Classification: Genetically engineered sub-species of humanity

Location/Base of Operations: SHIELD Helicarrier

Known Members: Chuck

Affiliations: creations of SHIELD's ExTechOp division;
    Chuck was allied with the Beast (demon of the Hand), the Hand, Arthur Perry and
Ken Wind, and an enemy of Elektra, Chastity McBryde, SHIELD, and John Garrett

First Appearance: Elektra: Assassin#6 (January, 1987)

Powers/Abilities: The Dwarves are approximately two feet tall and they demonstrate only manual dexterity and technical knowledge and skill. Chuck was the exception.

Traits: The Dwarves are generally docile, hard working, efficient, and technically skilled. Chuck was the exception.

(Elektra: Assassin#8 (fb) - BTS) - Prior to ExTechOp's pioneering of cyborg development, SHIELD's cloning division sought to breed super-agents. Their creations were instead the misshapen Dwarves, shortly after which they abandoned the program. The Dwarves were employed by ExTechOp as technicians.

(Elektra: Assassin#8 (fb) - BTS) - One Dwarf was created by including mutated reptile and rodent cells in its generation. This Dwarf became known as Chuck.

(Elektra: Assassin#6 (fb) - BTS) - Chuck's reptilian nature apparently made it susceptible to persuasion by the Hand and/or the Beast.

(Elektra: Assassin#6) - While ExTechOp rebuilt Arthur Perry, Chuck the Dwarf whispered in his ear, seducing him to serve the Beast and the Hand. Chuck assisted in Perry's reconstruction, and when Nick Fury learned Perry's true history and tried to shut down the operation, it was Chuck who closed the barrier to Perry's chamber so that the SHIELD security agents could not enter. One SHIELD agent made it through, but Chuck tackled and then killed him. Chuck then killed Dr. Wreck, and then accompanied the now-activated Perry's shoulders as the killer cyborg broke free. As Chuck fired an automatic weapon at the agents, he encouraged Perry to flee as reinforcements approached. Chuck leapt out of the airborne Helicarrier, but Chuck flew him through the air.

(Elektra: Assassin#7) - Chuck continued to carry Perry through the air, helping him to destroy one of the helicopters pursuing them. Chuck, along with Perry, easily survived the helicopter crash. Afterwards, Chuck guided Perry to an actual confrontation with the Beast, where Perry was fully corrupted.

(Elektra: Assassin#8) - Other Dwarves continued to work at SHIELD while Chuck accompanied Perry in assault SHIELD agents, Elektra, and John Garrett. After Elektra had directly assaulted the Beast, Chuck flew into the air and hurled a spear which skewered Garrett. However, Elektra then shot Chuck in the chest with a crossbow, then used the cable attached to the bolt to yank Chuck towards her, and she decapitated it with her sword.

Comments: Created by Frank Miller and Bill Sienkiewicz.

    We can actually nail down when some of the events of Elektra: Assassin took place thanks to George Olshevksy's Avengers Index#3. In that issue, he discusses Avengers I#61, and notes that some freak weather conditions, such as the abnormally premature snowstorms seen in Elektra: Assassin, were caused by the battle between Ymir and Surtur in Avengers I#61, as well as by the events of Incredible Hulk I#109-110 (in which a large machine that affected the Earth's rotation existed in the Savage Land--this machine was the Planet-Destroyer, which was a weapon of the Sagittarians, used in the service of the Galaxy Master. It is seen in the profile for Umbu the Unliving).
    Thus, some of the events of Elektra: Assassin took place around the time of other stories with premature snowstorms, such as Amazing Spider-Man I#85, Incredible Hulk I#115, and Daredevil I#52-53. These premature snowstorms came ever now and then during a period of two or three months following the events of Avengers I#61.
    Further, Avengers I#61 took place towards the end of the third week of September of Peter Parker's sophomore year in college. So, we can nail things down ever further.
    --Per Degaton

Profile by Snood.

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    Created by SHIELD's cloning department via inclusion of mutated reptile and rodent DNA, Chuck was seduced by the Beast of the Hand and aided the Beast in seducing Perry to the Hand. Chuck provided Perry with both flight capacity and additional firepower, but was eventually decapitated by Elektra.

    In addition to possessing motor skills far beyond the normal capacity for the Dwarf sub-species, Chuck can fly via small wings under his arms, even when carrying a several hundred pound cyborg. He is adept at wielding various firearms, may possess telepathy, and he looks like he'd have a pretty nasty bite.


--Elektra: Assassin#6 ([6(fb), 6-8








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