Real Name: Lieutenant-Commander Guillaume Courage

Identity/Class: Human mutate; Belgian citizen

Occupation: Would-be World Conqueror; former member of Belgian Ministry of Defense

Group Membership: Leader of the Were-Borgs

Affiliations: Constrictor (employee), Jennifer Nyles (co-worker), Super-Apes (former pawns);
Dr. Meyer Hertzog

Enemies: Beast (Hank McCoy), Constrictor, Red Ghost, unnamed Frenchman;
Dr. Doom, Henry Peter Gyrich, Madison Jeffries, Red Guardian, Tony Stark (Iron Man)--all planned targets

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Ministry of Defense, Brussels, Belgium

First Appearance: Marvel Comics Presents I#85/3 (1991); (fully seen) Marvel Comics Presents I#88/3; mutated form

Powers: Courage held some power in the Ministry of Defense, as well as via the control of the Were-Borgs and the Super-Apes.
In Were-Borg form, he was superhumanly strong (Class 10?) and durable, and could release powerful bursts of energy.


(Marvel Comics Presents I#90/3(fb)-BTS) - Dr. Meyer Hertzog developed several theories on techno-organics. Like any mad scientist, he tried them out on himself. Lt. Commander Courage was the lone witness to the transformation of Dr. Hertzog, who had assumed a bestial form and attacked him. Courage planned to kill Hertzog in self-defense, but Hertzog instead exploded--the Wereborg implants were highly unstable.
Keeping this finding hidden, Courage contacted Dr. Jennifer Nyles, who had developed technology involved in reprogramming the human mind. With access to Hertzog's notes, Nyles was able to perfect the implants.


BTS - Courage slew several unidentified men and brought their bodies to Nyles, who (apparently unaware of their true origins) rebuilt them into Were-Borgs.
Were-Borgs abducted and possibly drugged the Red Ghost. He then used Wereborg technology to take control of the Super-Apes.

(Marvel Comics Presents I#85/3) - Lt. Commander Courage "investigated" a series of murders, perpetrated by a Wereborg (actually Courage himself). Courage was chided by his superior, Captain Mascelwein, for failing to turn up evidence in these cases.

Meanwhile, Jennifer Nyles sent a letter to Hank McCoy, inviting him to attend the International Symposium on Mutant Research in Brussels. Courage sent a Were-Borg to intercept the mail carrier, but the Beast saved the carrier, received the letter, and watched as the Were-Borg blew up.

(Marvel Comics Presents I#86/3) - Courage killed Captain Mascelwein, telling him that the murders were no longer any of his concern. Courage then hired the Constrictor to take out the Beast, who arrived in Brussels.

(Marvel Comics Presents I#87/3) - The Beast defeated Constrictor and attended the conference, where he met Courage. The Symposium was interrupted when the Super-Apes broke in and kidnapped Jennifer Nyles.

(Marvel Comics Presents I#88/3(fb)) - Courage had the Red Ghost arrested (framed) for the kidnapping of Nyles.

(Marvel Comics Presents I#88/3) - Courage had the Red Ghost brought to the Ministry of Defense. The Beast was invited to meet with Courage, but broke into the facility on his own. After finding the Red Ghost, McCoy was confronted by Courage and his Were-Borgs, who "escorted" him from the building.

(Marvel Comics Presents I#89/3) - McCoy convinced the Constrictor that he was being set up by Courage, and the two broke back into the Ministry of Defense. The Constrictor occupied the Were-Borgs, while Beast sneaked into the facility to confront Nyles, who shot him with a tranquilizer gun.

(Marvel Comics Presents I#90/3) - Courage proudly revealed his and Nyles' involvement with the Were-Borgs, including his plans to use those attending the symposium as his first living subjects. The Beast broke free and took Jennifer with him.

(Marvel Comics Presents I#91/3) - Nyles and the Beast accessed Courage's files, learning that he planned to use the Wereborg technology to take control of several world and industry leaders. By expanding his control, he planned to recreate mankind in his image. The Beast accessed control of the Super-Apes, while the Constrictor (and this French guy who was investigating the death of his colleague, Dr. Hertzog) overcame a group of Were-Borgs and freed the drugged Red Ghost.

