Real Name: Unrevealed, if any

Identity/Class: Terrestrial monster

Occupation: Destroyer

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: None

Enemies: Cyclops (Scott Summers), an unidentified human tribe (Daniel, Kendra, many others)

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: "The beast" (called by Kendra), "this gigantic face-ache" (insult from Cyclops)

Base of Operations: A small village in the Savage Land, Antarctica

First Appearance: X-Men Icons: Cyclops#3 (December, 2001)

Powers/Abilities: The Visigon was a large monster with three rows of teeth, several eyes atop its head, a giant tongue capable of snapping wooden objects and several extending tentacles with which it could grasp objects or victims. It was capable of projecting semi-acidic saliva capable of causing its victims intense pain (while not immediately causing severe burns) and it blinded any victim that looked directly at it. When it was destroyed, sight was restored to all who had been blinded by the creature.

Height: Unrevealed (see comments)
Weight: Unrevealed (see comments)
Eyes: Red
Hair: None

History: (X-Men Icons: Cyclops#3 (fb) - BTS) - The Visigon monster stormed a Savage Land village, killing the village elders and devouring their children. A small band of survivors attempted to kill the Visigon but they were all blinded by the creature and managed to escape with their lives into a nearby cavern while the Visigon claimed the village as its new home.

(X-Men Icons: Cyclops#3) - Years later, when the X-Men's Cyclops was led into the Savage Land, he was attacked by the xenophobic Daniel, who was part of a tribe of humans that had taken residence in the Savage Land. When Cyclops awoke, he was greeted by another of the tribe, Kendra, who deduced that Cyclops was not native to the Savage Land. Cyclops explained that he was not and asked if the tribe could help him return home but a fearful Kendra explained that they would never leave their cavern to die facing the jaws of the Visigon. Cyclops immediately what the Visigon was and Kendra revealed that the Visigon was a monster so hideous that it blinded all who looked at it. Upon learning that the tribe had been forced into the caverns, where they had to fight against the Savage Land's other sightless creatures, Cyclops expressed his sorrow for their loss but Daniel accused Cyclops of being a spy for the Visigon. Suggesting that Cyclops' ruby quartz glasses might allow him to safely view the Visigon without being blinded, Daniel removed Cyclops' glasses, unleashing the mutant's optic energy blasts and making Daniel wonder if the optic blasts could destroy the Visigon. Cyclops quickly tried to explain that he had to see what he was fighting to use his optic blasts against it, suggesting that the Visigon would blind him before he could target it, but Daniel announced that they would only help Cyclops return home if he would first annihilate the Visigon. After an hour of trying to talk Daniel against it, Cyclops ultimately agreed to make an attempt at killing the Visigon and the tribe led him to the Visigon's location, where Cyclops warned the Visigon to leave the village or risk death. Blindfolded to prevent the Visigon from blinding him, Cyclops heard the Visigon slouching towards him and the Visigon soon revealed itself, roaring at its supposed attacker. The Visigon immediately extended several of its tentacles towards Cyclops, who severed them using Daniel's sword, which he had borrowed, before the sword was knocked out of his hand by the Visigon. The Visigon then managed to capture Cyclops in one of its other tentacles and prepared to eat the mutant hero, first projecting acidic saliva onto Cyclops. Thinking the Visigon was going to kill Cyclops, Kendra rushed to Cyclops' aid as the Visigon pulled Cyclops into its mouth. She provoked the Visigon, who dropped Cyclops and destroyed Kendra's wooden spear with its tongue, forcing Cyclops to remove his blindfold in an attempt to save Kendra with his optic blasts. Completely shedding the blindfold, Cyclops let loose with his optic blasts, shooting a blast up through the Visigon's skull, killing it and restoring the sight to those affected by it.

Comments: Created by Brian K. Vaughan, Mark Texeira and Jimmy Palmiotti.

The Visigon's height and weight seem to vary from panel to panel. When it first shows up, it seems to be about three feet or so larger than Cyclops, who is 6'3", which would place the Visigon at around 10' but a couple of pages later, it's seen trying to eat Cyclops and the Visigon appears large enough to swallow Cyclops whole. With its mouth open, the Visigon had several feet of space around the 6'3" Cyclops as it pulled Cyclops into its mouth, suggesting that the Visigon would be much larger than 10'.

Profile by Proto-Man.

The Visigon has no KNOWN connections to:


Daniel was part of the Savage Land tribe that was blinded by the Visigon. Very distrusting of outsiders, Daniel knocked Cyclops out when the mutant wandered into the tribe's cavernous home. When he removed Cyclops' ruby quartz glasses while berating the so-called outsider, Daniel was shocked to see Cyclops' optic blasts and immediately thought of them as some of magic "evil eye." Thinking that the blasts could destroy the Visigon, Daniel agreed to help Cyclops return home in exchange for Cyclops killing the Visigon. Daniel and his tribe then led Cyclops to their former village, where the Visigon was nesting. Once there, Daniel reluctantly gave Cyclops his sword to help battle the beast but when the Visigon prepared to eat Cyclops, Daniel opted to let events play out, telling Kendra that Cyclops had chosen his fate, but Kendra rushed to assist Cyclops. Following the Visigon's destruction, Daniel presumably regained his sight.

--X-Men Icons: Cyclops#3


Kendra was part of the Savage Land tribe that had been blinded and forced into caverns by the Visigon. After her tribesman Daniel knocked out the unintentionally intruding Cyclops, Kendra helped nurse Cyclops back to health and revealed her tribe's origins to the mutant. When Cyclops was forced to battle the Visigon in exchange for Daniel helping return Cyclops home, Kendra followed as Daniel led Cyclops to the Visigon. During Cyclops' battle against the Visigon, Kendra decided to aid the nearly killed Cyclops using a spear. The Visigon dropped Cyclops and focused on Kendra, snapping her spear in half and forcing Cyclops to use his optic blasts to rescue Kendra. Her sight restored when the Visigon was destroyed, Kendra offered Cyclops a place as leader of her tribe but Cyclops suggested Kendra become the tribe's new leader. Following a victory celebration, Kendra led Cyclops to a portal that would get him out of the Savage Land and allowed Cyclops to use one of the tribe's sailboats to venture into the portal.

--X-Men Icons: Cyclops#3

images: (without ads)
X-Men Icons: Cyclops#3, p17, pan2 (Visigon about eat Cyclops, main image)
X-Men Icons: Cyclops#3, p15, pan2 (Visigon, first appearing to Cyclops)
X-Men Icons: Cyclops#3, p19, pan2 (Visigon being killed by Cyclops)
X-Men Icons: Cyclops#3, p12, pan1 (Daniel)
X-Men Icons: Cyclops#3, p18, pan2 (Kendra)

X-Men Icons: Cyclops#3 (December, 2001) - Brian K. Vaughan (writer), Mark Texeira (pencils), Jimmy Palmiotti (inks), Mike Marts (editor)

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