(of Earth-2149)

Real Name: Unrevealed, presumably James Howlett (see comments)

Identity/Class: Extradimensional/alternate reality (Earth-2149) human mutant/mutate

Occupation: None;
    Former devourer of worlds, adventurer

Group Membership: None;
    Formerly the Galactus/Galacti (Giant-Man/Hank Pym, Hulk/Bruce Banner, Iron Man/Tony Stark, Power Man/Luke Cage, Spider-Man/Peter Parker); Marvel Zombies (Angel, Beast, Black Bolt, Black Knight, Black Widow, Blob, Bullseye, Captain Marvel, Challenger, Colonel America/Steve, Colossus, Crystal, Cyclops, Daredevil, Deadpool, Doctor Strange, Egghead, Falcon, Gambit, Ghost Rider, Giant-Man, Hawkeye, Hellcat, Hercules, Hulk, Iceman, Iron Fist, Iron Man, Jack of Hearts, Lizard, Mister Fantastic, Moon Knight, Moondragon, Ms. Marvel, Namor, Nightcrawler, Nighthawk, Nova, Quicksilver, Red Guardian, Scarlet Witch, Shang-Chi, Speedball, Stilt-Man, Storm, Swordsman, Vulture, Wasp/Janet, Wonder Man, numerous others); the Resistance (Angel, Ant-Man, Balder, Dr. Bruce Banner, Beast, Black Bolt, Black Cat, Black Knight, Blade, Brother Voodoo, Captain Marvel, Challenger, Colossus, Cyclops, Darkhawk, Deadpool, Doc Samson, Doctor Strange, Falcon, Fandral, Firestar, Nick Fury, Gambit, Ghost Rider, Gorgon, Hellcat, Hercules, Hogun, Human Torch, Iceman, Ikaris, Invisible Woman, Iron Fist, Iron Man, Jack of Hearts, Karnak, Kro, Machine Man, Magneto, Makkari, Medusa, Mister Fantastic, Moon Knight, Moondragon, Nightcrawler, Nighthawk, Nomad, Nova, Power Man, Quasar, Quicksilver, Scarlet Spider, Scarlet Witch, Shadowcat, Shang-Chi, Sleepwalker, Speedball, Spider-Woman, Storm, Thena, Thing, Thor, Tigra, Triton, USAgent, Vision, Volstagg, War Machine, Wonder Man); X-Men (Colossus, Cyclops, Nightcrawler, Professor X, Shadowcat, Storm)

Affiliations: Formerly Black Panther (T'Challa), Colonel America (Steve Rogers/T'Channa), Dark Phoenix, Firelord, Forge, Giant-Man (Hank Pym), Lisa Hendricks, Hulk (Bruce Banner), Iron Man (Tony Stark), K'Shamba, Marvel Zombies, Power Man (Luke Cage), the Resistance, Reynolds, Spider-Man (Peter Parker), Thanos, Wasp (Janet), the X-Men

Enemies: Malcolm Cortez, Doctor Doom (Victor Van Damme of Earth-1610), the Fantastic Four of Earth-616 (Black Panther/T'Challa, Human Torch/Johnny Storm, Storm/Ororo Munroe, Thing/Ben Grimm), the Hand of Earth-91126 (Elektra, numerous others), Iron Fist of Earth-91126, Kitty Pryde of Earth-91126, Shang-Chi of Earth-91126, Spider-Man (Peter Parker), Sunfire of Earth-91126, Ash Williams of Earth-818793, pretty much any living being;
    Formerly Acolytes (Malcolm Cortez, others), Alpha Flight (Aurora, Guardian, Northstar, Puck, Sasquatch, Snowbird), Angel, Avengers (Colonel America/Steve Rogers, Giant-Man/Hank Pym, Hawkeye, Power Man/Luke Cage), Black Bolt, Black Knight, Black Panther (T'Challa), Captain Marvel, Daredevil, Doctor Doom, Ego the Living Planet, Freedom Force (Avalanche, Mystique, Pyro), Galactus, Juggernaut, Magneto, Mole Man, Ms. Marvel, Red Skull, Rhino, Sabretooth, Scarlet Witch, Shang-Chi, Silver Surfer, Sinister Six (Doctor Octopus, Electro, Green Goblin, Mysterio, Sandman, Vulture), Skrulls, Spider-Man (Peter Parker), Super-Skrull, Thor, Triton, Venom

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: "Logan"

Base of Operations: Mobile through Earth-91126;

    Formerly mobile throughout reality-2149; Xavier Institute for Higher Learning, Westchester, New York, USA, Earth-2149

First Appearance: Ultimate Fantastic Four I#22 (October, 2005)

Powers/Abilities: Wolverine was a mutant with superhuman senses (especially smell), a healing factor that usually healed physical injuries and Adamantium claws that he could extend from his forehands.