(Marvel Comics Presents I#92/3) - The Beast reprogrammed the Were-Borgs to stop fighting, and Courage blasted Nyles in retribution. The Constrictor and the French guy zapped Courage, causing him to reveal that he, too, was a Wereborg. Courage easily overpowered the Constrictor and the Frenchman, but then the Red Ghost shoved a big hunk of metal through his chest while intangible, and then solidified it. Courage exploded. Nyles life was saved via Wereborg technology.

Comments: Created by Scott Lobdell, Jae Lee, and Rob Liefield.

When reading this series in 2 week installments, it appeared disjointed. However, when you read the issues from start to finish, it is...REALLY disjointed.
(1) Why'd that letter go out to Hank? Who sent it? Jennifer Nyles had no memory of Hank at that point?
(2) Why was the Beast invited to meet with Courage and then thrown out as soon as he got to the Ministry?
(3) Nyles was distressed to learn that Courage planned to use the Wereborg technology on living beings in Marvel Comics Presents I#91, but didn't seem to mind in the least when she was standing right next to him as he told the Beast his plans in the previous issue.
(4) Meyer Hertzog was later called Werner, but that's no bigger deal than Robert Bruce Banner.

Jennifer Nyles was actually the high school girlfriend of Hank McCoy, but Professor X erased her memory of him when he joined the X-Men. This memory erasure subconsciously stimulated her interest in mental programming, and their past relationship is what brought Hank to Belgium.

It's a common misconception that the prefix "were" means hybrid/transformation, etc. In fact, it means "man." So, a werewolf is a wolfman, which is fine. However, you also end with descriptions of Tigra as "the were-woman", which actually means man-woman, which isn't what they were going for, I'm pretty sure.
That being said, the term Were-Borgs isn't incorrect, whichever way it was meant to be. They were originally men, and some of them transformed into their bestial state. It's all good, baby.

Fantastic Four III#3 showed the Super-Apes as now highly intelligent, while Kragoff had become more ape-like in his mental powers. This was never explained, but possibly the Wereborg technology had something to do with this.

There is no mention of the Techno-organics used by the Were-Borgs as having any connection to the Technarch/Phalanx, but who knows? (The Shadow does)

Courage's first name was revealed in Marvel Atlas#1.

No known connections to:
any other Command-- characters, especially:
Commander Cody and his Lost Planet Spacemen:
"My pappy said, 'Son, you're gonna drive me to drinkin
If you don't stop drivin' that hot rod Lincoln!


They were based on experiments in techno-organics by Dr. Meyer Hertzog. Hertzog used the technology on himself, becoming the first Wereborg, but also found that the system was highly volatile when he blew up shortly thereafter. Jennifer Nyles improved on the technology, using human corpses as her Were-Borgs. She then used the technology on the Super-Apes, which were her first successes. Courage planned to use the technology to take control of world and industry leaders, but his plans were aborted by the Red Ghost. Jennifer Nyles was saved from certain death by Wereborg technology, which, like nanotech, apparently infiltrated and rebuilt her badly damaged body (sounds like unfinished plot to me...)
Almost all of the Were-Borgs seen were bestial, somewhat wolf-like, in form and mind. The initial Were-Borgs were strong (enhanced human), but were very fragile, and exploded after a short period of use.
The Super-Apes retained their own powers, but were under the mental control of Courage (or at least his computer programs).
Courage gained the power of the Were-Borgs, but retained his own mind. Nyles' enhancement of the technology allowed the mind to be re-programmed and controlled, while still retaining intelligence, memories, etc. Nyles form was rebuilt in apparently human form.
--Marvel Comics Presents I#85/3 (90/3(fb), 85/3-92/3

Marvel Comics Presents I#85-92 (1991) - Scott Lobdell (writer), Rob Liefeld (#85-86) & Jae Lee (pencils), Tim Dzon & Don Hudson (#89) (inks), Terry Kavanagh (editor)

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