Real Name: Visis

Identity/Class: Extradimensional (Microverse), native of K'ai

Occupation: Would-be world conqueror

Group Membership: Led his own army

Affiliations: Fialan, Hiro-Kala, Krylar; the Pitll Pawob

Enemies: Hulk, Jarella, Psyklop, the Sorcerers Triad; people of K'ai

Known Relatives: Jarella (cousin)

Aliases: Visis the Vagabond, Brother Visis

Base of Operations: K'ai, Jarella's World, Microverse

First Appearance: Incredible Hulk II#140 (June, 1971)

Powers: During his period of exile, Visis learned some magical skills, including the ability to tap into the magic of others. He used this power to send another through a dimensional portal established by another group of sorcerers. He also can visualize distant events through his mystic crystal.

He has, at times, commanded an army of warriors, and frequently employs the assassins of Pitll Pawob.

History: Visis was part of the royal family of the city of K'ai, on a world in the Microverse. However, while Jarella ruled as queen, Visis sought to usurp her leadership.

(Incredible Hulk II#140) - With the arrival of the Hulk in K'ai, Visis saw his hopes of becoming emperor fading, so he contracted the assassins of Pitll Pawob to kill both the Hulk and Jarella. The Hulk made short work of the assassins and then forced one of them to reveal who had sent them. Shortly thereafter, in the Great Hall of Assembly, the Hulk revealed Visis' traitorous actions, and he was arrested and sent into exile.
Minutes later, the Hulk ended up being pulled back to his own world anyway.

(Incredible Hulk II#148 (fb) - BTS) - While in exile, Visis studied and mastered several magical skills. Soon, having rallied others to his side, he began to engage in open warfare against the city of K'ai.

(Incredible Hulk II#148) - The Sorcerers Triad sent Jarella to Earth in hopes of bringing back the Hulk to help her against Visis' rebellion. Visis observed this and then used his new magical skills to tap into the Triad's spell to send Fialan, the Master Assassin of the Pitll Pawob, after her. Fialan failed and was nearly slain by the Hulk, after which both he and Jarella returned to their world.

(Incredible Hulk II#156 (fb) - BTS) - Visis' agents captured Jarella.

(Incredible Hulk II#156) - Visis tried to coerce Jarella into marrying him, but she told him that she choose death over acceding to his demands. However, when he threatened to slay dozens of his prisoners--men, women, and children of K'ai--she gave in. After she left, Visis had the prisoners he had just released recaptured and put to death anyway.

Their wedding, a few hours later, was interrupted by the Hulk, who had returned to K'ai. Jarella escaped with the Hulk, and soon rallied her forces to oppose Visis' army. Visis, meanwhile, traveled to Pitll Pawob, the Isle of Assassins, and commissioned their lord, Krylar, with a full partnership, and shared rule of K'ai if they were victorious. Visis then confronted Jarella's army and challenged the Hulk to single combat against his greatest warrior in order to spare the deaths of full out warfare. The Hulk--who had Banner's mind as a result of a spell from the Sorcerers Triad--consented to this battle. Krylar then activated his machine, which bathed the Hulk in its energies, and created from his mind a solid form of his greatest fear to oppose him--Banner's greatest fear turned out to be the savage Hulk, which swiftly attacked him. The rational mind of Banner could not stand up to the savagery of the Hulk, despite their potentially equal strength.

Realizing what was happening, Jarella had the Sorcerers reverse their spell, restoring the mind of the savage Hulk, who feared nothing--and so the object of his greatest fear then ceased to exist. Furious, Visis slew Krylar for his failure. However, the maddened Hulk recognized the source of the previous attack and leapt at Visis' castle, just as the Pym Particles which had sent him there began to wear off. A gigantic Hulk smashed into and shattered his castle.

(Incredible Hulks: Enigma Force#2 (fb) - BTS) - Visis went into exile, renounced technology and trained in the ways of the warrior to become a powerful leader.

(Incredible Hulks: Enigma Force#2) - Lord Visis led rebels against Hiro-Kala, but quickly fell under his influence. Hiro-Kala then sent Visis and the rest of his army to the Isle of Assassins to kill everyone there. They took rowing boats to the island.

(Incredible Hulks: Enigma Force#3) - On the Isle of Assassins the enslaved Visis protected Hiro-Kala from an attack by the Psyklop and was then ordered to kill it. He took out the Psyklop, which destroyed an illusion of the Hulk created by the alien creature. Hiro-Kala's forces were eventually defeated. Visis' fate is unknown.

Comments: Created by Harlan Ellison (story), Roy Thomas (adaptation), Herb Trimpe, and Sam Grainger.

As seen in the pages of Captain Marvel V, there was an untold story in which all of the known Microverses merged into a single realm. Also, K'ai is most correctly the name of the city formerly ruled by Jarella, and the planet is unnamed, and is usually referred to as Jarella's world, although sometimes it, too, is called K'ai.

While Visis is referred to as Jarella's cousin, I'd hope that this is a term for the Royal Family and may be used for distant relations. Either that, or the laws of society in K'ai are similar to those of Alabama...

Krylar has no known connection to:


The Steward of the Assassins of Pitll Pawob

He joined forces with Visis in the final battle against the armies of K'ai, and it was his machine which materialized their foes' fears, and nearly defeated the Hulk. When the Hulk survived this attack, Visis saw it as a betrayal and slew Krylar in rage.


--Incredible Hulk II#156


Pitll Pawob


The Isle of Assassins



Little is known of Pitll Pawob. It is home to the oldest civilization on the world of K'ai. It predated the current age of magic on that planet, and instead technology reigned there. At some point in the past, a large portion of Pitll Pawob crumbled into the sea, and only a relative few survived. The descendants of these survivors sought to maintain what remained of their lost technology by hiring out their weapons, and hiring themselves out as assassins to any and all who would pay for them.

Krylar was the steward of assassins before being slain by Visis, and Fialan was known as their master assassin before his defeat at the Hulk's hands.

The War-Mind were the combined spirits of the dead Pitll Pawob assassins. They served the World Mind of K'ai and were loaned to Hiro-Kala, who helped heal the planet by giving it part of his Old Power. The World Mind eventually had enough of Hiro-Kala and used the War-Mind to capture him. The World Mind tried to force Hiro-Kala to embrace the Old Power within himself, but instead Hiro-Kala tricked the World Mind and took control not only over the War-Mind, but enslaved the rest of the populace.

The She-Hulks fought them in search for the source of Hiro-Kala's powers and gained an ally in Axeman Bone.

--Incredible Hulk II#140 (156 (fb)-BTS, 140, 148, 156, [Realm of Kings: Son of Hulk#3], [Incredible Hulk II#610/2-611/2], [Incredible Hulks#612/2], Incredible Hulks: Enigma Force#2-3, [Incredible Hulks#615-616]

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