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Abominable Snowmen See also Lizard Men, Cold People and Susquatch.

Abysmia USA Comics #1 (1941) Subterranean realm situated below North America and led by Rockman.

Adze Tomb of Dracula #1 (2004) Vampire variant hailing from Guyana, South America.

Aerians Ka-Zar the Savage #2 (1981) Winged race from Pangea in the Savage Land.

Afterlings Conan the Barbarian #43 (1974) Bat-human hybrids created by the sorcerer Morophla and later controlled by Varnae.

Akaana Savage Sword of Conan #53 (1980) Humanoid man-bats mistaken for Harpies by the Argonauts @ 1100 BC; preyed on the Bogonda and other tribes in Africa in 16th century until slaughtered by Solomon Kane

Alpha Primitives Fantastic Four #47 (1966) Cloned humanoids created by Inhumans @ 2000 BC for use as slaves and dwelling below Attilan.

Amajo Suki Young Allies #17 (1945) Caucasian-esque giants living in or near Japan.

Amazon Giants Journey into Unknown Worlds #36 (1955) Ancient tribe of giants living deep in the Amazon area of Brazil and discovered by anthropologists in the 1950s; mysteriously forced to return to life every 3000 years to witness the coming of Garsen’s Comet.

Amazons Savage Sword of Conan #41 (1979) Hyborian era tribe of women warriors from the Black Kingdoms; the rulers are all named Nzinga

Ancient Blade: Vampire Hunter #1 (1999) Alleged first vampire race on Earth

ancient race Conan the Barbarian #100 (1979) Long extinct winged humanoids that existed before the dawn of mankind.

Animates Tales of Suspense #15 (1961) Unrevealed life forms that have the appearance of living suits of armor or stone statuary; pass themselves off as ghosts to scare off humans and avoid detection; a colony dwelled within the 700 year old Blackhorn Castle in England.

Ani-Mates New Mutants #55 (1987) Evolved intelligent animals created on Paradise island by Ani-Mator.

Anti-Bodies X-Factor #28 (1988) Human mutates created and controlled by the mutant Infectia; enhanced size + strength + durability; tend to disintegrate after using up all of their energy.

Apaco Namora #1 (1948) Lost Mayan city in Mexico.

Ape Lords Conan the Barbarian #37 (1974) Ape-like humanoids that existed during the Pre-Cataclysmic and Hyborian Eras

Aquanoids Marvel Team-up #14 (1973) aka. Men-Fish; Creations of Dr. Dorcas, more created by the Piranha and led against Namor.

Aquaticans Weird Wonder Tales #22 (1977) Aquatic fish-like humanoids, invasion plot stopped by Dr. Druid

Atlanteans Motion Pictures Funnies Weekly #1 (1939), Undersea post-cataclysm Atlantis discovered and colonized by Homo mermani @ 6000 BC

Atlantean "Ranine" Men's Adventures #27/3 (1954) Aquatic frog-men that were friends of Prince Namor and allies of Atlantis; lived in a caste system comprised of a group called the Builders and another referred to as Fishermen; lead by Natu.

Atlantean Fairy Creatures Strange Tales #68 (1959) Mischevious races of Leprechauns, Gremlins and other fairy creatures that once inhabited the island kingdom of Atlantis; banished to a dry deep sea cavern in the Atlantic Ocean by an Atlantean wizard for stealing a magic orb that protected Atlantis from sinking; rediscovered in the 1950s by millionaire explorer Serge Kemplet who by accident got his submersible stuck in the cavern’s opening and later stayed behind to prevent them from escaping to the surface world.

Atlantean Fishmen Adventures into Terror #4 (1951) Mutated form of Homo Mermani and having a fish-like appearance; able to become invisible, shrink in size, use mind control and cause humans to mutate into one of them.

Augmen Iceman #1 (2001) Children given mutant implants by 3rd Species technology at Winterbrand Technologies under direction of Alan Weiss.

Avians Red Raven Comics #1 (1940) Winged Inhumans offshoot living in an aerie above the clouds, responsible for the creation of the Red Raven; later faked destruction of city and race in order to insure privacy.

Beast Things Chamber of Chills #6 (1973) Mysterious subterranean humanoid creature discovered roaming the countryside of a small unrevealed European nation; genetically experimented on by scientists; similar creatures cloned for use as weapons; creature escaped lab along with a cloned female; species now able to produce offspring.

Bedlamites Alpha Flight #56 (1988) Mutates created by Bedlam which attempted to take over Box (Jeffries) when he absorbed the mass of Bedlam's HQ and flew into space; destroyed by Alpha Flight

Berev'ha Dentii Ghost Rider #89 (1997) Rat-men, all except Verminus Rex apparently perished under unrevealed circumstances.

Bhadwuan Ka-Zar #1 (1974) Savage Land tribe descended from the original Atlantean builders of Pangea; humans with a dark complexion.

Bio-Synthezoids Avengers: The Ultron Imperative (2001) Android race created by Alkhema

Birdmen Daring Mystery #2 (1940) Winged humanoids, possibly related to the Avians; fled into space and colonized a small planetoid named Sunev located past Earth’s moon and invisible to most forms of detection; two factions, the birdmen and the Parrotmen vie for control of the planetoid.

Bird-Men Kull the Conqueror #2 (1983) Pre-Cataclysmic Era winged-folk descended from Ka; slaughtered by first true men from the north and eventually passed on to another plane of existence

Bird-Men of Akah Ma’at Conan the Barbarian #153 (1983) Pre-historic and Hyborian era winged humanoids created by Oshtur to battle the creations of Chthon and Set; dwelled in a great city above the clouds.

Bird People Red Raven Comics #1 (see Avians)

Black Giants Savage Sword of Conan #22 (1977) Hyborian era tribe that dwelled on an island in the Western Sea; drugged visitors to the island and immersed them in a magical pool which shrunk and petrified them; slaughtered by Conan and the Zingaran buccaneers, the last one destroyed the pool, which destroyed the island as well

Bogonda Tribe Savage Sword of Conan #53 (1980) 16th Century African tribe that were driven into valley by cannibals; they became trapped and preyed upon by the Akaana

Braineaters Marvel Spotlight #3 (1972) A gang of werewolves unwittingly created by Jack Russell and based out of the Black Moon Bar & Grill; took pleasure in slaughtering humans; many killed by Jack Russell and Silver Dagger.

