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Classification: Sub-Kingdom of Atlantis; Terrestrial "Hidden Race"

Location/Base of Operations: Undisclosed location near the American coastline

Known Members: Natu

Affiliations: Sub-Mariner (Namor McKenzie), Namora (Aquaria Nautica Neptunia)

First Appearance: Men's Adventures#27/3 (May, 1954)

Powers/Abilities: "Ranine" had the appearance of a humanoid frog. Their black eyes resided somewhat on the outside of the head and they had large mouths. The physique of the "Ranine" allowed them to live underwater for an extended periods of time, but still needing oxygen to survive. Their webbed feet allowed them superior speed in the water.

Traits: The Ranine were technologically advanced, decades ahead of humanity. Among their achievements was the "surfascope" which allowed them to monitor surface world events on big screens. Ranine society seemed caste-based, with at least two separate identified sects: Builders and Fishermen. Every member of the race seen wore the same identical green underpants and wore no other garbs to show their ranks.
    Via unspecified means, they could erect large barrier reefs in short order, surrounding and trapping a ship. Similarly, they could direct large whales via unspecified means. Whether this was via certain skills whether they had superhuman abilities or used specific technology facilitating these activities is unrevealed

Type:  Bilaterally symmetric semi-humanoid amphibian/ranine bipeds
: Two (on head, protruding from the skull, like a standard terrestrial frog; black color seen)
: Four (including opposing thumb); webbed
: Webbed, like a flipper - no digits identified, though five digits within each flipper would seem logical
Skin color: Green with black spots
Average height: Approximately 5' (by approximation)

(Men's Adventures#27/3 - BTS) - Prince Namor and his consort Princess Namora visited the kingdom of the Atlantean "Ranine," Namor even had his own throne in this kingdom.

(Men's Adventures#27/3) - When Prince Namor learned of the latest communist bombardment attack on the American coastline, he decided to take a small group of the "Ranine" to investigate the matter. Upon seeing a strange ship painted in many colors merging to black the group decided to pursue the ship only to see it disappear into thin air. Unbeknownst to Namor and the "Ranine," the ship was called the Black Shark ship, commanded by master spy Zuko. The Black Shark was able to blend in with its surroundings, rendering it virtually undetectable. Zuko planned to use the craft to get close enough to the Sub-Mariner to kill him, in retaliation for Namor's continued opposition against the communist cause. The prince of Atlantis remained blissfully unaware of this as he joined the "Ranine" in destroying a small communist sub.

    Unable to track down the Black Shark ship, Namor returned to his undersea kingdom, while the "Ranine" used their advanced technology to detect the ship. Realizing this was a trap, Namor called on his friend Natu to lead a group of "Ranine" in erecting giant barrier reefs to trap the ship in a circle. Another group of "Ranine" were then ordered to travel to Namor's North Sea domain and bring back the largest living whale. With this strategy Namor and the Ranine managed to trap and board the communist ship and defeat the master spy Zuko. The Ranine took the ship apart as Namor watched.

Comments: Created by unknown writer, pencils by Bob Powell.

    The Atlantean "Ranine" were never named this on panel, they were only referred to as Atlanteans...but they are clearly not the standard Atlanteans/Homo mermani. We suggest the term "Ranine" to define this group of Atlanteans because ranine is to frog, as canine is to dog. They seemed clearly allied with king Thakorr's Atlantis, but just how a sentient, highly advanced frog race emerged was never revealed. They could be either a Deviant or Inhuman offshoot, or possibly a sub-species linked to the Snake Men of ancient Lemuria. The fact they couldn't survive indefinitely under water forced them to settle at least relatively close to land. This didn't seem to change their standing with the kingdom of Atlantis at all, seeing as Namor never treated them any different from his Atlantean subjects. The "Ranine" were allowed free travel between Atlantis and their domain.

    The location of the "Ranine" kingdom has never been revealed. In preparation for his assault, Zuko only showed a basic map of the US coastline, without any markers or other reference points. But considering that Atlantis had been moved from its original Atlantic Ocean location to Antarctica in the 1920s, the "Ranine" would have to have been incredibly fast swimmers to cover the distance between the freezing arctic waters of Atlantis and their own, shark infested domain.

Profile by MarvellousLuke

The Atlantean "Ranine" have no known connections to


Natu, one of the Atlantean "Ranine," was a personal friend of Namor and Namora, adressing one another on a first name basis. He appeared to hold a place of prominence among his race.

--Men's Adventures#27/3

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Men's Adventures#27, p19, pan7 (main image)
Men's Adventures#27, p22, pan1 (ranine)
Men's Adventures#27, p21, pan8 (natu)

Men's Adventures#27/3 (May, 1954) - unknown writer, Bob Powell (pencils)

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