Real Name: None

Identity/Class: Terrestrial robot

Occupation: Rogue servant

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Cyborg assassin, Honker of Doom,
    formerly) Apocalypse

Enemies: Apocalypse, Gahck, Tribe of Fire, Wolverine

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: The Savage Land

First Appearance: Wolverine: the Jungle Adventure (1990)

Powers/Abilities: The Apocalypse robot was very strong, but displayed no other powers that are often attributed to the real thing.

History: (Wolverine: The Jungle Adventure (fb)-BTS) - The mutant known as Apocalypse created several robotic doubles of himself, and posted them at various lairs around the world. Over time, the one placed in the Savage Land  began to subvert its original programming. Reversing it, this Apocalypse robot sought to wipe out mutants and make the world safe for humans, the opposite of the real Apocalypse's goal. It began to experiment on local natives and dinosaurs, creating cyborgs out of them. He sent one to kill Wolverine.

    After the cyborg assassin's failed attempt on Logan's life, Wolverine arrived in the Savage Land in search of who sent it after him. Eventually, Logan confronted and destroyed the Honker of Doom, a giant cyborg dinosaur that served the robotic Apocalypse. Wolverine tracked its origins to the secret compound, where he was captured. During their fight, the Apocalypse robot realized Gahck, a Tribe of Fire member, was there as well and tried to use her as leverage, but Wolverine freed her. Enraged, Wolverine tore at the robot, revealing its true nature. Once it was destroyed, the real Apocalypse made his presence known through a hologram, but Wolverine blew the laboratory up before Apocalypse could kill him.

Comments: Created by Walter Simonson, Michael Mignola and Bab Wiacek.

    Turok called dinosaurs Honkers in his Dell/Gold Key run.
--John McDonagh

Profile by Madison Carter


The Apocalypse robot was built to resemble the real Apocalypse, has no known connections to anyone else.

cyborg assassin

The Apocalypse robot sent an assassin to kill Wolverine, and the real Apocalypse arranged to have it confront Logan in public. It tried to kill Logan, but was quickly defeated, and Wolverine used the scent of the being to track its origins to the Savage Land.

--Wolverine: The Jungle Adventure

Honker of Doom

The Honker of Doom, so called that by the Tribe of Fire, was a gigantic cyborg t-rex that the Apocalypse robot had created and used to gather more victims for its experiments. It attacked Wolverine and the Tribe of Fire, but after swallowing Logan, the mutant destroyed it from within.

--Wolverine: The Jungle Adventure

page 31, panel 3 (Apocalypse robot)
page 10, panels 2-3 (cyborg assassin)
page 23, panel 1 (Honker)

Wolverine: The Jungle Adventure (1990) - Walter Simonson (writer), Michael Mignola (penciler), Bob Wiacek (inker), Bob Harras (editor)


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