Brides of Dracula Dracula Lives #1 (1973) Female vampire servants of Dracula dwelling within his Castle; named: Vanessa Brooks, Bettina, Catherine, Velanna

Cadre Web of Spider-Man Annual #9 (1993) Superhuman offspring of a human mother and a Hellbent Prime; discovered on the doorstep of an upstate New York monastery and raised by the Knights Templar; Dementia, Shard, Vortex

Cathari Blade: Vampire Hunter #1 (1999) Ancient order of warrior/scholars devoted to combating creation's dark aspects such as demons, formerly based in Chiaroscuro until it was torched in Calcutta by the Sons of Set; Bible John and a few still exist in hiding

Cat People Conan the Barbarian #251 (1991) Hyborian Era humans mutated by Shing Luu and used to slaughter fishermen until they were slain by Conan

Cat-People Ka-Zar the Savage #1 (1981) Savage Land Pangean tribe that worship and sacrifice large cats

Cave People Captain America Comics #1 (April, 1941) Neanderthal tribe lead by the tyrant, Bonzo; enemies of Tuk and his friend Tanir, a rival pre-historic tribe speculated to be a branch of early Inhumans.

Centaurs Journey into Mystery Annual #1 (1965) Mythical creature that is half man and half horse from Greek legend.

Changelings Incredible Hulk #249 (1980) Humanoid animals created by Woodgod using the same technology that created him; all but Woodgod are alleged to have been killed.

Charniputra Tomb of Dracula #2 (2005) Vampire variant native to the Himalayas.

Chavante Tribe Sun Girl #3 (1948) Savage tribe of headhunters living deep in the Brazilian rainforest; worshipped a giant gorilla called Bokk until captured by American explorers and sold to the Winterfield and Grimes circus.

Chichaqua Tribe Alpha Flight #67 (1989) Extinct Native American tribe from Canada; nearly brought Dreamqueen to Earth.

Children of Bast Conan the Barbarian #226 (1989) Possible descendants of the god(dess) Bast; could transform into panthers.

Children of Danu Marvel Comics Presents #22/3 (1989) See Tuatha de Danan; wolf people.

Children of Dis Ka-Zar the Savage #10 (1982) Alledged to have been the descended from the elder gods, later trapped in an Atlantean inferno.

Children of Eternity Marvel Preview #8 (1976) Vampires trapped at their age as children when they were turned into vampires, apparently slaughtered by Blade but more than likely active once again

Children of Ishiti Conan the Barbarian #138 (1982) Reptilian humanoids and lesser form of the Serpent Men; descendants of Ishiti in the Hyborian Age

Children of Judas Dracula Lives #3 (1973) 19th Century coven of vampires and servants of Dracula; their bite transformed Elisabeth van Helsing into a vampire.

Children of Rhan Savage Sword of Conan #64 (1981) Hyborian era race of females spawned from the pirate captain Rhan and a demoness after he had called on demons (Dark Ones, Great Goat Gods, Muhr, Set) for aid when shipwrecked on the island of Zahrahn; Live extended life in child-life form, but upon maturity begin to transform into monstrous, man-killing creatures; removal from the island makes them age into adulthood within a few days.

Children of the Comet Adventures into Fear #21 (1974) Superhumans created by the caretakers in order to join with mankind and carry on their work; prematurely awakened and killed the caretakers before dying themselves

Children of the Damned Frankenstein Monster #18 (1975) Humanoid creations of Ludwig + Basil Frankenstein and later cared for by Victoria Frankenstein.

Children of the Night Skull the Slayer #8 (1976) Society of Aztek/Incan priests living within the Bermuda Triangle Time Warp in the City of Gold, cult of the Jaguar Priest worshipped and used jungle cats for various acts.

Chupacabras Fantastic Four: Isla de la Muerte #1 (2008) Humanoid blood-sucking creatures native to Old San Juan, Puerto Rico; descendents of el Comecogollos and the Mocha Vampires; sighted across the world but avoid human contact due to disinterest; return home every 10 years to breed, habitat replaced in recent years by land development; driven by Mole Man to kill people in an effort to remove mankind from the island; versions of species consist of winged creatures with enhanced strength and speed; they can avoid detection by most scientific methods, and can penetrate the Invisible Woman's force fields; large ones that are strong enough to grapple with the Thing and smaller ones which are exceptionally swift.

City of Gold Skull the Slayer #7 (1976) Aztec/Inca city trapped a time warp within the Bermuda Triangle ; home to the Children of the Night, Jaguar Priests and Viracocha.

City of Silenced Men Journey into Unknown Worlds #17 (1953) Underwater city of the dead situated in the Gulf of Mexico and ruled by an unrevealed demon.

Clab Mystic #11 (1952) Peaceful shaggy subterranean shape shifters that were tirelessly hunted to extinction by a rival group called the Paladorn; sought to hide among the surface population but were discovered and massacred by the Paladorn.

Clan Akkaba X-Men: Apocalypse vs. Dracula #1 (2006) Descendents of Apocalypse, most slaughtered by Dracula in 1897, leaving only Jack Starsmore and Frederick Ferguson surviving.

Clan Destine Marvel Comics Presents #158 (1994) Superhuman offspring descended from Elalyth, a Djinn and Adam Destine; spread across the world and living in small groups; each family member possesses some form of paranormal ability.

Cloud Men Astonishing #5 (1951) Mysterious, sentient humanoid cloud people living high above Earth’s atmosphere; captured human aircraft pilots and transformed them into Cloud Men using a gas called X-2-A.

Cold People Fantastic Four #145 (1974) Abominable snow men that acquired technology from Tibetan monk who became their spiritual leader(Master) @ 500 years ago, transformed into human form in the modern era.

Colony Marvel Super-Heroes #5 (1991) Self-supported underground community for radiation victims, hidden below a NORAD facility in Arizona.

Crawlers Avengers #203 (1981) Anaerobic mutations apparently destroyed by xenophobic street gang.

Creatures of the Cave Alpha Flight #83 (1990) Unidentified group of humanoid reptiles @ 8000 BC; battled Tribe of the Moon; possible connection to the Serpent Men.

Cyclopes Journey into Unknown Worlds #50 (1956) Greek giants of myth descended from Gaea and Uranus (Argus, Polyphemus) - later generation; freed by Zeus for siding against Cronus, employed by Hephaestus in designing the Olympian God’s weaponry; slain by Apollo after Zeus used a thunderbolt to slay Aesclepius.

Dark Elves of Svartalfheim Thor #344 (1984) Faerie folk of Asgard; tried to enslave humans with magic food; magical powers but have a weakness to iron or steel, prominent members include Grendell, Algrim/Kurse, Malekith, Wormwood

Deathspawn Ghost Rider #1 (1990) Mystically powered race or clan that battle Ghost Rider (Dan Ketch); known members include Deathwatch, Hag, Snowblind, Troll.

Deltans Marvel Graphic Novel#18: The Sensational She-Hulk (1985) LMDs that infiltrated SHIELD and replaced members and leaders with their LMDs; brought about near destruction of SHIELD and eventually destroyed by Nick Fury.

Deviants Eternals #1 (1976) Offshoot of humanity created @ 1 million BC by Ziran of Celestials first host; mortal enemies of Eternals; briefly enslaved humanity in past until the Celestials destroyed their capital city; genetically created various races of Subterraneans for slaves; possessed unstable genetic line that is responsible for variable monstrous physical mutations.

