Real Name: Visimajoris

Identity/Class: Extra-dimensional Demon

Occupation: Guardian of the portal to Creation II

Affiliations: agent of the Creators
Enemies: Apalla, Dr. Strange

Known Relatives: None...maybe Helleyes

Aliases: The Divider of Souls; the Soul Divider

Base of Operations: Creation II

First Appearance: Dr. Strange II#24 (August, 1977)

Powers: Visimajoris' main power is to cause others to divide into duplicate forms of themselves, each possessing a fragment of the abilities of the original. He does this to disorient his foes and lower their ability to function, even to the point of them becoming too weak to exist. It also can fire blasts of mystic energy. Its eyes serve as the release points for its mystical attacks. Apparently if Visimajoris is defeated, his victims are reintegrated.

History: Nothing has been revealed about Visimajoris' past. It somehow became allied with the Creators, a group of sorcerers who sought to replace the stars, and transform the stars into humans.
When Dr. Strange probed the portal to Creation II, the base of the Creators, it suddenly flew open and he was assaulted by Visimajoris. It was hoping that Strange would tire of his futile efforts to enter Creation II, but when he continued, Visimajoris was forced to rouse itself from its slumbers and subdue him. Visimaoris blasted Strange, splitting his soul in half, then fourths, and again, and again until there were 1, 024 glassy-eyed and confused Dr. Strange's standing before it. Visimajoris took advantage of Strange's weakness and confusion, and prepared to destroy him with another blast. However, Apalla, one of the stars that had taken human form suddenly appeared to assist Strange, and she blasted Visimajoris. They left him in a burning heap.

Comments: Created by Jim Starlin, Al milgrom, and Rudy Nebres.

The OHotMU Deluxe edition#3 classifies Visimajoris as a demon, under the sub-category of extra-dimensional monster.

Any demon can come back at any point.

Clarifications: I believe Apalla from this story to be the same one as from Marvel Super-Heroes III#3/6, but I'm not 100% certain.

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