Real Name: Presumably Chastity McBryde

Identity/Class: Human, technology user

Occupation: Espionage agent

Group Membership: SHIELD (Supreme Headquarters International Espionage Law-enforcement Division)

Affiliations: Dr. Harold Beaker, Nick Fury, numerous other SHIELD agents, including Margolis, Mekkelson, Spenser, Simpson, and Jurgen

EnemiesChuck the Dwarf, Elektra, John Garrett, the Hand, Arthur Perry, Ken Wind

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: SHIELD Helicarrier

First Appearance: Elektra: Assassin#5 (December, 1986)

Powers/Abilities: No superhuman powers. Chastity is highly athletic and trained in espionage and various forms of armed and unarmed combat. She carried a number of ballistic and energy weapons, and uses a variety of advanced equipment for scanning, communications, etc. She is a skilled pilot of various types of aircraft and is proficient in aerial combat.





(Elektra: Assassin#5 (fb) - BTS) - Chastity became an agent of SHIELD at some point.

(Elektra: Assassin#6 (fb)) - Chastity was serving in Libya alongside agent John Garrett, who impressed her with his combat skills. However, when he got frisky with her, she punched him in the nose.

(Elektra: Assassin#6 (fb) - BTS) - Chastity discovered that there were no records on Garrett. When she brought this to the attention of ExTechOp, she not only received no reply, but was also swiftly transferred to a minor police action in Venezuela. She filed a complaint to Nick Fury which was never delivered. During an imposed furlough, two months later, Chastity continued her investigation, using SHIELD's Central Command Computer Facility and cross-referencing law enforcement records from seven states.

(Elektra: Assassin#5) - Approximately three years after her Libyan mission alongside Garrett, Chastity prepared to relay the Helicarrier discipline status report to Nick Fury when he instead assigned her to protect presidential candidate Ken Wind from assassins Elektra and her new ally, John Garrett. She led a squadron of helicopters towards the Potomac to intercept Wind and Garrett, who overpowered the first batch of agents to rush them and then commandeered their helicopter. Chastity tried and failed to talk Garrett into surrendering, after which she requested permission to sanction her targets, which Fury denied. Garrett and Chastity took out each other's helicopters, and Chastity engaged Elektra. As they struggled, Garrett felt Elektra's mind control slipping away and he shot Elektra in the chest.

    Elektra and Garrett were taken to SHIELD for treatment. After Garrett was repaired, Chastity took Garrett and fled, after which Elektra's appearance altered, revealing that Elektra had used her mind tricks on everyone, and that it was actually Chastity who had been shot. The real Elektra continued to escape with Garrett.



(Elektra: Assassin#6) - While healing and still on life support, Chastity made her report to Fury, confirming the likelihood that Garrett was being mind-controlled and revealing the details of her past encounter with Garrett. She later detailed all known information on Arthur Perry to the SHIELD central records banks.

(Elektra: Assassin#7) - Chastity reported the details of the demon-controlled, cyborg super-warrior Perry from the SHIELD Helicarrier. She was present as ExTechOp technology enabled them to gain further info from the decapitated Dr. Beaker. She then led a mission to recapture Perry, who caused their helicopter to crash. After Perry killed Margolis, Mekkelson, Spenser, and one other agent, Chastity futilely fired on him, but she eventually caught an airlift from another helicopter to escape him.

    Chastity then filed her report, submitting herself for disciplinary action, after which she prepared to engage Elektra and Garrett at Wind's rally the next day.

(Elektra: Assassin#8 (fb)) - Chastity, wearing a nun's habit as a disguise, attended Wind's rally. Her scanner detected Garrett's cyborg systems and she led the other SHIELD agents to assault him and Elektra, who plugged her gun barrel with an arrow. Chastity prepared another weapon and shot Garrett, but received a cybernetic boot to the head in return. When Garrett and Elektra continued their pursuit of Wind she grabbed a rocket packet to follow them, only to have it stolen by Arthur Perry, who slew her agents (including Simpson and Jurgen) and overpowered her. Perry joined Garrett and Elektra in crashing into the Lincoln Monument, where Chastity led her men in pursuit. However, as they approached, they were overwhelmed by the scent of the demonic Beast of the Hand, which incapacitated them all. She awakened to find...(see comments)

(Elektra: Assassin#8, see comments) - Chastity dictated the final report on Garrett and Elektra, specifically SHIELD's lack of ability to determine who had sent them. She also detailed the origins of SHIELD's Dwarves.



Comments: Created by Frank Miller and Bill Sienkiewicz.

    As Chastity's final report in Elektra: Assassin#8 is being told to Garrett in Wind's body, it presumably occurs only in the false memories of Garrett, within his inert state from within his stasis chamber. What exactly happened to Wind is unclear, and what Chastity really found (since it wasn't Wind, who would have become president of the USA had he survived)

    Chastity's fate is unknown. It is unclear whether she remained with the group after this series. If so, she may well have been killed at some point, such as during the Deltite affair.

    We can actually nail down when some of the events of Elektra: Assassin took place thanks to George Olshevksy's Avengers Index#3. In that issue, he discusses Avengers I#61, and notes that some freak weather conditions, such as the abnormally premature snowstorms seen in Elektra: Assassin, were caused by the battle between Ymir and Surtur in Avengers I#61, as well as by the events of Incredible Hulk I#109-110 (in which a large machine that affected the Earth's rotation existed in the Savage Land--this machine was the Planet-Destroyer, which was a weapon of the Sagittarians, used in the service of the Galaxy Master. It is seen in the profile for Umbu the Unliving).
    Thus, some of the events of Elektra: Assassin took place around the time of other stories with premature snowstorms, such as Amazing Spider-Man I#85, Incredible Hulk I#115, and Daredevil I#52-53. These premature snowstorms came ever now and then during a period of two or three months following the events of Avengers I#61.
    Further, Avengers I#61 took place towards the end of the third week of September of Peter Parker's sophomore year in college. So, we can nail things down ever further.
    --Per Degaton

Profile by Snood.

No known connection to:


Elektra: Assassin#5, cover;
    p21, panel 4;
Elektra: Assassin#8, p5, panel 10

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