Membership: Groza, Vane, several hundred unidentified vampires

Purpose: Opposing other vampires

Affiliations: Benjamin Alomii, Blade, Divinity Drake, Enzo Ferrara, Lucas Telling-Stone, Noah van Helsing, Michiko Watanabe

Enemies: Adze, Charniputra, Dracula, Yiki Onna, any other bloodsucking vampire

Aliases: Unwilling Dead (literal translation of their Latin name)

Base of Operations: Various places on Earth

First Appearance: Tomb of Dracula IV#2 (January, 2005)


(Tomb of Dracula IV#2 (fb) - BTS) - The Mortuus Invitus were a sect of vampires unwilling to succumb to the bloodlust. They hunted all other vampires that killed humans and drank their blood.

(Tomb of Dracula IV#2) - The American section of the Mortuus Invitus saved Blade, Noah and the other vampire hunters from vampires sent by Dracula to the United States. After the fight was over their leader Vane introduced them to the vampire hunters and told them that Dracula had called them, but that they had declined to follow him. Unfortunately they were afraid to fall under Dracula's control and didn't want to join the vampire hunters on their mission in Romania.

(Tomb of Dracula IV#4) - In Romania near Castle Dracula the local branch of Mortuus Invitus aided van Helsing's vampire hunters against the vampire army of Dracula. Their leader Groza had heard that their brethren in America didn't want to help the vampire hunters, but the Romanian Mortuus Invitus weren't afraid to fall under Dracula's control because they were tougher. They continued to fight Dracula's forces until Aamshed, who had been among van Helsing's vampire hunters as Divinity Drake, used souls to consume Dracula. The residual energy spread throughout the castle and the surrounding countryside, consuming all vampires including the Mortuus Invitus, who were happy that they were finally redeemed.

Comments: Created by Robert Rodi, Bruce Jones, Jamie Tolagson, Tom Palmer & Scott Koblish.

Dracula got better since the end of this series and most other vampires too since Blade was tricked into fulfilling a prophecy that brought back all vampires on the world. This most likely included Groza's Mortuus Invitus. I wonder if they were still willing to oppose other vampires after being brought back as undead once again or if they finally lost hope and succumbed to the bloodlust.

Profile by Markus Raymond.

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Groza was the leader of the Romanian branch of the Mortuus Invitus. He was happy to help van Helsing's vampire hunters against the vampire hordes sent by Dracula after them. He wasn't afraid to fall under Dracula's control like his American brethren because Romanian Mortuus Invitus were tough enough to resist the call even if it had become stronger. He was ultimately killed along with all the other vampires nearby Castle Dracula when residual energy from souls used by Aamshed to destroy Dracula spread to the surrounding countryside.


--Tomb of Dracula IV#4


He was the leader of the American branch of Mortuus Invitus. He saved along with his brethren the vampire hunters around Noah van Helsing from a vampire attack in the United States. He talked to the vampire hunters about their sect and how they declined to follow Dracula. Unfortunately Vane made it clear that they wouldn't help them in Romania because he and his brethren were afraid that they would eventually succumb to Dracula's control since he grew stronger each day.


--Tomb of Dracula IV#2

images: (without ads)
Tomb of Dracula IV#2, p19, pan1 (Mortuus Invitus)
Tomb of Dracula IV#4, p6, pan3 (Groza)
Tomb of Dracula IV#2, p20, pan2 (Vane)

Tomb of Dracula IV#2 (January, 2005) - Robert Rodi & Bruce Jones (writers), Jamie Tolagson (pencils), Tom Palmer & Scott Koblish (inks), Warren Simons & John Miesegaes (editors)
Tomb of Dracula IV#4 (March, 2005) - Robert Rodi (writer), Jamie Tolagson (pencils), Tom Palmer & Scott Koblish (inks), Warren Simons (editor)

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