soon captured by the mutant tracker Bishop and taken to a Mutant Termination Center. Feigning unconsciousness, Rachel ultimately fought back against the Sentinels alongside Wolverine and her ally and the group was soon joined by Bishop after he was also captured by the Sentinels. When more Sentinels arrived, however, Rachel was incinerated alongside her male ally, their deaths driving Wolverine into a berserker rage.

Rachel could project telekinetic force blasts from her hands.

--X-Men Adventures I#13d

images: (without ads)
X-Men Adventures I#13, p2, pan3 (Wolverine, main image)
X-Men Adventures I#13, p6, pan4 (Wolverine, headshot)
X-Men Adventures I#13, p7, pan3 (Forge)
X-Men Adventures I#13, p18-19, splash page (Nimrod)
X-Men Adventures I#13, p1, splash page (Rachel)

X-Men Adventures I#13 (November, 1993) - Ralph Macchio (writer), Andrew Wildman (pencils), Ariane, Mickey Ritter (inks), Kelly Corvese (editor)

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