kaztSav4-wingspan.jpg SEP

Real Name: Sep

Identity/Class: Terrestrial human sub-species (hidden race); Aerian

Occupation: Former scout and scholar

Group Membership: Aerian race

AffiliationsDherk (he warned Dherk of Belasco), Ka-Zar (Kevin, Lord Plunder), Leanne, Shanna the She-Devil (Shanna, Lady Plunder);
    formerly Khalf and the Pterons;
    Belasco posed as an ally in recovering Leanne

EnemiesBelasco, Khalf and the Pterons;
    formerly Ka-Zar, Shanna; Leanne (he betrayed her, she betrayed him);
    he betrayed both the Aerians and the Lemurans out of love for Leanne and/or money

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None;
    Leanne called him "Darling"; Ka-Zar called him "Buster" once when they were struggling

Base of Operations: Unrevealed;
    formerly Nahgen Island, Gorhan Sea, Pangea, Antarctica;
    formerly Athmeth caverns,
Pangea, Savage Land, Antarctica

First AppearanceKa-Zar the Savage I#2 (May, 1981)

kaztSav4-face.jpgPowers/Abilities: Like other Aerians, Sep is a a humanoid possessed of various avian characteristics, like large-feathered wings (Sep looked to have a wingspan of 15' or greater) with which he could fly, at speeds of perhaps 30-60 miles per hour. He could fly carrying the weight of at least an adult human woman, and he could fly for at least hours carrying such a weight. 

    The Aerians may have had feathers instead of hair or they may have had hair in addition to feathers. 

    He likely had adaptations to assist in flight, such as porous, bird-like bone, and/or eyes adapted to resist high-speed winds, etc.

    Sep had some degree of expertise in Pangea's ancient sciences and languages.

    Sep had some experience in combat, using his wings to enable him to lift himself to a greater height or speed the velocity of his attack. He carried a sword.

Height: Unrevealed (approximately 5'10")
Weight: Unrevealed (he likely had porous, bird-like bones); possibly 130 lbs.
Eyes: Unrevealed; possibly light brown or green (poorly seen in the two face close-ups)
(Presumably) feathers: Black or dark gray


(Ka-Zar the Savage#2 (fb) - BTS) - Sep became lovers with Queen Leanne of Zarhan -- who had become disenchanted with her role as a puppet ruler -- and they made plans to elope. Sep made an arrangement with the King Khalf and the Pterons to have Leanne "kidnapped" and escorted to a remote part of Pangea.

(Ka-Zar the Savage#4 (fb) - BTS) - Leaanne told Sep about Ka-Zar, and Sep sensed and was jealous of her infatuation with him.

Ka-Zar the Savage#2 (fb) - BTS) - Pterons abducted Leanne, seemingly slaying Sep (who was brought to their Athmeth caverns along with Leanne) and wounding the other scout who had accompanied Sep.

(Ka-Zar the Savage I#2 - BTS) - A Pteron dropped the other Aerian scout back in the Aerian's Aerie Shalan base, where he noted that their mission had failed, Sep had been killed, and the Pterons had taken Queen Leanne. Ka-Zar, Shanna, and Zabu agreed to aid the Aerians in recovering Leanne.kaztSav2-sword.jpg

(Ka-Zar the Savage I#2) - When Ka-Zar tried to rescue Leanne, she urged him to leave before he ruined everything, and he ducked behind a curtain just as Sep entered. When Sep and Leanne embraced, Ka-Zar angrily revealed his presence, and Sep, questioning whether the intruder was one of her people, reached for his sword. Leanne calmed Sep, explaining that Ka-Zar was a friend, after which Sep explained that he had come to see if she was ready as their entourage was waiting. Leanne convinced Sep to give her privacy to say goodbye to Ka-Zar, and Sep warned her that if they delayed things and angered Khalf he may renege on their bargain. 

(Ka-Zar the Savage I#2 - BTS) - After Leanne revealed her and Sep's plot, Ka-Zar questioned Leanne's motives and asked if he loved Sep, too. Leanne told him, "No...not like you, Ka-Zar."

(Ka-Zar the Savage I#2) - They were interrupted by Khalf, who, standing alongside Sep (who may or may not have overheard Ka-Zar and Leanne's conversation) and several Pterons, revealed that Sep had betrayed both the Aerians and Leanne in exchange for "a few paltry riches." Further noting that he never would have allowed Leanne or Sep would to have left the cavern alive, he ordered the Pteron guards to seize Ka-Zar and Shanna

    Aerian forces alongside Zabu then rushed through Athmeth's main entrance, and a savage battle ensued, and shortly thereafter a destruct mechanism set by Shanna went off, and Athmeth began to collapse. Prepared for this, the Aerians, Ka-Zar, Shanna, and Zabu all escaped, but most Pterons were trapped or crushed; Leanne escaped as well, but she fell off a cliff in the ensuing chaos.