After being infected with an extradimensional virus, Wolverine's healing factor was rendered inert and his body began to decay. The virus also rendered Wolverine effectively dead, unable to feel pain and, despite even life-threatening physical injury, he could continue existing as long as his brain stem was intact and functioning. The virus also heightened Wolverine's already superhuman senses, allowing him to sense any living being near him, and it caused Wolverine to painfully hunger for living flesh and meat despite also causing a build-up of stomach acid that dissolved anything he ate. Immediately after devouring flesh, Wolverine's proper mind would return for a brief period until the hunger would once again cloud his mind and compel him to eat living meat. If Wolverine went for an extended period without eating, the hunger would disappear and his senses would be restored until tasting flesh, which would renew the painful hunger.

For several decades, Wolverine's body housed a portion of the Power Cosmic, inherited from Galactus after Wolverine devoured the cosmic being. The Power Cosmic allowed Wolverine to fly and survive in space unaided. It also allowed him to project cosmic energy from his hands and he could combine his power with that of his fellow Galacti to devour planetary matter. While empowered by the Power Cosmic, Wolverine could feed off of this power when there were no living beings for his hunger to devour.

Height: 5'3" (by approximation)
Weight: 215 lbs. (by approximation-see comments)
Eyes: No visible irises
Hair: Black

History: (Marvel Zombies: Dead Days#1 (fb) - BTS) - Wolverine was a mutant member of the heroic X-Men, based out of the Xavier Institute for Higher Learning in Westchester, New York.

(Marvel Zombies: Dead Days#1) - After a zombie-like infection spread through the superhero community and an infected Alpha Flight attacked the Xavier Institute for Higher Learning, Wolverine and the other X-Men attempted to fight off Alpha Flight as they devoured Professor X. When Magneto arrived and bludgeoned each of the Alpha Flight members, warning the X-Men that the new rule was kill or be killed, Wolverine demanded to know who Magneto to talk in such a way to the X-Men. However, upon learning that more zombie heroes existed, Wolverine asked Magneto to simply point him in the right direction to destroy the creatures. Wolverine then accompanied the X-Men in battling the infected Avalanche, Pyro and Mystique and later assembled with some of the remaining non-infected heroes aboard a S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier. As the newly-dubbed Resistance discussed the matter of the zombie heroes, USAgent questioned why Magneto was present and Wolverine threatened USAgent, assuring the other heroes that Magneto was with the X-Men. The Resistance's leader, Nick Fury, then announced his plan to have Mister Fantastic, Iron Man and Bruce Banner work on a cure for the infection while Wolverine and the other Resistance heroes split into squads and attempt to rescue the non-infected. Split into a squad with Magneto, Wolverine battled the zombie Sinister Six before becoming overwhelmed by more zombie heroes and newly-infected members of the Resistance. During the massive battle against the zombies, Wolverine was bitten and infected by both Hawkeye and Colonel America.

(Ultimate Fantastic Four I#22 (fb)) - Wolverine continued to valiantly fight against the zombie heroes, only to eventually succumb to the infection and become a zombie.

(Deadpool: Merc with a Mouth I#2 (fb)) - After becoming a zombie, Wolverine joined the other infected heroes in attacking more heroes.

(Marvel Zombies vs. Army of Darkness#5) - The zombie Wolverine joined up with the army of so-called Marvel Zombies to attack Doctor Doom's stronghold in Latveria, where numerous uninfected survivors were hiding out. After the surviving Doctor Doom and Scarlet Witch were infected, the extradimensional Ash Williams used the mystic Necronomicon to summon an army of undead Deadites to battle Wolverine and the Marvel Zombies. Making short work of the Deadites, Wolverine and several other zombies made their way to the newly-infected Doctor Doom, who had sent the uninfected survivors to other realities using his interdimensional transporter before his infection had fully set in. As the zombie Thing clobbered Doom, Wolverine noticed the sentient Necronomicon that Ash Williams had left behind when he had went into the transporter but, upon realizing he had no use of the book, Wolverine hurled the book to the zombie Hulk for use as toilet paper.