Devoured Chamber of Chills #4 (1973) Species of intelligent telepathic ants living on a desert island; use mind control to influence other creatures to eat them in order to transform the eater into a more powerful and higher evolved ant creatures.

Dino-Men Codename: Genetix #3 (1993) Genetically altered Savage Land dinosaurs; turned humanoid by Oonagh Mullarkey by gene-splicing dinosaur DNA with material from Wolverine.

Dome Fantastic Four #224 (1980) Shelter for Viking society ruled by Harek Korgon in the wastelands of the North since the 1st millennium.

Dominant Species Uncanny X-Men #417 (2003) Lupine mutants.

Dire Wolves X-Treme X-Men: Savage Land #2 (2001) Savage Land werewolves; some controlled by Savage Land Mutate Lupa

Dovecote Captain America #238 (1979) Hidden mountaintop citadel owned by Steven Tuval.

Dragon Kings Creatures on the Loose #26 (1973) humanoid reptiles native to pre-Cataclysmic Lumeria; sought to conquer the human race and hand over the Earth to their gods, the Lords of Chaos.

Drain Dwellers Power Pack #12 (1984) NY City Morlocks that chose to remain separate from main group; consisted of Annalee, Ape, Beautiful Dreamer, Erg, Piper, Tar Baby.

Dwarves Elektra: Assassin #6 (1987) Failed attempt by SHIELD to create genetic super-agents and later utilized as technicians.

Earth Dwellers Tales of Suspense #12 (1960) Ancient technologically advanced alien civilization that attempted to form an Earth colony in Earth’s distant past; forced to build a colony deep underground due to extreme weather phenomenon; left signs of their existence on the surface via ancient ruins below a French island prison.

Earth Lords Avengers #207 (1981) Enhanced humans from a mediterranean island; currently reside in the Shadow Realm.

El Dorado Avengers I#30 (1966) Legendary City of Gold in the Andes Mountains; citizens moved to the subterranean cavern known as Eurasia.

Elves of the North Pole Howard the Duck #3 (1980) Fairy creatures working to build toys in Santa’s workshop.

Eternals Eternals #1 (1976) Former primitive humans empowered with cosmic energy by Celestial first host; a group stayed on Earth while another set up a colony on Titan; often mistaken for legendary heroes and gods.

Eurasia Namor Annual #1 (1991) Subterranean caves; new home of El Dorado citizens.

Externals X-Force #10 (1992) Loose nit group of immortal mutants; most were killed by Selene.

Eyes Astonishing #30 (1954) Human eyes mutated into giant form with tentacles; lived under the sea near Rhode Island

Faceless Ones Tales to Astonish #73 (1965) Carnivorous aquatic creatures; live in caves near Atlantis.

Fairies of Otherworld Wisdom #1 (2007) Otherworld denizens once assaulted Earth until Oberon negotiated peace settlement in exchange for Peter Wisdom "marrying" Tink; Oberon is the King and Titania is the queen of the Fairies.

Fall People Astonishing Tales #3 (1970) Primitive human Savage Land tribe ruled by a chieftain; friends of Ka-Zar.

Feeders Spirits of Vengence #7 (1993) Subspecies of humanity alleged to have existed before the fall of the dinosaurs; eat living humans.

Fire Men Marvel Mystery Comics #14 (1940) Ancient group of Tibetan Lamas that built the Temple of Flame in New York City to imprison giant Fire Monsters; Lamas were partially resistant to fire and heat and possessed undefined mystical abilities.

Fire Monsters Marvel Mystery Comics#14 (1940) Giant humanoid Cyclops from Tibet; imprisoned by Lamas below the Temple of Flame in NY City; used as pawns by the greedy Lama Culflam; possessed superhuman strength, resistant to fire and heat, and able to produce and shoot small amounts of flame from their body.

Fireproof Natives Fantastic Four I#9 (1962) African tribe that can render themselves immune to flame.

Fish-men Young Allies #2 (1941) Unrevealed amphibious tribe of savages living on an uncharted island in the Sargasso Sea and dubbed New America in the 1940s

Fish People from Atlantis Mystery Tales #9 (1953) Sub species of Homo Mermani from Atlantis with a fish-like humanoid form; genetically manipulated some of their kind into human form and sent them to dwell on the land to explore the possibility of conquering the surface world; may be related to the Atlantean Fishmen.

Flame Men Mystic Comics #5 (1941) Subterranean race (possibly Lava Men?) that lived inside a volcano near the town of Las Palmas Mexico and ruled by an ancient god-like giant called Volcan the Sub-Earthman.

Followers of Ba’al Wolverine #11 (1989) Former inhabitants of Gehenna under Baal’s rule and later reincarnated him by reassembling the Gehenna Stone; formerly mimicked vampires and later briefly transformed into true vampires when Baal completed the stone.

"four-armed men" Menace #4 (1953) ) Subterranean race; large and strong; four-arms; a quartet of them sought to conquer the surface world, sent "Jane Bryant" to infiltrate them

Frankenclones Spider-Man Unlimited #21 (1998) Humanoid creations of Walston Kraft.

Frogs of Central Park Thor #364 (1986) Semi-intelligent frogs possibly descended from one that was previously human; allied with Thor while trapped in frog form and battled against the rats of Central Park.

Gammaworld World War Hulk: Warbound #1 (2008) Town of Stoneridge, New Mexico, surrounded by Leader's dome; citizens mutated by exposure to gamma radiation.

Gargoyle Men Tales of Suspense #46 (1963) Gargoyle-like subterranean humanoids living below the African continent; African tribes treated them as gods and often carved idols in the image.

Gargoyles Gargoyle #2 (1985) Mystically created sentient demonic looking stone statues constructed on Christian cathedrals and given mobility by Derwyddon; most have been returned to stone but a few may still be hiding among humanity.

Gene Nation Uncanny X-Men #322 (1995) Mutant descendents of the Morlocks trained to be terrorists by Mikhail Rasputin; later set up a colony in Africa.

Ghouls Marvel Mystery Comics #10 (1940) Cannibalistic subterranean humanoids; abducted four human females for sacrifice to their dark gods but thwarted by the Angel (Halloway).

Giant-Kings Conan the Barbarian #7 (1971) Elder race of flesh eating giants from the distant past; also active during Hyborian Era.

Giants of Olympus Hulk: Hercules Unleashed (1996) Progeny of Gaea once inhabiting ancient Thrace and now living in Olympus.

Giants of the Congo Marvel Mystery Comics #18 (1941) Inhabited a hidden valley somewhere in the mountains of Africa’s Congo; mortal enemies of the Limbos lizard men; Bogat, befriended Ka-Zar (David Rand) when saved from falling down a deep crevasse during an earthquake; later assisted Ka-Zar in fighting off an attack by the Limbos.

