(of Earth-31393)

Real Name: Unrevealed (presumably James Howlett)

Identity/Class: Extradimensional (Earth-31393) human mutant

Occupation: Rebel

Group Membership: The mutant rebellion (Forge, several other unidentified mutants); formerly X-Men (Cyclops, Jubilee, Rogue, Storm)

Affiliations: The mutant rebellion (Bishop, Forge, others)

Enemies: Nimrod, Sentinels

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: "Old Man," "Rebel," "Sleeping Beauty" (names called by Bishop)

Base of Operations

First Appearance: X-Men: The Animated Series cartoon episode, "Days of Future Past, Part 1" (March 13, 1993)

Powers/Abilities: Wolverine possessed a mutant healing factor that allowed him to heal at an enhanced rate and slowed his aging. He also possessed retractable Adamantium claws.

Height: 5'3" (presumably)
Weight: 300 lbs. (presumably)
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Gray

History: (X-Men: The Animated Series cartoon episode - "Days of Future Past, Part 1" (fb) - BTS) - After most of the X-Men were killed as Sentinels took control of the country, Wolverine remained a rebel, battling the Sentinels.

(X-Men: The Animated Series cartoon episode - "Days of Future Past, Part 1") - Circa 2055 A.D., Wolverine was assisting two young mutants when Wolverine scouted ahead. Mutant-hunting Sentinels soon appeared and while the young mutants took out two of the robots, a returning Wolverine took down a third, remarking that he used to take the "tin cans" out in half the time and that he must be getting rusty. The trio was soon confronted by the mutant tracker Bishop, who attacked the mutants. After Bishop took down Wolverine's two allies, Wolverine himself jumped at Bishop, dodging several shots from Bishop's energy gun until finally getting downed by a blast. Despite angrily trying to stay conscious, Wolverine passed out and later awoke aboard Bishop's flying vehicle, where he immediately tried to escape his holding area, only to find the bars electrified. Bishop remarked that Wolverine healed pretty fast for an old guy and Wolverine asked if he knew Bishop from somewhere, but Bishop brushed off Wolverine's remarks as an attempt to trick him, announcing that Wolverine's attempt was a good try but he was on his way to a mutant termination camp. When Bishop arrived at a Sentinel base to turn in the captured mutants, Wolverine asked when Bishop was going to wake up and see that the Sentinels wished to terminate all mutants but Bishop insisted they only wanted to terminate the rebels. Wolverine then watched as Bishop was told by Sentinels that his mutant recovery quota had been reached and he was no longer needed. The Sentinels then attacked and Wolverine was having to carry his young mutant allies as Bishop was also taken into custody. As the Sentinels led Wolverine and Bishop into a camp, Wolverine's young mutant ally awoke but Wolverine whispered for her to be quiet shortly before Wolverine was led past a mutant graveyard where his former teammates in the X-Men were buried, Emotionally bothered by seeing the graves of his friends, Wolverine grumbled as Bishop referred to the X-Men as legends. Wolverine's young ally took that time to attack their guard Sentinel with an energy blast and Wolverine quickly joined the fight, donning his mask and ordering the "rookie" Bishop to move quickly, as the fight wasn't a dress rehearsal. Wolverine jumped onto the fallen Sentinel and began slashing away, only to be grabbed by the Sentinel and squeezed until he passed out, prompting Bishop to finally join the fight.

The fight soon drew the attention of the super-Sentinel Nimrod and a recovered Wolverine prepared to fight by his young mutant ally instead told Wolverine to leave, giving him a cylindrical object and  reminding him about their mission. Reluctantly agreeing to go, Wolverine departed with Bishop as Wolverine's two allies fought Nimrod. Shortly thereafter arriving at a hidden mutant rebel base, Wolverine introduced Bishop to Forge, who remarked that they must hurry. Further remarking on Wolverine's injuries, Forge inserted the cylinder into the rebels' working time portal. With the portal now activated, Wolverine asked if Forge had the "transponder" and Forge sternly reminded Wolverine that it was called a temporal transceiver and wearing it would ensure Wolverine arrived in the specified time period and would keep him there as long as he wore it. Wolverine then turned to Bishop and ordered Bishop to make sure Forge destroyed the time portal after Wolverine went into it to ensure no one followed him into the past. When Bishop asked Wolverine how he planned to return, Wolverine announced that he wasn't returning before grabbing an energy blaster. He then revealed that he would stop the assassination by stopping the assassination, explaining that he knew precisely who he was going after when Bishop questioned Wolverine's actions. Unsure whether Wolverine could pull the trigger on an X-Man, Bishop grabbed Wolverine's blaster and transceiver, announcing that he would go instead as Sentinels found the rebel base. When Bishop remarked that the older Wolverine couldn't handle Bishop, much less the X-Men in their prime, Wolverine popped his claws and prepared for a fight until Forge held Wolverine back, commenting that Bishop was right. Angry that he was considered too old, Wolverine remarked that he would remember this before rushing off to fight the invading Sentinels. As Bishop jumped into the time portal, he witnessed Wolverine and Forge getting shot down by Sentinels moments before he was transported into the past of Earth-92131. Later, when battling the X-Men of Earth-92131, Bishop recognized Wolverine, recalling Wolverine-31393's promise to remember being passed over due to his age. Once Bishop was calmed and Professor X read Bishop's memories, he saw images in Bishop's mind of Earth-31393 and Wolverine, prompting Wolverine-92131 to comment that he at least still had his hair.

