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Real Name: Logan

Identity/Class: Alternate reality (Earth-652975) human mutant (Canadian)

Occupation: Adventurer, field commander of the X-Men;
former Canadian intelligence officer

Group Membership: X-Men (Colossus, Cyclops, Dazzler, Nightcrawler, Professor X, Storm)

Affiliations: Lockheed, Kitty Pryde

Enemies: Brotherhood of Mutant Terrorists (Blob, Juggernaut, Magneto, Pyro, Toad, White Queen), Living Monolith, Mystique, Nimrod, Reavers, Sentinels, Wendigo

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters, Westchester County, New York;
formerly Canada

First Appearance: Pryde of the X-Men cartoon special (September 16, 1989)

Powers/Abilities: Wolverine is a mutant possessing enhanced senses and the ability to heal from physical injury. In addition to his mutant powers, Wolverine possesses an unbreakable Adamantium skeleton and retractable Adamantium claws that can slice through virtually anything. When properly "motivated," Logan's Adamantium claws function like "laser blades," emitting a long-range spark that can cut and disrupt even the strongest machinery and organic surfaces with ease.

Height: 5'3"
Weight: 195 lbs.
Eyes: Black
Hair: Black


(X-Men Arcade Game (fb) - BTS) - A Canadian citizen, Logan was once a Canadian intelligence officer before joining the heroic mutant team X-Men as Wolverine and gaining permanent resident status in the United States.

(Pryde of the X-Men cartoon special) - While Charles Xavier was welcoming new student Kitty Pryde to his school with a tour through the Danger Room Control Center, Pryde witnessed Wolverine training with his fellow X-Men in a holographic projection simulating the ruins of an ancient Aztec city. After his teammate Nightcrawler teleported safely out of range from the attack of a giant stone golem, Wolverine used his Adamantium claws to cut through the attacker with one cut, completely destroying the monstrous simulation with one seemingly-easy slice.

When Nightcrawler teleported inside the Control Room to greet the young girl, Pryde panicked and phased through the Danger Room's Control Console, causing Storm's weather-training sequence to go haywire. Using her powers, Storm created a gust of wind strong enough to lower Kitty safely into the arms of the X-Man Colossus but when Wolverine was quick to voice his displeasure with the young girl's age and inexperience, Storm used her weather-controlling abilities again…this time to create a small thunderstorm over Wolverine's head. Before Wolverine could finish his next insult, an alarm sounded through the Danger Room, signaling a Mutant Alert. While Xavier and Pryde stayed behind, Wolverine piloted the Blackbird carrying his fellow X-Men and flew to an observatory in deep space to confront members of the Brotherhood of Mutant Terrorists Blob and Pyro, who took hostages while they were attempting to steal coordinates for the Scorpio Comet. Upon arrival, the X-Men confronted the evil duo. Before Wolverine could act upon a threat from Pyro, the Mutant Master of Flame created a fire blast that distracted the X-Men long enough for the two Mutant Terrorists to escape.

The X-Men returned to the Mansion to find an ambush had taken place in their absence by Magneto and Juggernaut, who had taken Cerebro's Mutant Power Circuit. Wolverine, Nightcrawler and Dazzler found a stunned and frightened Kitty Pryde, who was once again scared by Nightcrawler's appearance. Wolverine again pointed out Pryde's age and lack of experience in battle and told Kitty that "the X-Men don't have room for whiny brats." Kitty took offense to Logan's insult but was interrupted by Charles Xavier and the other X-Men before she could give Logan a piece of her mind.

Learning that Magneto was planning to use the Mutant Power Circuit to amplify his own mutant magnetic powers and move the Scorpio comet into the path of Earth, which would wipe out of all humanity, Wolverine, again voicing his displeasure about Kitty's inexperience, and the rest of the X-Men traveled to Asteroid M, Magneto's space-based headquarters. Once the X-Men arrived, Wolverine led the team through the interior of the Asteroid using his mutant tracking skills. During the assault, Wolverine was ambushed from above by Toad but quickly subdued him by cutting through part of the Asteroid to trap the mutant terrorist. The X-Men eventually regrouped and confronted Magneto and his Brotherhood of Mutant Terrorists, defeating them before the comet could destroy the Earth. However, Magneto and his Brotherhood escaped as the Scorpio comet collided with Asteroid M. In the end, Wolverine was forced to concede that Kitty might have what it takes to be an X-Man... someday.

(X-Men Arcade Game) - After Magneto made another attempt to destroy humankind in the 21st century, Wolverine and his fellow X-Men stopped Magneto's forces from destroying a city with Wolverine occasionally utilizing a new maneuver with his claws called the "Adamantium Laser Blade." During Wolverine and the X-Men's battle with Magneto's army of magnetically-controlled Sentinels, other robots and mutant creatures, Magneto captured Kitty Pryde and Professor Xavier and retreated to Island M, his ocean-based headquarters. After defeating seemingly endless waves of enemies (including the monstrous Wendigo, Sentinel Nimrod, White Queen, Reavers and Juggernaut), the X-Men were able to rescue Kitty Pryde but Professor Xavier (who was secretly being impersonated by Mystique) was taken to a rebuilt Asteroid M.  Following a giant Sentinel into space, Wolverine and his teammates once more engaged Magneto's gauntlet of villains (who had retreated from the city and Island M to regroup and recover on Asteroid M), stopped Magneto, rescued the true Professor Xavier and escaped Asteroid M before it was destroyed. Wolverine returned to Earth with the X-Men victorious but always vigilant should Magneto and his evil army return to threaten mankind again.

Comments: Created by Larry Parr and Marvel Productions (see Appearances list for list of artists involved).

Here's a quote from story editor Rick Hoberg regarding Wolverine's accent (taken from the book X-Men: The Characters & Their Universe): "I ended up being the voice director on the show, and I was forced to use the Australian version of Wolverine (which coincidentally, foreshadowing the casting of Australian actor Hugh Jackman in the live-action X-Men film), because all of this Australian stuff was popular at the time - the Mad Max films, "Crocodile" Dundee,  and so on - it was going to turn out (in the comics) that Wolverine was an expatriated Australian. The direction of the character however never got beyond the plotting stages and Wolverine remained Canadian in the comics."

The information about Wolverine being a Canadian citizen with permanent resident status in the USA, his time with Canadian intelligence, his height, weight, eye color and hair color were all taken from the miniature bio of Wolverine on the front of the 6-player arcade cabinet. Special thanks to Justin Peek at Nashville's Game Galaxy Arcade for providing close-up shots of the arcade character bios for reference!

Profile by The_Valiant_One.

Earth-652975's Wolverine has no known connections to:

images: (without ads)
X-Men Animation Special GN, p45, pan6 (Wolverine crouched, main image)
Pryde of the X-Men cartoon special (Wolverine headshot & sharpening claws)
X-Men Arcade Game (Wolverine used Adamantium Laser Blade on Magneto's robots)

Pryde of the X-Men cartoon special (September 16, 1989) - Larry Parr (writer, story editor), Russ Heath, Carol Lundberg (models), E.R. Cruz (background layouts), Will Meugniot, Larry Houston, Rick Hoberg (story editors, storyboard editors), Neal Warner, Rudy Cataldi, Tom Ray, Eileen Dunn, Charlie Downs, Margaret Nichols, Stan Phillips (animation directors)
X-Men Arcade Game (1992) - K. Hattori, Captain Oe (visual design), Y. Asano (design works), Lee (chief producer, director)

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