Real Name: Theodore Roosevelt Jr.

Identity/Class: Human ghost;
   formerly zombie

Occupation: Ghost;
   formerly President of the United States, Vice President, Assistant Secretary of the Navy, Governor of New York, soldier, big game hunter, cattle rancher, New York City Police Commissioner, author, Billings County Deputy Sheriff

Group Membership: None;
   formerly 1st United States Voluntary Cavalry ("Roosevelt's Rough Riders": Bill Stewart, others)

Affiliations: None;
   formerly Necromancer (Michael Hawthorne)

Enemies: Agent Gorman, Agent Emily Preston, Spanish Army circa 1898;
   formerly Deadpool ("Wade Wilson");
   possibly Electrans (Koaa, others) (see comments)

Known Relatives: Theodore Roosevelt Sr (father, deceased), Martha Stewart Bulloch Roosevelt (mother, deceased), Anna Roosevelt, Corinne Roosevelt (sisters, deceased), Elliott Roosevelt (brother, deceased), Franklin Delano Roosevelt (distant cousin, deceased), Anne Hathaway Lee (first wife, deceased), Edith Kermit Carow (second wife, deceased), Alice Lee Roosevelt, Ethel Roosevelt (daughters, both deceased), Theodore Roosevelt III, Kermit Roosevelt, Archibald Roosevelt, Quentin Roosevelt (sons, all deceased)

Aliases: T.R.

Base of Operations: Unrevealed;
   formerly White House, Washington D.C.; New York City; Elkhorn Ranch, North Dakota; Chimney Butte Ranch, Missouri

First Appearance: Battle#34/2 (November 1954)

Powers/Abilities: As well as being an expert politician, Roosevelt was a marksman, experienced hunter and skilled horse rider.

   As a zombie Roosevelt possessed superhuman strength, sufficient to lift cars aloft with ease, and while he could still sustain damage as easily as a regular human, most injuries merely irritated him, even shots to the head. He retained all the skills and intellect he had possessed while alive, but colored by a zombie's lack of empathy and tendency towards brutal violence.

Height: 5'10"
Weight: 210 lbs.
Eyes: Blue
Hair: White, formerly brown

(real world) - Born October 27th 1858, Theodore Roosevelt Jr was the son of a businessman and a socialite. A sickly but intelligent child, he was homeschooled, and took an avid interest in zoology from a young age. He conquered his childhood asthma through a strict, self-imposed regime of heavy exercise, and took up boxing both for self-defense and to strengthen his body further. He studied biology at Harvard and law at Columbia before moving into politics, initially in the New York State Assembly. In the 1880s he took a break from politics, hunting bison in the Dakota Territory and establishing a ranch in North Dakota. After returning to the political scene toward the end of the 1880s, in 1889 he was appointed by new President Benjamin Harrison to the United States Civil Service Commission.

(Ruins of Ravencroft - Sabretooth#1 - BTS) - In 1891 a Skrull spaceship landed near Westchester and a group of Skrulls disembarked on an unrevealed mission; one of the Skrulls took on the appearance of Roosevelt (see comments).

(real world) In 1895 Roosevelt left the Civil Service Commission to take up a post on the board of the New York City Police Commissioners. In 1897 the new President, William McKinley, appointed Roosevelt the Assistant Secretary of the Navy.

(Battle Action#23/4) - In 1898, while working as Assistant Secretary for the Navy, Roosevelt read in the newspapers of Cuban farmers successfully repelling the Spanish army while fighting for their country's independence from Spain. Pleased for the Cubans, Roosevelt expressed the opinion that the Cubans needed help in their struggle.

(Battle#34/3 (fb) - BTS) - In April 1898 with the declaration of the Spanish-American War, Roosevelt quit the Navy Department to organize and joined the 1st U.S. Cavalry,...