Gigantos Fantastic Four #1 (1961) Giant, subterranean living Deviant mutates serving Mole Man.

Golden People Marvel Super-Heroes #19 (March 1969) Humanoid Savage Land tribe gifted with technology by Ka-Zar.

Gor-Tokian X-Men I#41 (1967) Slave race created by Deviants @ 17500 BC, led by Gor-Tok the First to rebel against Deviants; most died from underground nuclear tests

Gorgons USA Comics #6 (1942) Human sub-species with living snakes protruding from their heads. Descendants of Medusa and her her sisters. Some possess more snake-like features like others. Created through curse by Olympian goddess Athena.

Grateful Undead Marvel Comics Presents #90 (1991) Subterranean society of warrior assassins and priests skilled in the arts of ninjitsu; worshipped the dead in the Cathedral of the Dead and misinterpreted their god’s will, were apparently destroyed by their god when he realized what they had become; Able to resurrect their own dead, hide in shadows, versed in mystic and warrior arts, consumed the flesh of the dead.

Gundar’s Vikings Tales of Suspense #39 (1963) Viking crew cursed by their cruel leader Gundar after instigating a mutiny and setting him adrift on a small boat; Odin hearing the curse sentenced the Vikings to exile on a tiny island for centuries without death; magically freed to return to the past by a descendent of Gundar who came to be shipwrecked on the island.

Gurbans Daring Mystery #6 (1940) Ancient nomadic tribe from North Africa during Egypt’s 4th Dynasty; enemies of Egypt’s Pharaoh Khufor; attacked Egypt but were defeated by the superhuman Dynaman who aided Pharaoh Khufor.

Gynosii Marvel Comics Presents #139 (1993) Chinese form of undead, animated by Tsin Hark; cross between a vampire and zombie.

Hellbent Mark Spector: Moon Knight #44 (1992) Hybrid race created from the merging of other older races with humanity; lead by Seth the Immortal.

Hellhounds Rom #5 (1980) Dogs mutated into semi-humanoid form by Dire Wraith technology and sorcery.

Hidden Ones Fantastic Four #51 (2002) Branch of Inhumans captured by Nazis in WWII who tried to force them to serve as part of the Loki Project; escaped captivity and went into hiding.

Hill People Journey into Mystery I#68 (1961) Extraterrestrial spores that landed on Earth in the ancient past and evolved into creatures of stone; trapped below the surface and later exiled into space by the Mole Man.

Homo Hostilis Hell's Angel #2 (1992) Bioengineered humanoid warriors devoid of free thought and used as agents by Mys-Tech.

Homo Mermani Motion Picture Funnies Weekly #1 (1939) Aquatic humanoids, possibly created either by Inhuman or Genetic experimentation, or by the Olympian god Neptune, originated @ 6500bc, worshipped Neptune, branched into two distinct groups, the Atlanteans and Lemurians.

Homo Perfectus X-Men #136 (2003) Self styled 3rd Species of mutant believed to be strong enough to survive mutant limb transplants.

Hunters in Darkness Wolverine #83 (1994) Wolf-like humanoid species dwelling in Canadian wilderness; believed to be forest spirits by the Blackfoot tribe; one was saved by Wolverine when it became caught in a bear trap and has exhibited gratitude by aiding him on other occasions.

Hydro-Men Sub-Mariner #61 (1973) Group of humans that were kidnapped and mutated by variant of Terrigen mist into scaly green-skinned amphibians; briefly dwelled in Atlantis and later Hydro-Base; cured by Reed Richards and Inhumans using anti-Terrigen mist.

Ignatius Rex Tales of Suspense #19 (1961) Highly developed intelligent plant life created by a botanist on an uninhabited island; created to defeat another plant creature dubbed the “Green Thing”; may still exist and eventually propagated a race of similar species.

Imps Marvel Mystery Comics #89 (1948) Magical fairy creatures known to inhabit musical instruments such as violins; able to become invisible and possessed various undefined magical abilities.

Infra-Worlders Incredible Hulk II#164 (1973) humans adapted for deep sea pressure after living five decades in gigantic submarine; unable to return to Earth’s surface without dying from pressure change.

Inhumans Fantastic Four #45 (1965) Humans mutated by Kree genetic manipulation in attempt to create a warrior race patterned after the Eternals; city of Attilan later relocated to the blue area of the Moon.

Inner Worlders Unknown World of Science Fiction #1 (1975) Formerly a tribe of prehistoric man that sought a peaceful existence below the Earth to avoid conflict with other more savage tribes; after thousands of years developed advanced sciences; H-bomb tests on the surface once threatened to destroy their cities and they captured a group of scientists from the surface to learn about and end their tests; attempted to mentally enslave a female member of the scientist’s group and wed her to the king’s son since there appeared to be too few women in their society.

Insect Men Tales of Suspense #24 (1961) Giant humanoid insects living deep below Earth’s surface; discovered by test pilot Sergeant Mason who was sent into Earth’s subterranean depths in a capsule designed to test psychological stress related to isolation; Insect Men viewed Mason simply as a pet.

Iquitos Journey into Mystery #61 (1960) Tribe from the Amazon jungle; M'Gumbu mystically shrank entire tribe to twelve inches for their crimes.

Isla Demonas Uncanny X-Men #422 (2003) Island littered with ancient ruins belonging to a mutant civilization dating from 15000 BC.

Jivaro Mystic #23 (1953) South American tribe; experts in shrinking heads.

Jumlin Tomb of Dracula #1 (2004) Native American vampires, enemies of Lucas Telling-Stone's tribe.

Kalahians Mystic Comics #4 (1940) Extradimensional technologically advanced civilization discovered in the 1930s by Dr. Bruce Dickson while on an expedition to climb Mt. Kalpurthia in the Himalayas; Kalahians were able to alter their physical forms and stretch into paper thin shapes; scientists imbued Dr. Bruce Dickson with their abilities and he went on to become the hero called the Thin Man; civilization apparently destroyed by V2 rockets by Agent Axis who failed to conquer the city for the Nazis.

Kemteron Alpha Flight #2 (2004) Little known tribe of demigods living in the Canadian northwest; home to Alpha Flight’s Yukon Jack.

Khoranese Conan Annual #6 (1981) People of the Lost City known as Khor.

Kingorge Daredevil #202 (1984) Descendents of a party of lost British explorers that went to Africa in 1775 where they reverted to savagery; discovered in recent times and brought to USA by Professor Horatio Piper.

Kkrul Astonishing #18 (1952) Ancient reptilian humanoid species sought shelter deep with the bowels of the Earth to avoid harsh weather on the surface; alleged to be the last surviving Kkrul, one escaped to the surface and using a form of osmosis assumed human form and killed three men to avoid being discovered.

Koma Koi Marvel Comics Presents #132 (1993) Island home to two cults fighting over the Tear of Heaven.

