Classification: Shark-like creatures

Location/Base of Operations: Unrevealed, at least temporarily Canada, circa 8000 BC

Known Members: None identified

Affiliations: None

Enemies: Tribe of the Moon

First Appearance: Alpha Flight I#83 (April, 1990)

Powers/Abilities: Each of the Sharks From Beyond Time could fly through the air using their "fins" as wings. They had razor-sharp teeth.

Traits: The Sharks From Beyond Time presumably varied in appearance but the ones seen were blue in color, with tiger-like stripes across their dorsal side. They each had razor-sharp teeth with two large, fin-like wings and two small fins protruding from their undersides. Their tails split off into two fins and their eyes were on the sides of their bodies, just above the wings.


(Alpha Flight I#83 (fb)) - When a swarm of the Sharks from Beyond Time invaded ancient Earth, the group known as the Tribe of the Moon repelled their invasion, destroying several Sharks in the process.

Comments: Created by James Hudnall and James Sherman.

Given their distinctive name, the Sharks From Beyond Time may well have come from another dimension or an as yet unrevealed future.

Profile by Proto-Man.

The Sharks From Beyond Time have no known connections to

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Alpha Flight I#83, p10, pan2 (main image)

Alpha Flight I#83 (April, 1990) – James Hudnall (writer), James Sherman (art), Danny Fingeroth (editor)

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