Real Name: Princess Xan Al' Hhffrrnnr Kzznr Fthgnr

Identity/Class: Human (Savage Land)

Occupation: Adventurer

Affiliations: Super Soldiers (Dalton [Dauntless], Dragonfly [Andre LeRoux], Gog [Owen Llewelyn], Guvnor [Andrew Black], Hauer [Invincible]);
formerly the Mnnzz' Guthir tribe of the Savage Land

Allies: Sarah Wilde

Enemies: Hydra, Warlord (Huang Zhu), Mandarin, Shinobi Shaw

Known Relatives: Her entire family is deceased

Aliases: Princess Xan, or just Xan

Base of Operations: formerly the Super Soldiers headquarters in London; formerly an area in the Savage Land; currently unknown

First Appearance: Super Soldiers#6 (September 1993)

Other Appearances: Super Soldiers#7, 8

Powers/Abilities: While Xantia has no superhuman powers, she is an adept martial artist.  She is skilled with guns (including laser guns) and swords.

History: (Super Soldiers#7 [fb]) - In the Savage Land, the Warlord (Huang Zhu) exterminated Princess Xan's tribe and stole their land.  Xan traveled the world in order to obtain the skills she would need to avenge her people.

(Super Soldiers#6-8) - Xantia's search for the Warlord brought her to Kowloon, Hong Kong.  She was ambushed by Hydra agents but made short work of them.  Upon searching their clothing, she found an invitation to a martial arts tournament the Warlord was hosting.  After attending the pre-qualifying rounds, she returned to the Savage Land.  While there, she met Dalton, Dragonfly, and Guvnor.  Dalton was there undercover, investigating the Hydra operation which involved the creations of some genetically engineered "super-poppies" (synthetic opium derivative).  He invited Xantia and the others to team up with the Super Soldiers and SHIELD in their attack on the Warlords operation.  While, unbeknownst to them, the information regarding the "super-poppies" had been leaked by the Mandarin and Shinobi Shaw for their own reasons, the attack was a success.  Xantia seized her moment and killed the Warlord.  Dalton approached her to join the Super Soldiers, and she agreed.

After an uneventful U.N. peacekeeping mission, the Super Soldiers returned home to bad news; their funding had been cut by the Cabinet Office, and the team was sold to Mercy Corporation. Unfortunately for Xantia, Mercy only wanted superhuman operatives, but Xantia was offered work on the TV game show Gladiators.


Comments: Created by Lee Stevens and Andrew Currie for Marvel UK

The TV game show Gladiators was broadcast from 1992-9 in the UK, based on the show American Gladiators.  Members of the public took on the Gladiators at various games (climbing walls and jousting etc).  While Xantia was never shown to actually join the ranks (along with Lightning, Cobra, Saracen, Wolf and others) of the Gladiators, if she did it would surely be a waste of her, uhm, talent.

Super-Soldiers#9 and 10 were scheduled to be part of the "Red Mist" cross-over storyline, which never came out.  It involved a virus accidentally induced in government's super soldier program, set have run thru new series Death Duty, 'Roid Rage, and Bloodrush, as well as Wild Thing#9+10. Super-Soldiers#9 would also have featured the Punisher (Frank Castle).--Snood.

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