Korug Daring Mystery #6 (1940) Ancient lost continent once populated by a highly advanced society gifted with vast knowledge of science and architecture; landmass sunk into the ocean around 2500 BC roughly Egypt’s 4th Dynasty; civilization able to harness and control the elements; people possessed superhuman powers of the mind and body; known survivor of the disaster was a man named Lagaro (Dynaman) who fled the island to Egypt.

Kotapi Savage Sword of Conan #149 (1988) Panther people active in Kush.

Kraawl Fantastic Four #127 (1972) Serpent-like subterranean creatures serving Mole Man; possibly Deviant mutates.

la Hacienda Man-Thing #7 (1974) Hidden village in the swamp's of Citrusville, Florida; citizen's live extended by Fountain of Eternal Youth.

Lai-sons Captain America Comics #16 (1942) Aquatic green-skinned humanoids named after their goddess Lai-son, possibly an off-shoot of Atlantean or Lumerian people that lived off the Eastern Coast of America; in the past had bred with a group of Viking marauders who later betrayed them and sailed away with all their treasures; Nazi spies in the 1940s infiltrated their society and tricked them into attacking coastal American villages.

Lava Men Journey into Mystery #97 (1963) Gor-Tokian offshoot race mutated by the demon Cha’sa’dra.

Lemurans Ka-Zar the Savage #1 (1981) Savage Land tribe and apparent descendents of original Lemurians and Atlanteans, nearly all were killed when Terminus destroyed the Savage Land

Lemurians Sub-Mariner #9 (1969) Green-skinned branch of homo mermani, skin color apparently changed by power of Set/serpent crown

Leprechauns Tales to Astonish #32 (1962) Mystical guardians of ancient treasures of Irish myth.

Limbos Marvel Mystery Comics #19 (1941) Primitive reptilian humanoids living in a hidden mountain valley in Africa’s Congo; possessed poisonous fangs and used simple weapons and tools.

Little People Savage Sword of Conan#82/2 (1982) presumably Middle Ages; lived in Idlewood Swamp (King Mushkan, Kodom Shath, Baf, Farp).

Little People Astonishing Tales #60 (1957) Modern day Lilliputians; sought to bring back to their land a descendent of Lemuel Gulliver.

Lizard Men Tales to Astonish #24 (1961) Highly advanced civilization living deep below the Himalayas; Deviant mutates

Lizard Men Astonishing Tales #4 (1971) Lizard people from the Savage Land city of Vala-Kuri.

Lobster People Sentry/Hulk #1 (2001) Mutated by radiation, achieved rapport with the Hulk

"Lost Atlantis" Astonishing #59/2 (1957) Lost Atlantean city under a glass dome; home to humanoids with sharp teeth and gills.

Lyonesse Blackwulf #1 (1994) Subterranean realm formerly ruled by Tantalus.

Man-Apes X-Men #10 (1965) Primitive humanoids that were the first to inhabit the Savage Land; Maa-Gor's tribe are alleged to be the last living Man-Apes in the Savage Land

Man-Apes of Vilayet Giant-Size Conan #2 (1974) Hyborian era carnivorous beasts; possible spawn of Hanuman.

Man-Bats of Ur-Xanarrh Conan the Barbarian #153 (1983) Hyborian era humanoid bats created by Chthon; live in the floating city Ur-Xanarrh.

Man-Dragons Conan the Barbarian #82 (1986) Hyborian era humans transformed into alligator hybrids by Toroa; fate following his death is unknown.

Man-Serpents Conan the Barbarian #7 (1971) Serpentine creatures with the body of a snake and a humanoid head; Set descendants or creations.

Mandate Wolverine: Killing (1993) Hidden Tibetan colony in the Himalayas.

Manxes Marc Spector: Moon Knight#50 (1993) Wolf-like humanoids; Hellbent enemies.

Meatspore Stormtroopers X-Force #102 (2000) Russian automated biological weapon of mass destruction.

Medusa-Land Adventures Into Terror #15 (1953) Subterranean world below Athens, ruled by Medusa's descendants.

Mermaids Strange Tales #40 (1955) Legendary mythical race of aquatic humanoids possessing a fishlike tail and a human torso.

Mermen Strange Tales #40 (1955) See Mermaids.

Mist-Men of Sargasso Sub-Mariner #16 (1969) People who became mystically trapped in the Sargasso Sea; they gained eternal life as long as they stayed there, but aged rapidly upon leaving.

Mocha Vampires Fantastic Four: Isla de la Muerte #1 (2008) Ancient extinct evolutionary forebearers of the Chupacabras.

"Moksgm'ol" Spirits of Vengeance #4 (1992) American bear-people; Kody of Quentin Carnival.

Mole-Men Marvel Tales #152 (1956) Technologically advanced semi-humanoid subterranean race; invaded the surface, but couldn't survive in the oxygen-rich atmosphere.

Mole Men All-Select #6 (1945) Subterranean race created by the Yellow Claw a WWII Japanese operative; possessed enhanced strength and digging abilities; used to sabotage and destroy US military factories in the American mid-west.

Mole Men Strange Tales #73 (1960) Peaceful subterranean humanoids living deep below NY City’s 59th street subway station; attempted to exchange knowledge with humans aboard a train but believed by the local authorities to have abducted them against their will; the actions of a cop who rescued the passengers forced the Mole Men to return to their deep earth cities fearful of the humans' violent nature.

Mole Men Tales to Astonish #16 (1961) Shaggy subterranean humanoids; discovered by unscrupulous boxer who overdosed on pills that were designed to make him stronger and heavier; captured the boxer and turned him into their sparring partner.

Moloids Fantastic Four #22 (1964) Semi-humanoids from Subterranea and the second slave race created by Deviants; discovered and ruled by Mole Man.

Monolink Kingdom Daring Mystery Comics #6 (1940) Technologically-advanced Indian civilization of what appear to be deformed humans.

Monster Metropolis Punisher #11 (2010) Town built in abandoned Morlock tunnels beneath New York City where thousands of monstrous lived.

Morlocks Uncanny X-Men#169 (1983) Civilization of mutants and other outcasts living in underground tunnel systems; known branches in New York City, Chicago and London.

Mortuus Invitus Tomb of Dracula #2 (2004) The "Unwilling Dead," vampire society that rejects the bloodlust.

Mothmen Plasmer #2 (1993) Genetically engineered humanoid creatures created by Oonagh Mullarkey

Mu Namora #1 (1948) Sunken city in the Pacific Ocean with a protective dome over it

Myrmidons Fantastic Four #21 (1999) Fierce tribe of warriors from ancient Greece; allegedly created from ants by Zeus.

Neo X-Men #99 (2000) Civilization of mutants dwelling in seclusion on Earth; sought revenge on humanity after they lost their powers temporarily.

Neo-Apes Iron Man #79 (1975) Humans transformed into apes by Dr. Kurakill; apparently slew Dr. Kurarkill and are now under the care of Stark International.