(Ultimate Fantastic Four I#23) - When the Fantastic Four tricked Earth-1610's Mister Fantastic into visiting their Earth-2149, Wolverine used his superhuman senses to track the escaping Mister Fantastic-1610 to a group of surviving humans and the uninfected Magneto. He then led the other zombie superheroes to the group of the survivors but the survivors were rescued by the rest of Earth-1610's Fantastic Four and they escaped to Earth-1610, with Magneto staying behind on Earth-2149 to destroy the dimensional portal machinery.

(Marvel Zombies I#1) - Wolverine and the other zombie heroes confronted the surviving Magneto and while Colonel America offered to let Magneto die painlessly before they devoured him, Wolverine argued against that, claiming that he had waited a long time to hear Magneto squeal. Unfortunately for the zombies, Magneto managed to escape them but Wolverine and the other zombie heroes eventually located Magneto, who was bitten by the zombie Wasp. Hulk then tore off Magneto's leg to feed on it while Wolverine and the other zombies devoured Magneto en masse. Following the feast, Wolverine and the other zombie heroes, having regained a portion of their thinking once their hunger had been temporarily satiated, discussed what they should go next since food sources were dwindling to almost nothing. The discussion was ended when the Silver Surfer arrived on Earth and Wolverine and the others immediately saw the Surfer as a potential food source.

(Marvel Zombies I#2) - After the Silver Surfer seemingly disappeared, Wolverine and the other zombie heroes looked around in an effort to find the cosmic being before Wolverine asked Colonel America if he had a plan. Realizing that the Surfer moved too fast to easily catch, Wolverine and the other zombies split up and prepared to meet up later that evening. Later, Wolverine accompanied several other zombie heroes to meet up with Iron Man and other zombie heroes but when Colonel America claimed Magneto had ruptured a gas main and burned before he could be eaten, Iron Man refused to believe Colonel America's story. Wolverine then watched Iron Man deduced Colonel America's lying, only to admit he was angry because he didn't get a taste of Magneto. When the Silver Surfer appeared again and announced that he had signaled his master Galactus, Wolverine and the other assembled heroes, unsure of what the Surfer was talking about, decided to swarm the Surfer.

(Marvel Zombies I#3) - Wolverine watched as the flying zombie heroes swarmed the Silver Surfer, who blasted several aside, insisting that they should all be grateful for their horrific world to end. When the Silver Surfer was knocked from his surfboard by Thor and Colonel America promised double rations for whoever killed the Surfer, Wolverine made his way to the Surfer and announced the Surfer his target, only to rip the flesh off of his own arm as he tried to claw the Surfer. Admitting wishes that either his healing factor could fight decomposition or that he had Adamantium ligaments to hold his bones together, Wolverine cut the rest of his arm off, figuring that he had no more use of it. Iron Man, having been blown in half by one of Silver Surfer's blasts, then asked Wolverine to hurl him back into battle so that he could give the Surfer all he had and Wolverine agreed, moments later joining in an all-out attack as the Surfer reunited with his board and attempted escape. The Hulk soon bit off the Silver Surfer's head in a fit of hunger and Giant-Man gathered the corpse of the Silver Surfer, allowing Wolverine, Power Man, Iron Man, Colonel America, Spider-Man and Hulk to feed on him. After Colonel America and Giant-Man fried other zombie heroes who had grown angry at the small group feeding on Silver Surfer, Wolverine and the other now cosmic powered zombies stood in surprise when Galactus arrived on Earth.

(Marvel Zombies I#4) - Wolverine and the other surviving zombies attacked Galactus in an attempt to feed on him but Galactus fought the zombies into retreating to Giant-Man's lab. Days later, Wolverine reported to Spider-Man and Power Man that some of the zombies had returned from Wakanda with Vibranium that Giant-Man used to create an amplifier device. Following the zombies into Times Square, Wolverine combined his cosmic power with that of the other zombies and channeled it into Giant-Man's amplifier, using the power to fire a blast that injured Galactus.

