MEMBERSHIP: Ten unnamed Skrulls

PURPOSE: To obtain Reed Richards' matter/energy transmitter


ENEMIES: Captain Mar-Vell, Fantastic Four (Human Torch, Invisible Girl, Mr. Fantastic, Thing)

BASE of OPERATIONS: the Skrull Empire;
    formerly Manhattan, New York

FIRST APPEARANCE: Fantastic Four Annual#15 (1980)

(Fantastic Four Annual#15 (fb) - BTS) - Seeking to gain the upper hand against the Kree, a group of Skrull scientists began work on a matter transmitter device. However, Reed Richards was simultaneously working on a similar project, though designed solely as an energy transmitter. The Skrull scientist accidentally established a link between the two transmitters, and saw that while Richards' device was more primitive in its stage of development, it was actually more advanced in basic design. The Skrulls notified their superiors, and ten prime Skrull warriors were hand-picked to travel to Earth and to obtain the transmitter at any cost.

(Fantastic Four Annual#15) - Taking the forms of numerous New Yorkers, the Skrulls began their attempts to infiltrate the Baxter Building. One took the form of mailman Willie Lumpkin and delivered a package that incapacitated Sue, Ben, and Johnny. That Skrull incapacitated the Baxter Building's security system and then took the form of Sue Storm and got close enough to Reed to pull a gun on him. After the Skrull explained his mission, Reed fought back against the Skrull, until an energy blast incapacitated it. The blast came from Captain Mar-Vell, who proposed an alliance, until Reed saw another Captain Mar-Vell battling the Skrull scientists via the transmitter's screen. The first Mar-Vell exhorted Reed to use the transmitter to scramble and destroy the other Mar-Vell, which led Reed to conclude that the first one was the imposter. Reed brought the second Mar-Vell to the Baxter Building, and he used his powers to neutralize the Skrull and prove his identity via a mind-meld.
    The remaining eight Prime Skrulls then arrived and confronted Reed and Mar-Vell, but the rest of the FF--having recovered much later, but traveled backward in time so that they would be able to help--arrived and turned the tide. Reed sent the Skrulls back to their asteroid, and destroyed his own transmitter in the process.

COMMENTS: Created by Doug Moench, George Perez, Stone, D'Agostino, & Espo (Mike Esposito?).

The Matter transmitter so desperately sought in this story doesn't seem to amount to much more than a teleportation device, which seems to be common technology amongst races as advanced as the Skrulls. You'd think Reed's time machine would have been more of a target.

The Prime Ten should be distinguished from:

Fantastic Four Annual#15 (1980) - Doug Moench (writer), George Perez (pencils), Chic Stone, John D'Agostino & Mike Esposito (inks), Jim Salicrup (editor)

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