Real Name: Andre LeRoux

Identity/Class: Normal Human

Occupation: Pimp, hustler, player, all round mack daddy and champion street fighter

Group Membership: Super Soldiers (Dalton [Dauntless], Gog [Owen Llewelyn], Guvnor, Hauer [Invincible], Xantia)

Affiliations: Red Wolf (Thomas Thunderhead)

Allies: Mercy Corporation, Mr. Stasser, Sarah Wilde, U.S. Agent

Enemies: Hydra, Warlord (Huang Zhu), Mandarin, Shinobi Shaw

Known Relatives: none

Aliases: Dolomite, Shaft, Superfly (thanks to three disrespectful kids)

Base of Operations: The South Bronx, New York; formerly the Super Soldiers headquarters in London

First Appearance: Super Soldiers#6 (September 1993)

Powers/Abilities: While he has no superhuman powers, Dragonfly is a master of G-Jitsu, his own fighting style, a mixture of martial arts and street fighting.  He has control over his own metabolism, enabling him to enter a state of suspended animation for at least twenty years, possibly more.  Among the moves he has learnt is the death touch, or Dim Mak.  He claimed to have studied all the martial arts, and that being the case he may have been capable of using his chi in various ways.

History: (Super Soldiers#6 [fb]) - Andre LeRoux had invented his own fighting style, G-Jitsu. Even Count Dante was afraid of him.

(OHotMU 2006#9 - BTS) - At some point Dragonfly worked together with Red Wolf (Thunderhead).

(Super Soldiers#6 [fb]) - By the year 1973, Andre found there was little to challenge him anymore, so he slowed his metabolism so he could sleep twenty years and take on the fighters of the future.

(Super Soldiers#6-7) - Andre awoke in the basement of a tenement block in the south Bronx.  The date was July 1993, and he was anxious to see how the world had changed in twenty years.  To his disappointment nothing had changed in his neighborhood, but he was approached to take part in a tournament to discover the greatest fighter on Earth.  With a fifty million dollar prize, he needed little convincing.

First, Dragonfly traveled to the Pink Dragon in Kowloon, Hong Kong for the pre-qualifying rounds, before moving on to the Savage Land. Once there, the Warlord (Huang Zhu) announced that the tournament would be to the death, and Dragonfly decided to escape.  Whilst trying to find his way out, he encountered Dalton, Guvnor, and Xantia.  Dalton was there undercover investigating the Hydra operation, which involved the creations of some genetically engineered "super-poppies" (synthetic opium derivative).  He invited Dragonfly and the others to team up with the Super Soldiers and SHIELD in their attack on the Warlord's operation.  While, unbeknownst to them, the information regarding the "super-poppies" had been leaked by the Mandarin and Shinobi Shaw for their own reasons, the attack was a success.  Dragonfly decided to stay on with the Super Soldiers.


(Super Soldiers#8) - The funding for the Super Soldiers was cut by the Cabinet Office.  The team was sold to Mercy Corporation.  However, they only wanted superhuman operatives, and Dragonfly, being a normal human, was not suitable.  He returned to his home in New York.

Comments: Created by Lee Stevens and Andrew Currie, for Marvel UK.

I used to study the martial arts, but never could I persuade my sensei to teach me to manipulate my chi like they do in comics.  Weird that, huh?!

Profile by Changeling

Profile updated/edited by Kyle Sims

No known connection to:

  • Dragonfly, Veronica Dultry, of the Ani-Men, @ Uncanny X-Men#94
  • Dragonfly, Karsano, of the True Believers, @ Amazing Spider-Man#421
  • Dragonfly, Meiko Yin, Karsano's successor and former lover, @ Amazing Spider-Man#421
  • Dragonfly, of SHIELD, who sought information on Cable, @ Soldier X#1
  • Dragonfly, of the Ultraverse, one of the Gross Babies, @ Prime I#26
  • Dragonflies, SHIELD assault helicopters used against Godzilla, @ Godzilla#4

  • Appearances:
    Super Soldiers#6-7 (September-October, 1993) - Lee Stevens (writer), Andrew Currie (pencils), Robin Riggs (inks)
    Super Soldiers#8 (November, 1993) - Lee Stevens (writer), Mike Ratera (pencils), Robin Riggs (inks)

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