Neo-Men Ka-Zar of the Savage Land #1 (1997) Savage Land Natives transformed by terraforming technology.

Neptunia Daring Mystery #7 (1941) Subterranean humanoid bat-fish men living below the Atlantic Ocean in a vast cavern system; Peter Nobel (the Fin) was believed to have been their reincarnated ancestor and declared the ruler of the kingdom.

Netherworld Tales of Suspense #43 (1963) Subterranean realm of Kala, populated by descendents of pre-cataclysmic Atlantis; inhabitants of a city live within an enclosed protective dome as protection from Deviant attack; later settled in a huge cavern below the floor of the Atlantic ocean; natives age rapidly on exposure to surface atmosphere.

Neuri Wolverine Annual #2: Bloodlust (1990) Inhuman looking humanoids that tap into Alshra, mistaken for monsters; many killed by Jahrmarkt

New Immortals Thor #420 (1990) Beings created and empowered by High Evolutionary based on cell samples of Thor; known members include Analyzer/Deus Ex Machina, Juvan, Nobilus, Zon.

New Men Thor #132 (1966) Humanoid animals genetically created by the High Evolutionary; later more primitive generation created by Mr. Sinister.

New Salem Fantastic Four #185 (1977) Magically cloaked city in Colorado; home to witches.

New Society Howard the Duck #32 (1986) Underground town created by Morton Erg (Gopher), patterned after the 1910 era.

Neyaphem Giant-Size X-Men #1 (1975) Race of teleporting mutants fathered by Azazel. See Nightcrawler.

Nhu' Gari X-Men: The Hidden Years #2 (2000) Winged white skinned Humanoid Savage Land tribe mutated by energies from the Place of Passage; most were killed by a lava flow that engulfed the Place of Passage.

Night People of Zero Street Captain America #201 (1976) Former residents of an insane asylum transported to an extra-dimensional realm by Abner Doolittle; relocated Zerotown to caverns below Central Park and added in society’s misfits.

Nosferatu Bloodstone #1 (2001) Vampire race; vermin-like face.

Nova Roma New Mutants #8 (1983) Brazilian community hypnotized to believe themselves to be descendents of ancient rome.

Octopus-Men Human Torch Comics #38 (1954) Aquatic humanoid octopi who dwelled in the deep Atlantic trench; sought revenge on the surface world when naval exercises involving explosive charges damaged their deep sea city; built a series of tunnels below several European cities loaded with explosives and ready to detonate and implicate the Americans to initiate a war; plot foiled by the Sub-Mariner and their leader was captured and taken prisoner by the US navy.

Onees Marvel Mystery Comics #14 (1940) Highly advanced subterranean Cyclopes; attempted to conquer the surface world by pulling all of Earth’s iron to their kingdom and cause the planet’s poles to shift.

Outcasts Fantastic Four Annual #13 (1978) Group of unsightly humans who have chosen to dwell in Subterranea.

Outcasts Incredible Hulk #329 (1987) Community of humanoid animal mutates in the New Mexico desert near Desert Base; created by gamma radiation.

Outcasts of the Arctic Circle Frankenstein Monster #4 (1973) Tribe of deformed people that befriended Frankenstein Monster in 18th Century.

Paladorn Mystic #11 (1952) Subterranean reptilian humanoid shape shifters that were a highly advanced aggressive society that was bent on exterminating a rival subterranean race called the Clabs. Hunted the Clabs to near-extinction and placed spies among the surface world with goals of searching out the Clabs' various hiding places.

Pantheon Incredible Hulk #368 (1990) Scientifically advanced secret organization based in a location called the “Mount”; Superhuman operatives descended from Agamemnon and named after heroes of Greek legend.

Pa-pi-ru-gu Captain America Comics #28 (1943) Volcano-dwelling civilization in the Solomon Islands; warriors ride giant birds.

People see Saurians.

People of the Dark Savage Sword of Conan #6 (1975) Hyborian era, subterranean reptile people dwelling in the Cave of Dagon; eventually devolved into completely reptilian creatures by the modern era.

People of the Dust Marvel Comics Presents #145 (1994) Immortal humanoids existing since the pre-Cataclysmic era; living below Cypress Hills Cemetery in the modern era.

People of the Floating City Captain America Comics #40/4 (1944) Peaceful, xenophobic seafaring people originating from Europe; over a thousand year span, they built a huge mobile floating city called Alcivempter on the Atlantic Ocean; conquered during WWII by Nazi forces who planned to use the city as a hideout for Hitler if the Allies won the war; rebel forces led by Lyander with the assistance of Captain America and Bucky liberated the Nazi occupied city.

People of the Hidden Valley Journey into Mystery #36 (1956) Unrevealed city of sorcerers descended from humans and dwelling within a magical city somewhere in an American desert; people lived in a peaceful society free of want or need and often tested outsiders with temptations to see if they were worthy of living in paradise.

People of the Hills Marvel Fanfare #52 (1990) Desert dwelling Moloch worshippers during 12th century.

“People with eyes in the back of their heads” Adventures into Weird Worlds #2 (1952) Possible mutant human species possessing an extra set of eyes located in the back of their heads; secretly live among the rest of humanity.

"Phytons" Conan the Barbarian #163 (1984) Ancient fungus-like humanoids living before the Hyborian era that were survivors of a meteor crash on Earth; later relocated to subterranean caverns; can assume human form by draining the life from others, emit toxic fumes.

Poltergeist Tales to Astonish #1 (1959) Satyr-like mischievous spirits of folklore; one acted as a ghost hunter in order to cover-up their existence.

Pride Codename: Genetix #3 (1993) Genetically created creatures

Psi Centaurians Human Torch Comics #37 (1954) Bat-like extraterrestrial criminals stranded on Earth for millennia; often mistaken for vampires.

Pterons Ka-Zar the Savage #2 (1981) Humanoid pterodactyls inhabiting caverns of Athmeth beneath Pangea in the Savage Land.

Puppet People Journey into Mystery #7 (1953) Former ugly or deformed humans turned into puppet sized people by a German man named Krueger using a secret magical formula; possessed limited intellects and free will and utterly loyal to Krueger who viewed them as his children.

Purebloods Blade: Vampire Hunter #1 (1999) Vampire race; were born as vampires.

Quetzals Marvel Tales #97 (1950) Lost Incan tribe.

Ravens X-Factor #54 (1990) Ancient organization of psychic vampires with 24 members.

Reptile Men Marvel Super-Heroes #19 (1969) Savage Land tribe formerly served the extraterrestrial Quor, raided villages to find Anti-Metal.

Robos Avengers: The Ultron Imperative (2001) Robot race created by Alkhema; minds based on brain patterns of Grim Reaper, Henry Pym, Scarlet Witch, Vision, Wasp and Wonder Man.