(Marvel Zombies I#5) - Combining their power once more, Wolverine and the other cosmically-empowered zombies hit Galactus a second time with energy fired from Giant-Man's amplifier, downing the space god. Earth's zombie super-villains then rushed to consume Galactus but Wolverine and the other heroes halted their progress, forcing a battle between the heroes and villains. During the scuffle, Wolverine battled the zombie Juggernaut, decapitating his foe by plunging his claws into Juggernaut's face and projecting cosmic energy from his hand. Tossing the destroyed Juggernaut aside, Wolverine then focused his next attack on the zombie Sabretooth, eventually destroying him as well while the other heroes destroyed their respective foes. Losing Colonel America in the battle against the villains, Wolverine and the other zombies were then surprised to see Galactus still alive but before Galactus could further act, Wolverine and the zombies swarmed over Galactus, feeding on him.

(Marvel Zombies Return#1 (fb)) - Wolverine and the other zombies ate Galactus, leaving his skull intact while feasting on his innards.

(Ultimate Fantastic Four I#32/Ultimate FF I#4 (fb)) - As Wolverine and the other zombies finished up devouring Galactus, Earth-1610's Doctor Doom entered Earth-2149. The zombies were immediately drawn to Doctor Doom-1610, who saw Wolverine and the others' imminent attack as a new challenge.

(Marvel Zombies I#5) - Five years later, Wolverine and his small group of surviving zombies had departed Earth for space, consuming planets and earning the combined name of the Galactus.

(Black Panther IV#27) - In an attempt to utilize the mystic King Solomon's Frog to rid themselves of a Negative Zone insectoid, Earth-616's Black Panther, Storm, Thing and Human Torch found themselves transported to Earth-2149's Skrull homeworld, where Wolverine and the rest of the Galactus was about to devour the planet.

(Black Panther IV#28) - As Wolverine and the Galactus neared the Skrull homeworld, the Skrulls were unsure what the decaying zombies truly were and initiated their Galactus protocols, erupting a force field around the planet. When Spider-Man hit the force field extremely hard, Wolverine and the other Galactus zombies laughed at him before Wolverine used his claws to easily cut through the force field. The Skrulls then fired missiles at Wolverine and the others but they made short work of the missiles using cosmic energy blasts and then ventured to the ground level, where they began devouring Skrulls. Enjoying his raw Skrull meat, Wolverine then watched as Hulk exclaimed his increasing hunger and swatted aside Power Man when Power Man made a sarcastic response to Hulk's exclamations. The Galactus then attacked several Skrull warships as Earth-616's Fantastic Four attempted to find a way to help stop the Galactus.

(Black Panther IV#29) - While Earth-616's Fantastic Four encountered and attacked the zombie Power Man, Wolverine slaughtered a group of Skrull soldiers, sarcastically remarking on his intent to make them into "Skrull-kebob." The remaining Skrull soldiers present ultimately tried to send a private to negotiate with the insatiable Wolverine but Wolverine blew the private's face off with a cosmic blast and reminded the soldiers that he was busy eating. When Power Man later returned to the other zombies, Wolverine laughed at the joke Hulk made at Power Man's expense. After Power Man then got into an argument with Iron Man that resulted in Power Man punching Iron Man into the sky, Power Man informed Wolverine and the other zombies that he had learned that the Fantastic Four he had encountered were from another reality and the zombies commended Power Man on the possibility of forcing the Fantastic Four to lead the zombies to Earth-616.