(real world) - initially as second-in-command to Colonel Leonard Wood. When Wood was promoted to command the 2nd Cavalry Brigade, Roosevelt took over the 1st,

(Battle#34/3 (fb) - BTS) - dubbing them his Rough Riders. The Regular Army laughed at "T.R." and his unit, considering them undisciplined show-offs, school boys playing at war, but Roosevelt persevered.

(Battle#34/3) - Now a Colonel, Roosevelt trained his volunteers, and later led them in the Battle of San Juan Hill against the Spanish Army. Nearing the main battle at San Juan Hill, Roosevelt and his men found a Spanish outpost on Kettle Hill blocking their way, so Roosevelt led his men in a cavalry charge against the outpost and captured Kettle Hill. With the regular army struggling to take the Spanish-controlled blockhouse on San Juan Hill, Roosevelt then led his men as they raced across the valley between both hills through heavy fire and charged the block house from the rear, which ultimately caused that to fall to the American forces too, winning the day and finally earning the Rough Riders the respect they deserved from the regular army.

(real world) - Returning from Cuba in the latter part of 1898 Roosevelt won the election for Governor of New York, and in March 1901 he became McKinley's Vice President. In September that year McKinley was shot by an assassin, dying several days later, and Roosevelt became the President.

(Combat Kelly I#35/4) - In 1905 President Roosevelt announced that the recipients of the Medal of Honor should always, where practicable, be ordered to Washington for a formal and impressive ceremonial presentation made by the President of the United States.

(real world) - Having won two Presidential elections, Roosevelt chose not to run again (there being no two-term limit at this time). After leaving office he spent time on safari in Africa, hunting native animals as specimens for the Smithsonian Institute and American Natural History Museum. Feeling that his successor William Taft had done a poor job, Roosevelt campaigned to replace Taft as the Repulican party's nomination for the next Presidential election, but lost. He split from the Republicans to form the Progressive Party and run for President again that way, and during the campaign narrowly survived an assassination attempt that left him with a bullet lodged in his chest. After losing the 1912 election to Woodrow Wilson, Roosevelt accompanied a scientific expedition to South America the next year. When the Great War broke out in Europe in 1914, Roosevelt strongly disagreed with Wilson's decision to keep America out of the conflict. He passed away on January 6th 1919 at the age of sixty.

(Strange Tales I#80/2) - When the extradimensional Electrans launched an invasion of Earth near to Mount Rushmore, the heads carved into Mount Rushmore apparently came to life and emerged from the mountain with giant bodies attached, then confronted the aliens. The Electrans' weapons proved ineffective against the giants, so they fled back to their own dimension. Lynwood, a scientist who witnessed the invaders' arrival and departure, but not the reason for them fleeing, subsequently discovered huge footprints leading back to Rushmore, and speculated that the men who had protected the nation during their lifetimes had somehow returned to do so once again (see comments).

(Deadpool V#1 (fb) - BTS) - Believing that America was falling apart and needed those who had lead it in the past to save it, the Necromancer raised every deceased former President as zombies, including Teddy Roosevelt. The group soon gathered together at Liberty Hall in Pennsylvania to discuss their plans of action. 

(Deadpool V#1 - BTS) - Hired by the government to eliminate the zombies, Deadpool crashed the meeting, but was shot and temporarily incapacitated by Abraham Lincoln. George Washington then proposed that the zombies go forth and destroy the country so it could be rebuilt from scratch, a motion that was resoundingly passed by all the zombies, including Roosevelt.

(Deadpool V#2 (fb) - BTS) - Roosevelt decided to resume his career as a big game hunter, and attacked Los Angeles Zoo.

(Deadpool V#2) - Armed with a rifle, Roosevelt shot dead a giraffe,

(Deadpool V#2 - BTS) - then went over to the bear enclosure and shot one of the residents, but only managed to wound and enrage it.

