Alpha Prime being trained


Membership: Avian, Crag, Primate;

briefly Vindicator (Heather Hudson) as leader and trainer

Purpose: Survival and protectors of their village in the Savage Land

Affiliations: Vindicator (Heather Hudson), Box (Jeffries), Sasquatch (Langkowski), Dr. Shaw (Project Hotcore)

Enemies: Savage Land natives, Terminus

Base of Operations: Savage Land (underground region), Antarctica

First Appearance: Alpha Flight Annual I#2 (1987)


(Alpha Flight Annual I#2 (fb) - BTS) - Terminus' brutal devastation of the Savage Land forced the survivors to seek out underground pockets for survival warmed by heated undercurrents. However, that same warmth generated changes in some of the local natives. Avian, Crag and Primate were among those mutated, leaving them hunted outcasts.

(Alpha Flight Annual I#2) - Investigating the disappearance of the Canadian Ice Station Redleaf in Cape Evans, Antarctica, Vindicator was struck by lightning and fell into the hole of a temporarily dormant geyser hole that led to a massive underground region of the Savage Land. She stumbled across a primitive gathering of huts where she saw Primate being dragged up temple stairs to be sacrificed, while Avian was caged and Crag isolated on a small rocky outcrop surrounded by molten lava. Identifying with concept that these three were misfits about to be sacrificed she stepped in, stopping the sacrifice of Primate by shooting the knife-wielding priest and freeing Avian before being lifted by her to carry Crag over the lava lake. Inspired by Vindicator's defiance, Primate broke through his restraints and escaped with the other three by Crag smashing through the surrounding wall of the village. Vindicator led the Savage Land natives to her hideaway, which also had perimeter defenses to safeguard against attacks.

Alpha prime with Vindicator

Days later, Vindicator and the three mutates quickly learnt the fundamentals of each other's language while the Alpha Flight leader also trained the three into a formidable fighting team so that they could survive in the hostile environment. The three then described the events that led to the underground sanctuary. 

Later, Avian flew up and spied an enemy tribe observing the reconstruction of the damaged perimeter wall of their native village. Avian quickly flew back and told the others; all four then returned to the village stopping the enemies from invading their own tribal land. Their efforts lead to their tribe accepting their differences and they rushed to help the other defenders. However, Avian was wounded by a spear but protected by Vindicator's plasma burst, which enabled Box and Sasquatch to find their lost leader. Vindicator then left the new team, which she dubbed Alpha Prime, with her fellow Alpha Flight members but first warned the three not to fully trust their tribe whom they now sought to protect as their powers may generate animosity toward them; rather they should trust each other. And with that, Vindicator flew off, leaving Alpha Prime behind in their village, although the new team had hoped that she would remain a while longer.

Comments: Created by Bill Mantlo (writer), June Brigman (pencils) and Bob McLeod (inks).

After falling into this region, before finding the three "misfits", Vindicator was attacked by a sabretooth tiger. But wasn't Zabu the last of the raging sabretooths?

Profile by Grendel Prime.

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Primate bounds away


Primate was about to be sacrificed at the top of a temple until Vindicator rescued him. He nimbly escaped from his captors along with his fellow mutates, Avian and Crag. Vindicator then forged a new team including Primate, training him to become more proficient in his agility. He later helped to defend his village from an enemy tribe, even though he was an outcast. His bravery and willingness to defend his fellow villagers led his former oppressors to accept the mutates. He also tended to Avian after she had been felled by a spear from the attacking enemy tribe.

He just above 5' high and showed enhanced agility with bouncing skills reminiscent of the X-Men's Beast. He also displayed athlete level strength and stamina. He was a Neanderthal but had normal human intelligence and was able to learn to verbally communicate with Vindicator.

--Alpha Flight Annual I#2

Avian caged


Avian was a member of the same tribe as Primate and Crag. She was mutated so that she appeared part Pteranodon. Targeted for death by her fellow villagers because she was different, she was initially caged until rescued by Vindicator and escaped alongside Primate and Crag. She was also trained to use her abilities better by the Alpha Flight leader. Avian spied the enemy tribe's stealthy move to attack her village and warned the others. She returned with her teammates and her surprise appearance caused the villagers to come out armed with weapons, but was wounded by one of their spears before they realized the other tribe's attack. After falling to the ground, Vindicator protected her from an attacking enemy tribesman, with an energy blast that alerted Box and Sasquatch to her location. She had her wounds tended and swore to defend her people by using her powers and abilities. She seemed to be a likely candidate to become the new leader of Alpha Prime.

She had large leathery wings connected to her arms that gave her natural winged flight and enabled her to fly. She was also strong enough (enhanced level) to lift both Vindicator and Crag while flying. She had an extended cranium plus claws on her hands and feet. She was a Neanderthal but had normal human intelligence and was able to learn to verbally communicate with Vindicator.

--Alpha Flight Annual I#2

Crag confined


Crag was initially confined by his fellow villagers to a small rocky outcrop surrounded by lava but was rescued with the aid of Vindicator and Avian. He then used his strength to throw lava on some nearby huts to act as a diversion while he smashed through the wooden perimeter wall so that they could all escape. He was trained by Vindicator to use his strength effectively and later helped defend his tribe from invaders.

Crag had a black mineral form that was like a primitive form of the Thing. He stood about 7' tall and had enhanced strength, being able to break rocks and lift boulders and men above his head. He had limited resistance to heat but seemed to have enhanced durability. It is likely that his outer skin was resistant to thrown projectiles like spears but this is unconfirmed. He was a mutated Neanderthal but had normal human intelligence and was able to learn to verbally communicate with Vindicator

--Alpha Flight Annual I#2

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Alpha Flight Annual I#2, p31, panel 3 (team of 3)

p39, panel 1 (with Vindicator)
p28, panel 6 (Primate)
p26, panel 4 (Avian)
p26, panel 5 (Crag)

Alpha Flight Annual I#2 (1987) - Bill Mantlo (writer), June Brigman (pencils), Bob McLeod (inks), Carl Potts (editor)

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