(Black Panther IV#30) - Wolverine and the other Galacti zombies eventually located Earth-616's Fantastic Four moments after they had destroyed zombie Skrulls with the original Fantastic Four's powers and demanded they turn over their dimensional travel device. The more sensitive Spider-Man, however, reminded Wolverine and the others how far they had fallen and how they used to beat up villains who threatened others but Wolverine was unaffected by Spider-Man's speech, claiming he had been "grim and gritty" his entire life. As Wolverine and Hulk approached the Fantastic Four, they used King Solomon's Frog to transport themselves elsewhere and Wolverine blamed Spider-Man for whining. The Galacti then fed on more Skrulls but when Power Man and Iron Man got into an argument again, Wolverine opted to find his own snack while they hashed it out. The zombies were soon surprised when Thanos seemingly appeared and announced that his mistress Death was going to reward their life-ending efforts with her embrace. Wolverine argued that they didn't wish to actually die and when the guilt-ridden Spider-Man bowed at "Death's" feet, he smelled Skrull meat and "Thanos and Death" were revealed as shapeshifting Skrulls, which Wolverine and the other zombies swarmed. After finishing up the remaining Skrulls, Wolverine and the other zombies opted to test their Galactus powers by combining their energies to devour the entire planet, destroying it while the Fantastic Four teleported off-world using King Solomon's Frogs.

(Marvel Zombies 2 I#2 (fb) - BTS) - Wolverine continued traveling through space, devouring each planet the zombies came across, for forty years.

(Marvel Zombies 2 I#1) - After weeks of more travel and feeding, Wolverine and the rest of the Galactus reached the edge of the known universe and realized that they had devoured nearly everything in existence. When Giant-Man suggested leaving, Wolverine questioned where they would go for food that they had not yet been and Giant-Man responded by reminding them of a dimensional transporter that Mister Fantastic had used to escape to another reality. Giant-Man then suggested they all return to Earth to find the dimensional transporter and, along the way, Wolverine and the zombies stopped to devour Ego the Living Planet. They then continued their trek towards Earth.

(Marvel Zombies 2 I#2) - Wolverine and the rest of the Galactus continued towards Earth until Spider-Man's joking around angered Giant-Man and the two nearly fought until Iron Man and Hulk helped break up the fight. The zombies eventually arrived on Earth just as the son of Fabian Cortez was trying to take over the Earth settlement of New Wakanda from the Black Panther, who had recently been transformed into a zombie to save his life. When the zombies prepared to eat the human settlement, Spider-Man turned against the other zombies and Giant-Man ordered the other Galacti to kill Spider-Man, an order Wolverine was happy to comply with. Announcing that he always suspected things would come to a fight with Spider-Man, Wolverine attacked Spider-Man but Power Man came to Spider-Man's defense and a rift soon erupted between the Galactus zombies with Wolverine fighting Power Man and Iron Man battling Spider-Man. Black Panther and Wasp then began pushing the zombies to the outskirts of the village and his scientist Reynolds activated a force field that sealed Wolverine and most of the antagonist zombies outside New Wakanda while Spider-Man, half of Power Man, Bruce Banner and the zombie Gladiator remained inside the force field.

(Marvel Zombies 2 I#3) - Spider-Man, Power Man, Black Panther and Wasp battled the zombie Gladiator while Wolverine, Giant-Man, Iron Man and their allies, the zombie Dark Phoenix and Firelord, attacked the force field hoping to break through. Wolverine and the others soon stopped when an Iron Man armor-wearing Forge helped Spider-Man and Power Man destroy Gladiator. Reminded of their mission to find the dimensional transporter, Wolverine, Giant-Man, Firelord, Dark Phoenix and Iron Man flew off, leaving New Wakandan behind as they traveled to the Baxter Building in search of the transporter. After battling all of the Baxter Building's defenses, Wolverine and his squad of zombies failed to locate the transporter and Iron Man quickly deduced that Forge had taken the dimensional transporter years earlier during a raid on the Baxter Building for supplies.

(Marvel Zombies 2 I#4) - Wolverine accompanied his zombie squad back to New Wakanda but they arrived to find Black Panther, who offered to turn over the dimensional transporter in exchange for sparing the remaining non-infected humans. Once Wolverine's squad agreed, Black Panther had the force field lowered but then immediately had it reinstated once Black Panther and his allies were outside the field. While Black Panther fought Wolverine and his allies battled the other zombie, the zombie Iron Man found himself trapped inside the field and ran into New Wakanda. Dark Phoenix soon began to overpower Black Panther and his allies, and Wolverine witnessed Giant-Man squish Black Panther into the ground. As the battle progressed, Wolverine was surprised to see the force field go down, unaware that an awakened Bruce Banner had accidentally knocked Reynolds into the field control panel, and Giant-Man immediately ordered Wolverine and the others to break away from the fight and enter New Wakanda to feast. Wolverine, Giant-Man and Dark Phoenix quickly made their way to the bunker housing the human settlers but Giant-Man was surprised to find that his hunger for flesh had dissipated.