Robotopia Avengers: The Ultron Imperative (2001) Subterranean home to Robos and Bio-Synthezoids; situated in caverns below the Amenhotep III's tomb.

Rockhenge Sub-Mariner Comics #3 (1941) Underwater Druidic civilization.

Rock Men Hostess Advertisement (1977) Unrevealed tribe of cavemen who attacked the Hulk.

Samurai City Black Panther #6 (1977) Technologically advanced city within a mountain in the Himalayas; held the legendary Sacred Water-Skin, water that granted eternal youth.

Sasquatch Alpha Flight #1 (1997) Giant hairy apelike humanoids native to the forests of North America’s Pacific Northwest.

Satori Silver Surfer #132 (1997) Secret society of scientists, philosophers, poets and dreamers living on mobile fortress in the North Atlantic.

Saurians Ms. Marvel #20 (1978) Race of lizards mutated by US atomic radiation testing into human form; live in subterranean tunnels beneath USA in New Mexico and West Virginia; aka the People

Saur-Lords Captain America #414 (1993) Savage Land dinosaurs mutated into semi-humanoid state with human intellect by the High Technician.

Scions of the Jungle Jungle Action #6 (1955) Descendants of Egyptian colony in Lo-Zar/Tharn's unidentified region of Africa.

Seal People Marvel Mystery Comics #24 (1941) Humanoid seals from Antarctica who were enemies of Atlantis; race lead by an evil dictator called Lonu-Ne joined forces with the Nazis and Atlantis’ Prince Daka to invade the country of Argentina.

Secret Kingdom Daring Mystery #7 (1941) Subterranean race from an alternate Earth led by tyrant, the Underground Fuehrer; attempted to conquer the USA.

Serpent Men Kull the Conqueror #2 (1971) Humanoid reptiles of demonic or human ancestry created by Set around 1 million BC.

Serpent Men Captain America #344 (1988) Humans mutated by a serum created from the mutant Slither.

Serpent Men of Starkesboro Marvel Premiere #4 (1972) Descendents of spawn of Set.

sewer dwellers Daredevil #180 (1982) Society living in sewers below Manhattan; ruled by the King.

Sewer Men Marvel Mystery Comics #36 (1942) Sewer-dwelling society of criminals beneath New York City, existed for "generations" as of 1942.

Shangri-La Tales of Suspense #71 (1962)

Shark-People Young Men #25 (1954) White Sharks mutated by extraterrestrial; able to transform into human form outside water.

Sharks from Beyond Time Alpha Flight #83 (1990) Battled Tribe of the Moon @ 8000 BC.

Short Teeth See Berev'ha Dentii.

Snake Clan Peter Parker: Spider-Man Annual 2001 (2001) Tribe in Peru, enemies of the Spider Clan

Snake People See Children of Ishti

Snow Men Savage Sword of Conan #34 (1978) Hyborian era tribe of man-eating humanoids native to northern climates.

Spider-Clan Peter Parker: Spider-Man Annual 2001 (2001) Tribe in Peru, founded by Anansi, enemies of Snake Clan.

Spider People Marvel Team-up #111 (1981) Six-armed humanoid spiders created by Omm and mortal enemies of Set and his Serpent Men; dwell within the Temple of the Spider in present day Japan.

Starseed's society Marvel Premiere #28 (1976) People living on a mountain since the age of Neanderthals.

Stone Men Tales to Astonish #6 (1959) Large sized humanoids living in solid rock, deep below the Earth; briefly explored the surface world unaware of the existence of human life; unable to see or feel anything on the surface as they could only sense vibrations.

Sub-Earthmen Captain America Comics #17 (1942) Subterranean humans living deep beneath the American Mid-West and ruled by the benevolent Queen Medusa; sought shelter on the surface when above-ground military tests threatened their city with destruction; convinced to wage war on the US military by a Nazi spy called the Spook who supplied them with modern weapons.

Subhumans Spider-Man #13 (1990) People living in New York City's sewer system since 1962; degenerated by inbreeding and for some time ruled by Morbius.

Sub-Oceanic Utopians Strange Tales #96 (1962) Lost utopian society living below the Atlantic Ocean floor and having existed since the dawn of time; discovered by Robert Saunders while building a tunnel system to reach Europe; people were free of corruption, hate, greed and war.

subterraneans Monsters on the Prowl #13 (1971) Giant rat-people, last survivor Tragg banished to Negative Zone.

subterraneans X-Men Unlimited #49 (2003) Warrior race living in caverns beneath New Mexico. Ruled by High Tharen Tharkaris.

subterraneans Thing/She-Hulk: Long Night (2002) Insectoid vampires, assaulted New York subways.

Sun People Astonishing Tales #3 (1970) Powerful group of blue-skinned Savage Land humanoids ruled by their priestess-queen, Zaladane; established a small empire through conquest in the name of their sun god, Garokk.

Susquatch Hulk Comics #12 (1979) Giant ape-like humanoids living on Beaver Mountain USA; may be related to the Sasquatch race.

Swamp Men X-Men #10 (1965) Hairy humanoid tribe living in the swamps of the Savage Land; many transformed into mutates by Magneto.

Swarili Supernatural Thrillers #5 (1973) Extinct nomadic North African tribe living around 1000 BC; used as slaves for the Egyptian Pharaoh Aram-Set; known members include their former ruler N'Kantu (Livng Mummy)

Targoth War Machine #14 (1995) Genetically created humanoid zombies; first used by Vokhvy in Slorenia

Thundoa Strange Tales #54 (1957) Mystical 17th century town where time stands still and can only appear on the earthly plane one time per year; town discovered by Sal Fargo, a prospector who was invited to stay in Thundoa and live in paradise but was ultimately kicked out for trying to steal an incredibly large piece of uranium ore.

Tibetan Giants Captain America Comics #2 (1941) Giants living in the Himalayan mountain region of Tibet; possessed superhuman strength and invulnerable to physical injury; could only be harmed by intense sound; discovered and brought to America by Mr. Benson to perform criminal acts.

Tiny People Journey into Mystery #28 (1955) Diminutive civilization living inside a cave on a desert island on the Atlantic Ocean; befriended a shipwrecked man, escaping from military duty and invited him to live with them in paradise.

Troglodytes Avengers #115 (1973) Centuries-old inbred cave dwellers living below Garret Castle in England; formerly nomads and peasants hiding in caves to avoid being hunted a persecuted by the King of England.

Tree People Ka-Zar the Savage #13 (1983) Monkey-like humanoids living in a treetop village called Botor within the Savage Land’s Pangea region.

Tribe of Fire Savage Land tribe encountered by Wolverine.

Tribe of the Moon Alpha Flight #83 (1990) Canadian tribe @ 8000 BC; battled mystic threats.

Trolls Journey into Mystery #99 (1963) Minor giants from Norse and Celtic legend and dwelling in mountains, hills and forests of Scandinavia and England; various races include Forest Trolls, Ice Trolls and Rock Trolls; now mainly living in Asgard and Avalon

Tryks Blade #1 (2002) Vampire race, three staged symbiosis process; hunted other vampires.

