Real Name: Andy "Boy" Black

Identity/Class: Mutant

Occupation: Super Soldier, previously an unlicensed boxer.

Affiliations: Super Soldiers (Dalton (Dauntless), Dragonfly (Andre LeRoux), Gog (Owen Llewelyn), Hauer (Invincible), Xantia)

Allies: Mercy Corporation, Mr. Stasser, Sarah Wilde

Enemies: Hydra, Warlord (Huang Zhu), Mandarin, Shinobi Shaw

Known Relatives: Mr and Mrs Black (parents)

Aliases: none given

Base of Operations: Mercy Science Central, Alaska, formerly the Super Soldiers headquarters in London

First Appearance: Super Soldiers#6 (September 1993)

Powers/Abilities: Guvnor has the mutant power to absorb kinetic energy and convert it into strength. While the limits of this power are not known, he can definitely raise his strength to past normal human levels (class 10 at least). He was shown to be able to absorb the energy from close range machine gun fire, and a high speed collision with a brick wall, without suffering any damage. He had no training in his powers, and little experience, so theoretically he may have been able to absorb other forms of energy to a lesser degree.

History: (bts) The boy who would become the Guvnor grew up on the Stonesbridge Park Estate, Harlesden, where he was involved in petty crime.

(Super Soldiers#7(fb))- Andrew Black first found out he has a mutant when approached to join Professor Xaviers School for Gifted Youngsters. Initially they thought the strange bald american was from the police, but when Andrews father realised Charles wanted to take his son to "boarding school" he became angry, thinking him a pervert. The family and their neighbours chased away the Professor and his escorts, throwing stones and jeering at them.

(Super Soldiers#6-7)- At the Blair Peach Community Center, Hackney, in East London, Andrew Black took part in an unlicensed boxing match against Terry "Killing Machine" MacLaren, the Guvnor. Despite the older mans larger build and vast experience, he lost due to Andrews mutant absorption power. The crowd realised it was a fix, and a riot began. Andrew won five thousand pounds, which he planned to use to host some raves with his friends. With the money raised from the raves, he and his friends intended to move to Spain and enjoy the good life.


On leaving the centre, however, he was approached by one of the Warlord's men to join take part in a tournament to discover the greatest fighter on Earth. The fifty million dollar prize money was enough to convince him. He travelled to the Pink Dragon in Kowloon, Hong Kong for the pre-qualifying rounds, before moving on to the Savage Land. Once there, the Warlord (Huang Zhu) announced that the tournament would be to the death, and he decided to escape, though not before enjoying some of the entertainment laid on for the fighters. Whilst trying to find his way out he encountered Dalton, Dragonfly and Zantia. Dalton was there undercover investigating the Hydra operation, which involved the creations of some genetically engineered "super-poppies" (synthetic opium derivative). He invited Guvnor and the others to team up with the Super Soldiers and Shield in their attack on the Warlords operation. While, unbeknownst to them, the information regarding the "super-poppies" had been leaked by the Mandarin and Shinobi Shaw for their own reasons, the attack was a success. During this adventure, Guvnor discovered his absorption powers extended to bullets. Guvnor decided to stay on with the Super Soldiers.

(Super Soldiers#8)- The funding for the Super Soldiers was cut by the Cabinet Office. The team were sold to Mercy Corporation, who tested Guvnors powers at their new headquarters in Alaska.

They next faced the ultimate threat: Cancellation of their comic!

Unfortunately the Super Soldiers have not been seen since...

Well except Captain America that is.

Comments: Created by Lee Stevens and Andrew Currie, for Marvel UK

If I could choose a Marvel UK character to be an ambassador for my country, it certainly wouldn't be the Guvnor! Dalton described Guvnor as a "super powered football hooligan", and that about sums him up. He was obviously involved with illegal drugs (he describes the burning of the opium in Super Soldiers#7 as a waste), had ACAB (All Coppers are Bastards") tattooed on his right hand and was still signing on the dole while making money from his boxing scams. The scary thing is the X-Men almost recruited this guy! In the flashback in Super Soldiers#7 Charles Xavier is escorted by Logan, Piotr Rasputin, and Scott Summers. I'd quite like to have seen Piotr test the limits of Guvnors absorption power... Mwa ha ha ha!

Actually he's quite a lovable rogue and I'd not object to seeing him again, though not as a hero. Being a mutant, and one Professor X is aware of, he could always show up in one of the X-books. Unfortunately there are few signs of Excalibur volume 3 on the horizon!

In the final issue of Super Soldiers, Guvnor's build appears to have increased. While this could simply be because regular penciller Andrew Currie had been replaced by Mike Ratera, it could also be due to an increased use in his absorption powers dramatically boosting his strength. Shame it's a little too late for that No Prize, huh?

Super-Soldiers#9 and 10 were scheduled to be part of the "Red Mist" cross-over storyline, which never came out. It involved a virus accidentally induced in government's super soldier program, set have run thru new series Death Duty, 'Roid Rage, and Bloodrush, as well as Wild Thing#9-10. Super-Soldiers#9 would also have featured the Punisher (Frank Castle).--Snood.

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