(Ka-Zar the Savage#4 (fb)) - As he prepared to sneak from Athmeth in grief and shame, Sep, unable to deny his love for Leanne, Sep returned for her; too late to save her from falling and striking the cliff wall several times, he caught her before she struck bottom. Certain Leanne was dead, Sep flew her to Nahgen island to bury her at the religious totem of his people, but found the island gone.

    Suddenly, the island resurfaced, a result of the recently ever-shifting geological "whims" of Pangea (many of which were actually caused by the demon sorcerer Belasco).

    Sep located the Aerian temple, but then found Leanne still had a pulse, though she was comatose. Astonished, Sep stepped backwards and unwittingly pressed a hidden button that opened a door to a chamber of advanced equipment -- far beyond anything the Aerians possessed -- that had remained untouched and in excellent condition for millennia.

    A scholar of Pangea's sciences and ancient language, Sep reviewed the temple library; though he found many wonders of science beyond his imagining and determined the material to be from the proximity to pre-Cataclysmic Atlantis (18,000+ BC), he failed to find anything to revive Leanne. 

(Ka-Zar the Savage#4 (fb) - BTS) - Sep determined one piece of machinery could direct a patient's brainwaves outside his or her body.

(Ka-Zar the Savage#3 - BTS / Ka-Zar the Savage#4 - BTS) - The Aerian Delphine duped Shanna into mounting a skite (flying steed) maddened by a breeding urge, and it carried Shanna toward Nahgen until a lightning bolt tore through its right wing, causing it to crash into the sea.

(Ka-Zar the Savage#4 (fb)) - Taking a break from his exhaustive studies, Sep wandered the beach.

(Ka-Zar the Savage#4 - BTS) - Sep found Shanna's body after it washed up on Nahgen.

(Ka-Zar the Savage#4 (fb)) - Carrying Shanna's body back to the lab, Sep -- unable to master Atlantean medical technology but able to operate other types of Atlantean technology -- used a pair of devices able to direct a patient's brainwaves extracorporally to switch the minds of Leanne and Shanna. Though revolted by potentially destroying the mind of Shanna, he could not bear the idea of Leanne remaining imprisoned in her comatose body forever.

(Ka-Zar the Savage#4 (fb) - BTS / Ka-Zar the Savage#6 (fb) - BTS) - The mind-transfer drew the attention of the Atlantean android Dherk, who had worked with (and likely designed) and still had connections to the equipment on Nahgen island.

(Ka-Zar the Savage#4 - BTS) - In Shanna's body, Leanne encountered and romanced (at least kissed) Ka-Zar, who had traveled there in search of Shanna.kaztSav4-mostfull-wshanna.jpg

(Ka-Zar the Savage#4) - In the middle of the night, Leanne/Shanna attempted to rip out some of the life-support tubing to the machinery keeping Leanne's body (which held Shanna's mind) alive. Sep stopped her, warning her it might kill her body, but Leanne/Shanna contended it was her right to choose; he countered that it wasn't her right if it involved killing Shanna, though he figured that was her plan. Leanne further noted that her own (Leanne)'s body had been comatose for days and was going to die. Sep assured her he could revive her body if he could just spend a few more days studying the equipment, but she argued that he didn't know half of how it worked, and that they didn't have the time to spare as Ka-Zar had arrived.

    Surprised, Sep asked if Ka-Zar suspected anything, and Leanne assured Sep that Ka-Zar did not suspect anything but expected her to leave with him the next day, and that if she didn't, Ka-Zar would eventually find the chamber and make them re-exchange the minds. She urged Sep that if he loved her he would pull the plug on Leanne's "worthless" body, and accompany her and Ka-Zar when they left the island the next day; she told Sep to leave handling Ka-Zar to her.kaztSav4-fighting.jpg

    Resolving to stay with Ka-Zar (as she much preferred him to that "love-sick bird, Sep"), Leanne/Shanna returned to him and told him that Sep
was in a temple with a dying Leanne and that he had kidnapped her and was trying to switch her mind with Leanne's and then to kill both Ka-Zar and Shanna, and that she had barely escaped with her life. Concerned over Shanna's fearful behavior, Ka-Zar nonetheless rushed into the temple, where Sep -- jealous about Leanne's obvious infatuation with Ka-Zar -- hurled a piece of machinery at him and ranted about Ka-Zar loving and coming after Leanne. Sep refused to listen to Ka-Zar's requests to calm down and talk, noting that he knew Leanne would twist and destroy even the purest motives but that he loved and needed her nonetheless. Finally Ka-Zar caught Sep by the wing and then punched Sep into the device monitoring Leanne, knocking her body to the ground.