Tuatha de Danan Marvel Comics Presents #22 (1989) Wolf/human shape shifters from Avalon that were driven away from the Earth dimension by suspicious humans.

Two-headed Thing Strange Tales #95 (1962) Giant subterranean creature from the Earth’s core; possessed two heads, limited telepathy, shape shifting abilities and superhuman strength; struck and killed by lightning on the surface; unrevealed if others of its kind exists deep below the surface; possibly related to the Deviants.

Tyrannoid Incredible Hulk #5 (1963) Subterranean race designed following the rebellion of the Gortokians, servants of the Roman Tyrannus (Romulus Augustus).

Underground Venom: Lethal Protector#1 (1993) Society of homeless people living in earthquake sunken part of San Francisco; for some time protected by Venom (Eddie Brock).

Underground Daredevil #333 (1994) Society of homeless people living in the sewers below Manhattan; aka Undergrounders or Tunnel Dwellers; led by former hero Peacekeeper

Underground Men Tales to Astonish #22 (1961) Tribe of Stone Age men found living in an undisclosed subterranean cave system by a young explorer; possibly related to the Sub-Earthmen.

Undersea Giants Amazing Adult Fantasy #13 (1962) Reclusive amphibious humanoids living in an undisclosed location in the Atlantic Ocean; once attacked New York City but repelled by an animated Statue of Liberty.

Undersea Titans Venus #17 (1951) 100' strong and powerful creatures, rapidly dehydrated and virtually petrified if deprived of water

Unforgiven Dead Namor #35 (1993) Degenerated group of aquatic humanoids of Atlantean or human descent who were worshippers of the Old Ones; life forces released when Suma-Ket was slain by Namor and the bodies were feasted on by the Faceless ones.

Unidentified tribes Consists of many primitive cultures from around the world living in isolation deep within unexplored territories; groups consist of headhunters, cannibals and other aboriginal cultures having little or no contact with the modern world.

  1. Brazilian Headhunters Journey into Mystery #5 (1953) Fierce Indian tribe; wore shrunken heads as charms.
  2. South Pacific Cannibals Journey into Mystery #1 (1952) Believed Bronson, a criminal wearing an atmospheric diving suit, was their Water god, Ironhead; chopped off his head when they discovered him to be other than what they first thought.
  3. Voodoo tribe Journey into Mystery #82 (1962) African tribe worshipping a golden idol called the Voodoo King.
  4. Handhunters Journey into Mystery #13 (1953) African tribe that hunt for and create shrunken hands instead of heads.
  5. Polynesian Islanders Journey into Mystery #44 (1957) Natives from an uncharted island discovered in 1890 by Mark Slade; tribe tricked into believing he was a more powerful shaman and began ordering the natives to search out pearls; Shaman used taboo and gain revenge on Mark Slade, stranding him on a tiny rock in a bay while hungry sharks swam around him.
  6. Pygmy Headhunters Strange Tales #72 (1959) African tribe attacked Dirk an ivory hunter while searching for the elephants graveyard.
  7. African Tribe Tales of Suspense #44 (1963) Native African tribe living behind a great wooden palisade and moats of quicksand for protection from an unknown monster; having never been contacted by the outside world, the tribe thought Russian (Serge Plotski) arms dealer was a god and left him outside the walls to fight the monster.

V’mira Z’han Savage Sword of Conan #76 (1982) Physically blind humanoids inhabiting the deserts and caves during the Hyborian Era; also known as the Bat-People.

Vampire Captain America Comics #24 (1943) Cursed form of undead created by Varnae in the distant past; dependant upon feasting on the blood of the living; formerly destroyed by the Montesi Formula; currently active once again.

Vega-Men Excalibur #31 (1990) Spawns of Vega Superior, son of Krakoa.

Walkers Hulk Comic #6 (1979) Twelve powerful Britons during the 6th century, constantly travelled to Otherworld. Six became corrupted and went to Netherworld.

Warpies Captain Britain #7 (1985) Human children mutated by energy released from the core continuum.

Wee-Folk Captain America Comics #69 (1948) Tiny humanoids ruled by King Teeny living in an unrevealed Arctic mountain range in Alaska or Canada; rescued Captain America from a plane crash; Captain America saved the Wee-Folk from a flood caused by the evil Prime Minister Grinko who sought to replace King Teeny and rule his kingdom.

Wendigo Incredible Hulk #162 (1973) People cursed for cannibalism in the great white north.

“Wendy's friends” Fantastic Four #239 (1982) small goblin-like entities living within bowels of earth; affected the population of Benson Arizona by confronting the citizens with their own dark natures and causing some people died from intense fear; entities befriended a little girl named Wendy.

Were-Borgs Marvel Comics Presents #85 (1991) Techno-organic humanoid constructs based on Dr. Meyer Herzog’s technology and improved upon by Dr. Jennifer Nyles; used as pawns by Commander Courage who underwent the treatment.

Were-Hyenas Conan the Barbarian #100 (1979) Pre-Stygians transformed by the winged horror.

Were-Men Marvel Fanfare #24 (1986) Servants of Lord Raven on Weirdworld

Were-Men of Sabra's Hyrkania Motormoth & Killpower #10 (1993) Wolf-Men of Qaar Gtoth.

Were-Rats Suspense #25 (1952) Intelligent lycanthropic rats living in the sewers of an unrevealed US city; bite can only transform willing humans into were-rats.

Werewolves Marvel Spotlight #2 (1972) Humans who metamorphosize into wolves or wolf-human hybrids.

Whirldemons Micronauts #31 (1981) Terrestrial demons that lived during the era of dinosaurs; bound for eternity by citizens of the Microverse.

Witches of New Salem Fantastic Four #185 (1977)

Wolf-Men of Valusia Kull the Conqueror #2 (1971) Pre-cataclysmic era were-wolves; sought the throne of Valusia from Kull and eventually usurp the Earth.

Worms of the Earth Savage Sword of Conan #17 (1977) Sub-human race, possible descendents of Dagon.

"Xenarthrans" Tales of Suspense #5 (1959) Reclusive humanoid beast-men dwelling within a domed underwater city at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean; fearing an invasion, destroyed a tunnel system being constructed near their city by humans; appeared to have a highly advanced culture and lived peacefully under the ocean for centuries.

Yeti Man-Thing #2 (1980) Descendants of Cro-Magnon men living in the Himalayas; discovered and led by Hiram Swenson

Yiki Onna Tomb of Dracula #1 (2004) Asian snow vampires from Japan

Zebra People Ka-Zar, Lord of the Jungle #12 (1975) Savage Land tribe; society made up of both white and black people; cover their bodies with black and white stripes; white skinned people wear black stripes while black skinned wear white stripes.

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