(Deadpool V#2) - The loud boom of his firearm triggered a stampede as people and animals sought to flee the zoo. Next to the bear pen, Roosevelt reloaded, but was confronted by the bear he had injured. It smacked the rifle from his hands, but Roosevelt was unperturbed, praising his foe for providing some sport, then punched the bear flying. This assault was witnessed by the arriving Deadpool, who caught up to Roosevelt as the dead President was taking aim at some camels and alpacas. Focused on his prey, Roosevelt asked the mercenary if he was there hunting too, to which Deadpool in the affirmative and, standing behind Roosevelt, shot the zombie through the head at point blank range. This merely angered Roosevelt, who declared that either Deadpool lacked firearms safety training or meant him harm, then punched his attacker flying through the air. However Deadpool returned moments later, having been impaled on the tusk of a stampeding elephant. Unconcerned, Roosevelt opened fire on the pair, and the elephant halted as part of its ear was shot off. Deadpool returned fire, but the volley of shots that struck Roosevelt merely served to further annoy him. Pulling himself free from the tusk, Deadpool kicked Roosevelt in the head, and he responded with a kick to the mercenary's midriff, but before he could follow through the elephant grabbed Roosevelt round the neck with its trunk. Seizing the opportunity, Deadpool punched Roosevelt in the crotch, earning a rebuke from the trapped zombie. Spotting a high voltage powerline nearby, and recalling that his ally, the ghost of Ben Franklin, had speculated that electricity might dispel the wraiths of the dead Presidents, Deadpool electrocuted both Roosevelt and the unfortunate pachyderm, slaying them both.

(Deadpool V#45/8) - Temporarily in possession of the Infinity Gauntlet, Deadpool used its power to assemble friends and foes for a roast. Roosevelt's ghost sat alongside Abraham Lincoln's specter as they listened to Ben Franklin's spirit throw shade on their host.

Comments: Created by Teddy Roosevelt Sr and Martha Roosevelt, first brought into the Marvel universe by an unidentified writer and artist.

   The real world history of Roosevelt above is by necessity a massively abbreviated summary of a full and fascinating life, as this profile is more focused on Roosevelt's appearances within Marvel comics.

   In Strange Tales we never see the giants clearly, though the silhouettes we do witness certainly seem to resemble the effigies carved into Rushmore. We likewise don't see the heads emerge from the mountain or return to it, so it's possible Lynwood was entirely wrong in his suppositions - but that clearly wasn't the intent of the story. Does this mean that Roosevelt and the others are haunting the mountain and that they should be considered behind-the-scenes in every story where Mount Rushmore is visited? Perhaps, and certainly there is precedent for spirits to inhabit and animate statues (c.f. It the Living Colossus). However, there are also other examples of seemingly inanimate objects coming to life where no human ghost would be associated with them, or of statues being animated by magic or advanced technology. As such, there's no way to be sure that Roosevelt's spirit was actually present during the tale in question.

   There seems to be something about statues of past presidents and alien invaders; in Tales of Suspense I#30/2, aliens from Krangro came to Earth to abduct three humans, intending to force them into slavery and test the mettle of humanity in anticipation of a full invasion. However, back on Krangro the aliens decide to call off the invasion when they are unable to make their captives show even the slightest fear, which is understandable when it turns out the dimwitted extraterrestrials' "victims" were statues of Abraham Lincoln, George Washington and Teddy Roosevelt.

    Battle#23/4 states that the battle of San Juan Hill took place in Puerto Rico; this is an error, as San Juan Hill is in Cuba, nowhere near Puerto Rico.

   It's unclear why a Skrull would take the form of Roosevelt in 1891, as at that juncture he wasn't a particularly important public figure. One possibility is that the Skrull killed the real Roosevelt and replaced him, then used his identity to gradually ascend to running the United States, which would also mean all the history above after the Skrull arrived was actually the imposter. However the apparently human zombie and ghost versions of Roosevelt would seem to refute this possibility - why would the Skrull maintain the facade after his demise? More likely the Skrull mission either didn't involve killing the real Roosevelt, or it failed. Heck, Roosevelt himself might never have encountered the imposter.

Profile by Loki.

Theodore "Teddy" Roosevelt has no known connections to:

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Deadpool V#45/8, p12, pan2 (as a ghost)

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