(Marvel Zombies 2 I#5) - When Giant-Man announced that he was no longer hungry, Wolverine continued threatening the humans, remarking that it meant more food for him, but Giant-Man insisted Wolverine stop to think for a second. Iron Man arrived shortly after and agreed with Giant-Man that the zombies' hunger for flesh was gone and ordered Wolverine to drop the human he was threatening. Wolverine did so as Power Man burst through the wall and punched Giant-Man, who insisted that they no longer wished to eat the humans. The fight was quickly calmed and Wolverine watched as the human Malcolm Cortez argued against trusting the now-repentant zombies. The zombie Hulk soon arrived, announcing his hunger, and Wolverine and the other zombies attempted to calm the Hulk but Hulk continued to rampage and Cortez agreed to a truce with Wolverine and the other zombies until the Hulk could be stopped. After the Hulk killed the zombies Hawkeye, Dark Phoenix, Firelord and even Iron Man, the human scientist Reynolds sacrificed himself to satiate the Hulk and Hulk's eating of Reynolds caused him to revert back to Bruce Banner. When Banner begged for death, Wolverine, Spider-Man and Giant-Man reluctantly combined their cosmic powers to execute Banner. Wolverine then prepared to work with the other repentant zombies to help rebuild the damaged New Wakanda. Three weeks later, Wolverine joined the other zombies and some of the human settlers at the funeral for the destroyed zombies Hawkeye, Hulk, Dark Phoenix, Iron Man and Firelord and following the funeral, Wolverine was summoned with the other zombies to a meeting held by Malcolm Cortez.

(Marvel Zombies 2 I#5/Marvel Zombies Return#1 (fb)) - Once there, Malcolm Cortez revealed to Wolverine and the other zombies his plans to rid the world of the zombies and activated the repaired dimensional transporter, sending Wolverine and all of the other zombies out of reality-2149 before murdering the investigating Forge.

(Marvel Zombies Return#3 (fb)) - Transported to Earth-91126, Wolverine found his Power Cosmic abilities were gone but all missing body parts and his hunger for flesh had been restored. Inexplicably finding and changing in a costume resembling his original costume, the zombie Wolverine laid low for months, paranoid at the loss of his cosmic power and feeding only on the homeless, leaving nothing behind so that his victims would not be infected and compete with him for food. Eventually, Wolverine's confidence returned and he began openly feeding on other living beings, inadvertently threatening to spread a zombie infection across Earth-91126.

(Marvel Zombies Return#3 (fb) - BTS) - Unbeknownst to Wolverine, Earth-2149's Spider-Man had also been transported to Earth-91126 and he had been secretly feeding off Wolverine's leftovers while working on a vaccine for their zombie infection.