Comments: Created by Julia Jane Leewald and Akom Animation Company (see Appearances list for list of artists involved).

Wolverine's real name and physical height and weight are presumably the same as his Earth-616 counterpart.

While not specifically stated, Earth-31393's Wolverine was likely previously a member of the X-Men, as he appeared emotionally affected when he passed the X-Men's graves, especially when he saw Jubilee's.

To explain what is a potentially confusing timeline, Earth-31393 is the "Days of the Future Past"-like reality seen at the beginning of "Days of Future Past, Part 1" in which Sentinels have overtaken the country, Wolverine is a mutant rebel and Bishop is a mutant tracker turned rebel. It is the home reality of the X-Men animated series' Bishop. When Bishop-31393 returns to the future following the prevention of the assassination of Sen. Kelly, he actually arrives in a different reality, Earth-13393, in which the assassination was prevented but the future still became a dystopia due to a then-unforeseen factor (a mutant plague). This is also the home reality of the animated series' Cable but earlier in the timeline before Cable's time. Eventually, the mutant plague ravages the future of Earth-13393 but Cable returns to present-day Earth-92131 to find a solution. Bishop-31393 also returns to Earth-92131 during that storyline and at first stops the release of the plague, which creates the future reality of Earth-121193 in which mutations raged out of control. Cable then travels back to Earth-92131 again (at a point prior to Bishop's prevention of the plague's release) to ensure the plague's release and the creation of antibodies to protect mutants from the plague, which then creates the future of Earth-121893, a future devoid of Sentinel rule in which Bishop-31393 returns to (as well as the home reality of the animated series' Trevor Fitzroy) and a future that resembles Cable's original reality of Earth-13393, only without the mutant plague. Make sense? I chose to explain this because we see Wolverine's skeleton at the end of "Days of Future Past, Part 2" but it needed clarifying that this is actually the skeleton of Wolverine-13393 and not Wolverine-31393. Also, the Forge that Bishop-31393 encounters at the end of that episode is Forge-13393 and not Forge-31393.

Profile by Proto-Man.

Earth-31393's Wolverine has no KNOWN connections to:

Earth-31393's Forge has no KNOWN connections to:
Earth-31393's Nimrod has no KNOWN connections to:


Forge was a member of the mutant rebels alongside Wolverine. He had arrived for the rebel time portal to transport a mutant into the past to prevent an assassination that would spark the apocalyptic future of Earth-31393. After Wolverine acquired data to activate the time portal, he returned to Forge, who used the data to activate the portal and gave Wolverine a temporal transceiver that would ensure Wolverine arrived in the proper time period and would stay there until removing the transceiver. When Bishop opted to take Wolverine's place going into the past to prevent the assassination, Forge agreed that Bishop's youth was an asset and that the transceiver contained all the data Bishop needed to prevent the assassination. Sentinels soon invaded the rebel base and Forge equipped Bishop with the transceiver before using the portal to send Bishop back into the past of Earth-92131. The last thing Bishop saw before being sent back was Forge and Wolverine being taken down by the Sentinels.

--X-Men: The Animated Series cartoon episode, "Days of Future Past, Part 1"


Nimrod was a highly advanced Sentinel robot that could adapt to any attacks on it. When Wolverine, Bishop and two young mutants fought against being placed in a mutant termination camp, Nimrod arrived to quell the battle. The two younger mutants held back Nimrod to allow Wolverine and Bishop to return to the mutant rebel base with data capable of activating the rebels' time portal. Nimrod soon after tracked Wolverine and Bishop to the mutant rebel base and invaded the base with other Sentinels as Bishop was sent into the past of Earth-92131 to stop an assassination that would lead to the apocalyptic future of Earth-31393. Following Bishop through the time portal, Nimrod arrived in Earth-92131's past shortly after Bishop and the X-Men investigated, only to be attacked by Nimrod. Shrugging off all of the X-Men's attacks and downing them one-by-one, Nimrod was soon frozen by Storm's summoning of hail and cold. His super-structure rendered brittle by the cold, Nimrod's head and arm were severed by Cyclops and Bishop, respectively. The X-Men then combined their attacks to destroy Nimrod's body but Nimrod immediately began its self-repair systems. Before Nimrod could fully repair itself, Bishop destroyed the temporal transceiver in Nimrod's head, forcing Nimrod back to Earth-31393.

Nimrod was superhumanly durable and could fly and project energy blasts. It also had powerful self-repair programming that could fully restore its destroyed body within seconds.

--X-Men: The Animated Series cartoon episode, "Days of Future Past, Part 1"

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X-Men: The Animated Series
cartoon episode, "Days of Future Past, Part 1" (all images in this profile)

X-Men: The Animated Series
cartoon episode, "Days of Future Past, Part 1" (March 13, 1993) - Julia Jane Leewald (writer), Kathi Castillo, Rick Hoberg, Louis Williams (model design), Thibault Descamps (prop design), Steve Olds (prop design, layout design), Jeff Richards, Dennis Venizelos (background design), Fred Carillo, Pat Agnasin, Rudy Mesina, Cesar Magsombol, Steve Simone, Abel Laxamana (storyboard cleanup), Akom Production Company (animation), Eric Leewald (story editor), Dan Fausett, Michael Swanigan, Romeo Francisco, Douglas P. Battle, Clint Taylor, Greg Garcia, Adrian Gonzales, John Ahern, Armando Carillo (storyboard directors), Karen Peterson, Graham Morris (animation directors)

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