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Membership: Chiroptera, Dumog, Grott the Man-Slayer, Korvac, Teju, Prime Mover, Takkor

Purpose: To defeat the Grandmaster's minions and secure conquest of the Earth

Affiliations: None

Enemies: Daredevil (Murdock), Defenders (Dr. Stephen Strange, Hulk (Banner), Nighthawk, Sub-Mariner, Valkyrie (Brunnhilde)), Grandmaster

Base of Operations: Various

First Appearance: Giant-Size Defenders I#3 (January, 1975)

History: (Giant-Size Defenders I#3 (fb) - BTS) - When the robotic Prime Mover entered a conflict with the Grandmaster over who would control the Earth, both beings agreed to recruit six operatives to battle in neutral territories to determine the ultimate victor. Prime Mover, considering his operatives logically, recruited six various alien beings to serve him in battle against Grandmaster's minions, Earth's heroes the Defenders and Daredevil. Prime Mover promised his minions their own territories on Earth if they won.

(Giant-Size Defenders I#3) - In the first round, Valkyrie defeated Takkor and Nighthawk defeated "Screechy." In the second, Dumog killed Daredevil and Teju savagely beat Sub-Mariner. In the third, Hulk defeated Grott the Man-Slayer and Dr. Strange beat Korvac. Prime Mover lost, and Grandmaster gathered his heroes, restoring Daredevil to life.

Comments: Created by various (see below).

    Dumog, Grott, and Teju went on to form the Minions of Menace (later known as the Intimidators), alongside Brahl the Achernonian and Tork the Procyonite. I'll work on profiles for them in the future.

Chiroptera's name was revealed in the Prime Mover's profile in OHOTMU A-Z HC#9.

Profile by Chadman.

Group name has no known connections to


(Giant-Size Defenders I#3) - Hailing from an unknown world, Chiroptera was selected to be part of Prime Mover's minions in his game of wits against the Grandmaster. Chiroptera and Takkor were sent to a world of cliffs and clouds and Chiroptera quickly attacked the flying hero, Nighthawk, shredding his costume with his claws. Chiroptera pursued Nighthawk through the air until he crashed into a rock and fell beneath the clouds.

Chiroptera emitted high-pitched screeches as he flew through the air with his powerful wings, using a sonar to navigate. Chiroptera had sharp claws and teeth, but lacked skill in maneuverability.

--Giant-Size Defenders I#3





(Giant-Size Defenders I#3) - Hailing from an unknown world, Takkor was selected to be part of Prime Mover's minions in his game of wits against the Grandmaster. Takkor and Chiroptera were sent to a world of cliffs and clouds and Takkor moved against the blade-wielding Valkyrie, who rode her flying horse. Speaking telepathically through his rider's head, Takkor proclaimed that he was called "He Who Cannot Die" and attacked Valkyrie with his rider's three armed limbs and used the shielded limb for defense. Valkyrie chopped off the rider's head, and Takkor had his rider catch it and replace it, unnerving Valkyrie. Valkyrie realized that the steed was the real threat and impaled it with her sword. Takkor and his rider plummeted to the cliffs below.

Takkor was a red monstrous steed hailing from an unnamed world. Takkor could speak telepathically through the four-armed skeletal warrior on his back. The warrior could not be harmed and held three weapons and a shield.

--Giant-Size Defenders I#3



(Chiroptera) Giant-Size Defenders I#3, p14, pan1
(Takkor) Giant-Size Defenders I#3, p10, pan4

Other Appearances:
Giant-Size Defenders I#3 (January, 1975) - Steve Gerber, Len Wein, & Jim Starlin (writers), Jim Starlin (penciler),  Dan Adkins, Don Newton, & Jim Mooney (pencilers/inkers), Roy Thomas (editor)

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