Created by the extraterrestrial Nuwali race the Savage Land became home to many specimens over the years. Below are those you can find on this website.

Races & Tribes

Cat-People of Pangea (Ka-Zar foes)

Dino-Men (agents of Prime Evil)

Dire Wolves (Lupo, Savage Land Mutates allies)

Golden People (Savage Land, Ka-Zar characters)

Man-Apes (Savage Land race, Ka-Zar foes)

Man-Apes of Lost Lake (Ka-Zar foes)

Reptile Men (Savage Land, Ka-Zar characters)

Saur-Lords (Captain America foes)

Sun People (Savage Land tribe, Ka-Zar foes) - by MarvellousLuke

Tribe of Fire (Savage Land, Wolverine characters)

Vala-Kuri (Savage Land race, Ka-Zar characters) - by Grendel Prime



Agent of Earth's hive-mind (Heroes for Hire character)

Alpha Prime (Alpha Flight characters) - by Grendel Prime

Amphibius (Savage Land Mutates) - by Chadman

Avian (Alpha Prime member)

Barbarus (Savage Land Mutates) - by Chadman

Barok (Fall People, Tongah & Seesha's son)

Brainchild (Savage Land Mutates) - by Chadman

cave girls (Man-Apes)

cave women (Man-Apes)

Chakel (Tribe of Fire)

Chtylok the Che-K'n Kau (Spider-Man character)

Crag (Alpha Prime member)

Daniel (Savage Land tribesman) - by Proto-Man

Dephine (Aerian, Ka-Zar foe)

Dherk (Ka-Zar character)

Equilibrius (Savage Land Mutates) - by Chadman

Erista (Tribe of Fire, Wolverine's child)

Falke (Tribe of Fire)

Felina (Leanne's smilodon, Ka-Zar character)

Gahck (Savage Land, mother of Wolverine's child) - by Madison Carter

Gaza (Savage Land Mutates) - by Chadman

Glumph (Tribe of Fire)

Guard-Beast (Sun People's city, Ka-Zar foe)

Intuition (Sensors) --possbly

Kaffkal (Tribe of Fire)

Kamil (Ka-Zar character)

Kapah (Fall People, Ka-Zar character)

Kendra (Savage Land tribeswoman) - by Proto-Man

Khalf (King of the Pterons, Ka-Zar/Shanna foe)

Khar-Tan the Beauteous (Red Wizard victim)

Khonsah (Fall People, Ka-Zar character) - by MarvellousLuke

Khup (Aerian, Ka-Zar foe)

Kor-At (Sun People)

Kronak (Fall People, Ka-Zar character) - by MarvellousLuke

Ku-La (Man-Apes)

Leanne of the Lemurans (ruler of Lemurans, Ka-Zar character)

Leash (Savage Land Mutates) - by Chadman

Lodah (Fall People, Ka-Zar character)

Lorelei (Savage Land Mutates) - by Chadman

Lupa (Savage Land Mutates) - by Chadman

Lupo (Savage Land Mutates) - by Chadman

Maa-Gor (Ka-Zar foe)

Malgato (Ka-Zar foe)

M'Dom Typ (Savage Land Aerian, Ka-Zar character)

Michael (Man-Apes)

Miesho (Ka-Zar character) - by Chadman

Nereel (Fall People tribe, Savage Land native, Colossus lover) - by Norvo

Nuba (Golden People)

Peter (Colossus' son) - by Norvo

Phantom Eagle (Savage Land, Ka-Zar/Skaar character)

Piper (Savage Land Mutates) - by Chadman

Primate (Alpha Prime member)

Razorak the Bold (Red Wizard victim)

Red Wizard (Great Cataclysm)

Red Wizard (1000 AD)

Sagyr (Golden People)

Sandratha (Ka-Zar foe)

Sarak (Fall People, Ka-Zar character)

Savage Land Mutates (X-Men/Avengers foes) - by Chadman

Seesha (Fall People, Tongah's wife) - by MarvellousLuke

Selma (Fall People, Ka-Zar character)

Sensors (agents of High Evolutionary) --possibly

Sep (Aerian, Ka-Zar character)

Shaman (Tribe of Fire)

Sight (Sensors) --possibly

Smell (Sensors) --possibly

Sound (Sensors) --possibly

Taste (Sensors) --possibly

Torgah (Fall People, X-Men character) - by Chadman

Touch (Sensors) --possibly

Tul (Ka-Zar character)

Vertigo (Savage Land Mutates/Marauders) - by Chadman

Whiteout (Savage Land Mutates) - by Chadman

Worm (Savage Land Mutates) - by Chadman

Xantia (Super Soldiers) - by Changeling

Zaladane (Ka-Zar/X-Men foe) - by Chadman



Apocalypse robot (Wolverine foe)

Brandon, Clete (former soldier, Savage Land resident) - by Prime Eternal

Caretakers of Arcturus (Morbius foes)

C'rel (People, X-Men character) - by Spidermay

Ford, Montgomery (Ka-Zar foe) - by Grendel Prime

Gog (Tsiln, Spider-Man/Ka-Zar character)

Griffin (Beast foe/Namor ally)

Jimi (People, X-Men character)

Ka-Zar (Kevin Plunder)

Khadar (Ms. Marvel (Danvers) foe) - by Spidermay

Khor (Golden Age Vision foe) - by Ronald Byrd

Madri (The People)

Mickey (The People)

M'kai (People, X-Men character) - by Spidermay

People (Lizard People/Saurians, Ms. Marvel/X-Men characters) - by Spidermay

Pride (agents of Prime Evil)

Prime Evil (Genetix foe)

Quor (Ka-Zar foe)

Sauron (X-Men/Avengers foe) - by Chadman

S'gur (People, X-Men character)

Stegron (Spider-Man foe) - by Will U

Umbu the Unliving (Hulk foe)

Viri (People, X-Men character)



Great Cataclysm (sinking of ancient world) - by Prime Eternal & Per Degaton

Super Olympics (charity event) - by Proto-Man


Technology, Locations & other things

Domed City (Empire of the Sun, Savage Land)

Gondora (Savage Land city)

Kelta (Savage Land, Aerians sport)

Motyka Bone (Nuwali)

Planet-Destroyer (Sagittarian technoloy, destroyed by Hulk)

Reporter Organism (mutated Maa-Gor)

Sarak's home (Savage Land, Tongah's village)

Savage Land



Colonel Pterodactylee (Nightcrawler's pet) - by Proto-Man

Dire Wolves (Lupa, Savage Land Mutates allies)

griffin (Pangea, Ka-Zar/Shanna foe)

Honker of Doom (Wolverine foe)

Killer Plants (Savage Land creatures) - by Chadman

melas (Savage Land, fish-creatures)

Thunderwing of Earth-8107 (Savage Land pteranodon) - by David Lawrence

Visigon (Savage Land monster, Cyclops foe) - by Proto-Man

Warbirds (Lupo, Savage Land Mutates allies)


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