(Marvel Zombies Return#3) - Wolverine wandered into a battle between the ninja Hand group and the teenage mutant Kitty Pryde. Sensing living flesh, Wolverine attacked Kitty, who phased the zombie Wolverine through her own form, before Wolverine instead set his sights on the Hand ninjas as appetizers. After completely devouring the Hand ninjas, Wolverine again turned towards Kitty Pryde but Kitty was rescued by Earth-2149's Spider-Man, whom the Earth-2149 dimensional transport had deposited on Earth-91126 years earlier. Taking Kitty to his lab, Spider-Man-2149 explained that the zombie Wolverine Kitty had encountered was not from her reality and that he had been working on a vaccine that could save Wolverine-2149 from his own hunger. While Spider-Man-2149 informed Kitty that they would need a blood sample from Earth-90211's Wolverine in order to finish the vaccine for Wolverine-2149, the zombie Wolverine trapped a Hand ninja and demanded to know where Earth-90211's Wolverine was but before the ninja could answer, Wolverine accidentally popped his claw through the ninja's brain, killing him. Witnessing the zombie Wolverine's attack, Earth-90211's Sunfire attacked the zombie, thinking him to be an insane Wolverine-90211, and their fight knocked the zombie Wolverine into an underground Tokyo martial arts fight club. Club participant Iron Fist questioned what Wolverine was doing there but Wolverine responded by stabbing his claws through both Iron Fist and Sunfire and when another participant, Shang-Chi, refused to allow Wolverine to continue killing, Wolverine chopped off Shang-Chi's hand. Earth-90211's Wolverine then confronted his zombie counterpart, stabbing him with his claws and hurling him across the room. Promising to teach Wolverine-90211 some style, the zombie Wolverine readied for another attack but both Wolverines were then met by a large number of Hand ninjas. After teaming with Wolverine-90211 to defeat the Hand ninjas, killing Elektra himself, the zombie Wolverine then turned his attention back towards his Earth-90211 counterpart, who slashed out the zombie Wolverine's guts. Claiming that he would outlive and outlast his living counterpart, the zombie Wolverine expressed an interest in eating the flesh of his own counterpart before an infected Hand ninja jumped at Wolverine-90211, who decapitated the zombie as the zombie Wolverine cut the ninja's legs off. Spider-Man-2149 and Kitty Pryde then arrived and while Wolverine-90211 was distracted, the zombie Wolverine stabbed his living counterpart in the chest. The zombie Wolverine then looked at his former zombie teammate Spider-Man and admitted that he had expected more from the wall-crawler, who insisted that he could vaccinate them from their zombie infection. Announcing that he was exactly what he wanted to be, a zombie killing machine, the zombie Wolverine lunged at his still-living counterpart and the surviving Hand ninjas but Kitty Pryde attacked from behind, stabbing the zombie in the eye. When the zombie Wolverine knocked Kitty aside, Wolverine-90211 stabbed the zombie and cut out his innards. When the zombie Wolverine's Hand ninja victims then succumbed to their zombie infections, Wolverine-90211 slashed the ninjas until there was nearly nothing left. Spider-Man then left the scene with the webbed-up zombie Wolverine in tow as Wolverine-90211 and Kitty Pryde left to get food, unaware that Wolverine-90211 had been bitten by one of the zombie Hand ninjas.

Comments: Created by Mark Millar, Greg Land and Matt Ryan.

Wolverine's real name was never given. In Marvel Zombies Return#3, various characters call him Logan but that is only because they mistakenly think he is Earth-90211's Wolverine. It seems likely that his real name would be James Howlett, like his Earth-616 counterpart, but it's also possible that he wasn't James Howlett since he hails from an alternate reality.

Wolverine's height is approximated from that of his Earth-616 counterpart. However, his weight is approximated by taking the weight of Earth-616's Wolverine with Adamantium (300 lbs.), subtracting the non-Adamantium weight of Wolverine-616 (195 lbs.), which equals 105 lbs. I then basically added some more weight to the 105 since Wolverine is a little bulky for a short guy but he would not be the full 300 lbs. due to the extensive decay/missing limbs of his zombie body.

Profile by Proto-Man.

Earth-2149's Wolverine has no known connections to:

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Marvel Zombies 2 I#1 (December, 2007) - Robert Kirkman (writer), Sean Phillips (art), Bill Rosemann (editor)
Marvel Zombies 2 I#2 (January, 2008) - Robert Kirkman (writer), Sean Phillips (art), Bill Rosemann (editor)
Marvel Zombies 2 I#3 (February, 2008) - Robert Kirkman (writer), Sean Phillips (art), Bill Rosemann (editor)
Marvel Zombies 2 I#4 (March, 2008) - Robert Kirkman (writer), Sean Phillips (art), Bill Rosemann (editor)
Marvel Zombies 2 I#5 (April, 2008) - Robert Kirkman (writer), Sean Phillips (art), Bill Rosemann (editor)
Deadpool: Merc with a Mouth I#2 (October, 2009) - Victor Gischler (writer), Bong Dazo (pencils), Jose Pimentel (inks), Axel Alonso (editor)
Marvel Zombies Return#1 (November, 2009) - "Undead" Fred Van Lente (writer), "Sick" Nick Dragotta (art), Bill "Blood-Red" Rosemann (editor)
Marvel Zombies Return#3 (November, 2009) - Jonathan Maberry (writer), Jason Shawn Alexander (art), Bill Rosemann (editor)
Ultimate FF I#4 (September, 2014) - Joshua Hale Fialkov (writer), Andre Araujo (art), Lauren Sankovitch (editor)

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