Real Name: Harek Korgon

Identity/Class: Human mutate

Occupation: Ruler

Group Membership: leader of a society of Vikings (Hrolf, Kraki, Wiglif)

Affiliations: Fantastic Four, Odin, and Thor;
former lover of Valthjona

Enemies: Wiglif; king Rothgar

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: "God"

Base of Operations: A Dome, somewhere in northern Europe, presumably in the Arctic Circle

First Appearance: Fantastic Four I#224 (November, 1980)

Powers/Abilities: Korgon is filled with a powerful energy he refers to as the Darkfield Illumination. This energy can be released and stored to empower a large dome, encompassing an entire village, utilizing advanced technology, for one hundred years. It can be used as a weapon, as projection of heat or force, and can remove the powers from other superhumans and presumably negate other sources of energy.
His power is most often released through his eyes, as a beam of energy, or as tear-like leakage. The energy in his eyes has rendered them blind, and instead it sometimes shows him dark visions of demonic versions of those around him.
When his powers became unstable, he released clouds of energy which circled the globe and caused energy disruptions where they went.
He is fifteen feet tall and likely possesses some degree of superhuman strength, but he is not very active, and is not very likely to be skilled in direct physical combat. He is apparently immune to the effects of disease and aging, making him virtually immortal, although fluctuations in his power can make him weak, and possibly even kill him. Energy disruptions can also affect his sanity, changing from the passive and benevolent being he normally is, into a violent, destructive, and suicidal state.
He may also possess the ability to make superhuman leaps of intuition. While he has remained within his castle/village for hundreds of years, he has been able to develop technology on par with and in some cases advanced over that of modern society.

Height: 15'
Weight: 1300 lbs.


History: (F4#224(fb)) - Around the turn of the first millennium AD, Harek Korgon was a normal member of a Viking-type society, and was in love with Valthjona, the daughter of King Rothgar. Since he was of a lower station then she, they knew the king would never consent to their love and so they fled the village. They were very close to an explosion of some sort (possibly an irradiated meteorite colliding with the earth, or a crashing alien ship).
Harek was blinded and Valthjona was mortally wounded by this explosion. Eventually he began to change, growing taller and leaking energy from his eyes, such that he was ostracized by the rest of normal society.
However, as he wandered, he found that some thought him to be a god-like being, and joined him on his journey. Eventually he had gathered a large group, which he brought into the frozen wastelands of the North, and he created the dome in which they built their village.
Korgon's energies were used to maintain an artificial environment within the dome, in which the people prospered. Many generations lived with Korgon's dome, completely isolated from and unknown to the outside world. Periodically, Korgon would send one of the villagers out into society, to learn about the state of the world and its development. Korgon was able to learn sufficiently from these missions to design advanced technology within the dome.

(F4#224, 225) - In the modern era, an imbalance in Korgon's powers, caused an energy surge when he attempted to release them to recharge the dome. A strange red mist floated throughout the atmosphere. Reed Richards analyzed the radiation within the mist and tracked it back to Korgon's dome. The Fantastic Four allowed themselves to be "captured" by Korgon's Vikings of the Dome, in order to investigate further. They were brought before Korgon, who explained his origins, and then told them that they would either heal him (so that he could replenish the dome one last time)--or they must die!!!!!
Of course, the Fantastic Four were more than willing to help, and Reed was able to successfully analyze and stabilize Korgon's powers. Korgon then revealed to Reed that he wished to end his own life, after he had givent he dome power for one more generation. The visions from the darkfield illumination had driven him nearly to madness, and he had grown tired of his existence as a god to the people of the Dome. However, one of the Vikings, Wiglif, overheard Korgon discussing his deathwish, and sabotaged Reed's equipment to prevent this. Instead of draining Korgon's power, the device then amplified it, filling Korgon with energy, pain, and madness. Korgon unleashed his power on the dome and anyone nearby.
Odin, the allfather of Asgard, had been observing these events involving those who had once worshipped him, and dispatched Thor to the Dome. Ultimately, even Thor could not control Korgon, and so Thor opened a portal to Asgard. Odin then drained off Korgon's excess energy and restored his sanity. Odin explained to Korgon that he had a need for, and a responsibility to his followers. Humbled, Korgon repaired the damaged dome, and then retook his mantle as god to the People of the Dome.

Comments: Created by Doug Moench and Bill Sienkiewicz.

I always loved this story. It was right around the time I had first started reading comics. I think Moench's run is one of the high points of the series. I would really enjoy seeing him come back and right some sort of sequel, but I guess its story has been told.

Try as a might, I can't think on any name for the Viking society of the Dome. Korgonites? People of the Dome? I don't know.

no connections to other races of Vikings living hidden in any domes in frozen wastelands, worshipping a man mutated by some sort of explosion astheir god.



Created by Korgon about one thousand years ago, the Dome serves as shelter, but also contains a receptacle that utilizes the energy released from Korgon to heat the dome. The Dome's also magnifies sunlight to minimize the energy needed from Korgon.
The heat from the radiators below the Dome eventually will begin to melt the ceiling, creating rain. The rain, irradiated from Korgon's energy, nourishes and mutates the flora and cools the floor of the dome, preventing further melting, until he heats back up enough again.

--Fantastic Four I#224 (224(fb) 224, 225





He is a loyal and level-headed follower of Korgon. While he is more than willing to fight to defend his god, he is not as bloodthirsty as many of the others, and so he often provided the voice of reason. He is looked upon as a leader.

--Fantastic Four I#224 (225




He was present when the Fantastic Four were initially captured, and had to be restrained, because he blamed them for the sickness of their god, and felt that they could not be trusted.

--Fantastic Four I#224 (225-BTS





Hrolf was the bad apple among the bunch. Odin looked down at him and saw him as the Loki of the people of the Dome. Hrolf distrusted the Fantastic Four (and all outsiders) and demanded their deaths from the moment they arrived. He sabotaged Reed's device intended to drain Korgon's energy, causing it to reverse. When everyone was nearly killed in Korgon's rampage, Wiglif unwittingly admitted his guilt.
Odin told Korgon, "...without such as Wiglif and Loki, the balance is meaningless."

--Fantastic Four I#224 (225


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Other appearances:
Fantastic Four I#225 (December, 1980) - Doug Moench (writer), Bill Sienkiewicz (pencils), Pablo Marcos (inks), Jim Salicrup (editor)

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