    Leanne/Shanna then arrived and tried to convince Ka-Zar that Leanne was as good as dead and they should leave her with Sep and start a new life. As Ka-Zar tried to make sense of Leanne's behavior, Sep recovered, exposed Leanne's treachery, and revealed the truth; Sep also apologized to Ka-Zar, noting that he was a bit overworked and had lost his perspective for a moment. Leanne initially tried to convince Ka-Zar that Sep was lying, but ultimately revealed her true nature, leading Ka-Zar to subdue her. Ka-Zar then placed Leanne on the table and had Sep reverse the mind-transfer.

(Ka-Zar the Savage#4 - BTS) -  Sep completed the mind-transfer, and Shanna recovered without complication. kaztSav27-over_leanne.jpg

(Ka-Zar the Savage#4) - Sep then noted his plans to stay with Leanne until she awakened or died, explaining that he felt he and Leanne did truly belong together despite a relationship built on treachery. Sep asked that Ka-Zar and Shanna go far away and be happy somewhere, and Ka-Zar and Shanna departed on Ka-Zar's skite.

(Ka-Zar the Savage#28 (fb) - BTS) <14 day before the main story> - After long months, Sep grew fatigued as he exhausted his every means he could find in the Atlantean technology and libraries of reviving Leanne, including tapping into the vast power of Pangea.

(Ka-Zar the Savage#28) - As a disembodied, unidentified voice, the demon sorcerer Belasco offered aid to Sep in reviving Leanne. Sep initially suspected the strain of the last few weeks was getting him and that he was imagining things, but the voice assured him otherwise. When Sep noted that he would give anything to have Leanne there with him, Belasco explained that he could and would revive Leanne, but then Sep must wait while she performed a mission of utmost importance to him. kaztSav27-dying.jpg

    After Sep agreed, Belasco's arcane powers augmented the Pangean equipment, pouring the energies of the realm and summoning lightning from the sky, causing lights to dim even in Aerie Shalan.

    Silently, Leanne revived, stood up, and -- ignoring Sep's calls and his noting that he would wait for her -- wandered out of the caverns, where she vanished beneath the furious billows of the Gorhan sea.

(Ka-Zar the Savage#28 (fb) - BTS) - Sep was fatally injured as lava from a volcanic eruption (allegedly benignly diverted there by Ka-Zar via guidance from the Belasco-manipulated android Dherk to spare Aerie Shalan) caused the waters of the Gorhan sea -- which had largedly submered Nahgen Island again -- to become scalding.

(Ka-Zar the Savage#28) - Dherk (investigating the surrounding Gorhan sea after realizing the lava had exited caverns into the sea) discovered the mostly submerged Nahgen Island and spotted Sep on its remaining surface. Dherk swiftly appreciated Sep's injuries, cursing himself for not foreseeing the lava's spillage, but the delirious Sep told Dherk he had waited as instructed after "he" had revived Leanne. As Sep perished, he warned the arriving Dherk that even though "he" had never said his name, it had to be Belasco.

Comments: Created by Bruce Jones, Brent Anderson, and Carlos Garzon.

    In #4, Sep stated "Gods be praised" in response to discovering that Leanne was still alive. I'm not sure which gods he worshipped, but it would seem that he, if not all Aerians, were polytheistic.

Profile by Snood.

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images: (without ads)
Ka-Zar the Savage I#2, pg. 16, panel 6 (aside Leanne, reaching for sword);
    #4, pg. 12, panel 12, panel 1 (aside Leanne-possessed Shanna);
            panel 3 (face);
        pg. 13, panel 1 (full wingspan (almost));
        pg. 18, panel 3 (fighting Ka-Zar);
    #28, pg. 1, panel 1 (standing over inert Leanne);
        last page, panel 5 (dying)

Ka-Zar the Savage I#2-4 (May-August, 1981) - Bruce Jones (writer), Brent Anderson (penciler), Carlos Garzon (inker), Louise Jones (editor)
Ka-Zar the Savage#28 (October, 1983) - Michael Carlin (script; from an idea by Bruce Jones), Armando Gil (penciler), Mike Mignola (inker), Danny Fingeroth (editor)
Ka-Zar the Savage#29 (December, 1983) - Michael Carlin (writer), Ron Frenz (penciler), Armando Gil (inker), Danny Fingeroth (editor)

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