Classification: Artificial terrestrial life form

Location/Base of Operations: Uncertain, possibly the Formerly the sewers beneath New York City (The Bronx?)

Known Members: Fozzie

Affiliations: Hugo Lopez

Enemies: Local street gang (Lenny+Turk+others)

First Appearance: Avengers I#203 (January, 1981)

Powers/Abilities: The Crawlers were anaerobic, meaning they did not require oxygen to survive. They presumably could survive in outer space or under water as easily as on land. They possessed superhuman strength, durability, and agility, the extent of which is undefined. They were designed to survive in virtually any level of gravity or kind of environment, but they were vulnerable to fire. They could communicate telepathically, but the level of their intelligence (human, above or below) is undefined. It is not certain how they consume nutrients to survive, but they did live off of food stolen from the surface. It is also not certain if they are sterile or capable of reproduction.

History: (Avengers I#203) - The Crawlers were the results of seemingly failed experiments in anaerobic life forms for use in outer space. The scientists illegally dumped their waste down the drain, where the mixed with other chemicals (and possibly life forms) in the sewers to create a group of new life forms. These creatures realized that they did not fit in with the society above them, and so they took up residence in the sewers below the streets of New York. They still had to travel to the surface for food, candles, and other supplies, which they stole from local shops during the darkness of night.

Rumors of their existence began to circulate, generating fear and superstition amongst those living above them of creatures they called the Crawlers, named for the way they moved so heavily and low to the ground. One boy, Hugo Lopez, the son of an abusive mother, encountered and befriended the Crawlers, preferring life with them to his life at home.

When Wonder Man and the Beast got lost and wandered into Lopez's neighborhood, Hugo's sister, Juanita enlisted their aid, believing Hugo to have been kidnapped by the Crawlers. The two heroes investigated this, and found Hugo living happily with the Crawlers. Members of a street gang located and attacked the Crawlers, but were rapidly overpowered. Fearing the Crawlers might injure Hugo in their frenzy, Wonder Man and the Beast rushed him home, but he fled his abusive mother and returned to the Crawlers.

Still fearful that the Crawlers might now consider Hugo an enemy, the two heroes, and Juanita returned the Crawlers base. As Hugo attempted to convince Juanita to stay with them, Lenny and Turk set off dynamite outside of their base, and attacked the Crawlers with molotov cocktails. When the dynamite exploded, it sucked Hugo and the Crawlers out into the river, where their fate was unrevealed.

Juanita and Hugo Lopez

Comments: Created by David Michelinie and Carmine Infantino.

I don't know my geography well enough to tell exactly where this story took place, nor into what river they were sucked. However, I can't see any reason why some of the Crawlers couldn't have survived and decided to re-locate to a less hostile environment, either underwater or elsewhere. Carlos probably would have been killed.

Profile by Snood, reformatted by Daevanator.

Clarifications: the Crawlers have no known connection to

Avengers I#203, p11, pan3 (Crawlers main image)
Avengers I#203, Cover (Beast & Wonder Man VS Crawlers)
Avengers I#203, p16, pan2 (Juanita & Hugo Lopez)

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